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Evaluation of quality welds on chains for harvester
Teuer, Tomáš ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Sigmund, Marián (advisor)
The diploma thesis examines the influence of setting welding parameters and welding process on the resulting structure and strength of the welded joint of harvester chains. The theoretical part discusses the problem of weldability of pine steels by using method “135” with the possibility of destructive or non-destructive testing of welded joints. In the practical part, this matter is examined on a specific weldment, the harvester chain. Cross member with a cube welded in two ways by method 135, followed by an assessment of the performance of welds. The results of the evaluation are written down in the manual.
Survey and assessment of reinforced concrete bridge construction
Šnédar, Jaroslav ; Láník, Jaromír (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the real condition of reinforced concrete beam bridge located in Brno Jundrov. In order to evaluate this condition, there was made the main bridge inspection. Subsequently, a number of diagnostic methods were used, such as hardness tests, concrete stress strenght, ultrasonic pulse method, including their evaluation. In terms of the main inspection, the condition of construction of the bridge was evaluated as V - bad. We found out that the concrete from which the bridge is built of is in very good condition. The problem, however, is the condition of the reinforcement located on the bridge. Based on its condition there must be expected lifespan within the next 5-10 years.
Diagnosis of the fire damaged bridge
Hüblová, Sabina ; Láník, Jaromír (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is about assessment of a bridge construction influenced by fire accident. The bridge is situated at the highway D46 beyond the town Držovice. Within this construction research, there will be mentioned diagnostic methods – A non- destructive method (Ultrasonic pulse method and hardness tests) and destructive methods (borehole and tear off tests). For find out in which way was the concrete of the bridge damaged and hurt while facing a high temperature of fire, there were taken samples, which were analyzed by physical and chemical test. We can analyze composition and microstructure of the concrete. The result of this tests will be evaluated, and the actions of a remediation will be suggested.
Mechanical properties of the weld of titanium alloy TiAl6V4 prepared by using an electron beam technology
Byrtus, Robin ; Pantělejev, Libor (referee) ; Válka, Libor (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the mechanical properties and fracture behavior of the weld join Ti6Al4V titanium alloy prepared by using an electron beam technology. The theoretical part deals with the welding of titanium alloys with the help of electron beam, the weldability evaluation of titanium alloys, the influence of electron beam welding on the microstructure and the methods of testing of weld joints. Using the experiments, the mechanical properties of the base material and the weld were evaluated and a structural analysis of the weld was performed.

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