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Function of the Tetratrico-peptide Thioredoxin-Like (TTL) gene family in root system development
Xin, Pengfei ; Soukup, Aleš (advisor) ; Vaňková, Radomíra (referee) ; Ovečka, Miroslav (referee)
The root system performs fundamental plant functions such as uptake of nutrients and water, anchoring in the substrate, and interacting with the rhizosphere abiotic and biotic interactions, playing an important role in meeting the food security needs of today's world. Lateral roots (LR) are essential components of the plant root system. We have identified the TETRATRICOPEPTIDE-REPEAT THIOREDOXIN- LIKE 3 (TTL3) gene as being related to LR emergence and later development. Loss-of-function of TTL3 results in a reduced number of emerging LRs due to delayed development of lateral root primordia (LRP). In the Arabidopsis TTL gene family, except for TTL2 which was specifically involved in male gametophyte development, the expressions of the other three TTLs (TTL1, TTL3 and TTL4) were all related to root growth and development. The temporal and spatial distribution of TTL3 expression was consistent with its role in LR growth preceding and following LRP emergence. In the subcellular localization of TTL1, TTL2 and TTL3, all were shown to be associated with microtubules during the transient transformation of tobacco leaves, and TTL3 was confirmed to interact with microtubules. TTL3 was also associated with the endomembrane system and was known to be interacting with the brassinosteroid (BR) signaling pathway....
Impact Social Safety Nets on Development Efforts
Saeed, Malaika Ahmed Iqbal ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Musil, Pelin Ayan (referee)
This thesis explores the potential of how Social Safety Nets (SSNs) impact development. The paper will focus on cash transfer and food subsidy programs, implemented in Ghana, Brazil, and Pakistan. The discussion in this piece of work shall facilitate the debate on how Social Safety Nets (SSNs) affect various development indicators. In addition, the paper will also highlight a framework of what an ideal evaluation scheme for such programs must entail. Conclusively the evaluation results are analyzed, challenges with data quality and measurement will be discussed and further avenues of research are be highlighted.
Bioinformatics analysis of sequences required for localization of RNA during development
Naraine, Ravindra ; Šindelka, Radek (advisor) ; Fulková, Helena (referee) ; Tichý, Boris (referee)
The development of a complex organism from the fusion of two cells (oocyte and sperm) has been a fascinating aspect of developmental biology. It is now known that certain spatially and temporally regulated molecules tightly regulate embryogenesis. The asymmetrical gradient of these molecules within a given cell or within groups of cells helps to guide the differentiation of certain parts of the developing embryo. In fishes and frogs, the establishment of the maternal animal-vegetal transcript gradient within the egg produces the first developmental axis and subsequent formation of the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm regions. Despite this important process, most of our knowledge on this initial animal-vegetal distribution in vertebrates has been limited primarily to the Xenopus laevis model, involved the analysis of only few transcripts and also analyzed only polar regions of the oocyte. This thesis aims to address this deficit in knowledge by leveraging high throughput analysis (RNA sequencing) to characterize and compare the maternal transcriptome and its sub-compartmentalization within the egg of four distantly related models. Additionally, we analyzed different stages of oocyte maturation to determine where the observed localization occurs. The models used were the African clawed frog (Xenopus...
Evolution of FC Manchester United logotype
Lisnychyi, Stanislav ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the FC Manchester United logo and its relation to club identity and marketing. The work describes the process of logo development and its symbolism from the beginning of the club's history to the present day. It also focuses on the methodologies of logo development and the significance of club identity for football clubs. Furthermore, the thesis conducts an analysis and comparison with other significant football clubs and evaluates how FC Manchester United maintains its position in the global sports industry. Emphasis is placed on the fan culture and community of FC Manchester United and the relationship of club identity to this culture. The work also includes an analysis of marketing strategies that the club utilizes to communicate with fans and maintain its global standing. Finally, the thesis summarizes the key insights regarding logo development, club identity, and marketing activities of FC Manchester United. The bachelor thesis provides a comprehensive view of one of the most significant football clubs in the world and its relationship to graphic representation. Furthermore, this bachelor's thesis will propose a new, more modern and contemporary logo for Manchester United FC.
Loss of valuable meadow biotopes in connection with the construction of new buildings
Nikodýmová, Amálie ; Křenová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Bílá, Karolína (referee)
- AJ A serious problem of nature protection in Šumava is the problem of the gradual loss of traditionally farmed meadows, which are the objects of protection of the Natura 2000 system in SAC Šumava. Meadow biotopes in this area are decreasing mainly as a result of their encroachment by construction projects. The Šumava National Park Administration, as the competent state nature protection authority, does not have a database that would record the exact loss of meadow biotopes in SAC Šumava in connection with construction. The absence of this information represents a serious obstacle of the state administration of nature protection. As part of this bachelor's thesis, a search of methodological procedures used for the protection of grassland biotopes in large Natura 2000 sites will be carried out. Special attention will be paid to the occupation of biotopes in connection with construction. Part of this thesis will be also the testing of the methodology for the evaluation of meadow biotopes encroachment by construction in EVL Šumava. Key words: Natura 2000, biodiversity, meadows, development
History of services in the care of persons using psychoactive substances in the Marianna Oranžská Psychiatric Hospital
Kolompárová, Lada ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barták, Miroslav (referee)
Background: Marianna Oranžská Psychiatric Hospital was established in 1954 and is an important device that operates in treating persons using psychoactive substances. The concept of the device was constantly modernized, modified and nowadays it is a facility providing a wide range of addiction services. The hospital has built a reputation and is sought after by clients from all over the Czech Republic. Aims: Creation of a comprehensive description of the historical development of the facilities and services provided in the Marianna Oranžská Psychiatric Hospital from the establishment of the facility in 1954 to the present. Methods: This bachelor's thesis used qualitative research, including a content analysis of historical sources and professional publications that were thematically related to the relevant facility. Data from historical sources were processed using open coding. Results: In 1954 a Psychiatric Hospital was established in the village of Bílá voda with three wards, one of which was anti-alcohol. The first director of the hospital was MUDr. Bohumil Podařil until 1981, after which MUDr. Jiří Vařeka took his place. During his tenure, the concept of the hospital changed and the character of treatment became more like a detention center or an asylum. In 1986 MUDr. Eugen Skula became the...
Marketing territorial et écotourisme : Le portefeuille de projet Ardenne Attractivity au c?ur du développement territorial durable ardennais
Territorial initiatives have gained in importance in the promotion of sustainable regional development, due to their ability to take into account the particularities and specific needs of each region. The European Union is actively encouraging such initiatives in order to extend sustainable development throughout its territory. Rural areas, far from urban centers or located on the periphery of major communication routes, as well as those on national borders, can particularly benefit from a sustainable development approach adapted to their unique characteristics. Based on a qualitative study including three interviews, this thesis highlights the role played by strengthening the "Ardenne" tourist destination in the sustainable development of the Ardennes cross-border territory. Generally speaking, it appears that territorial development is based on resources, both material and immaterial, which are specific to each territory, and which are coordinated and enhanced within a project such as the Ardenne Attractivity project portfolio. Integrating the sustainable dimension, in line with its original definition, can be more complex in a territorial project. However, sustainability is an obvious and innovative concept in the Ardennes cross-border context, even if its integration into the overall territorial project requires further reflection.

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