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Female consumer view on menstrual stigma in advertising of menstrual products
Malečová, Tereza ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the perspective of female consumers on menstrual stigma in advertisements for menstrual products. Firstly, it focuses on how the view of menstruation was changed throughout history and how it formed period stigma. It describes how the advertising world worked with menstrual stigma from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day and how the view of menstruation is shaped today. It deals with the so-called #periodpositive phenomenon, which has been reflected in social discourse and advertising communication for several years, and analyzes several advertisements that were created with the intention of de- tabooing menstruation. Last but not least, part of the theoretical work focuses on the impact of the stigmatization of menstruation on the consumers themselves. The subject of the research part is to understand how Czech female consumers perceive menstrual stigma and how they approach current advertising communication for menstrual products. The thesis examines whether the view of female consumers on the issue differs depending on their age. The method of quantitative collection of data was used for the research.
Phenomenon of stigmatization in communication between nurse and the patient
This bachelor thesis is focused on phenomena of stigmatization in communication between a patient and a nurse. A term of stigmatization represents thinking in stereotypes and a general attitude with a predetermined vision, which is usually not based on reality. These prejudices appear in the field of communication. It is about connecting negative features and treating with inappropriate naming. Acting like this can lead to social isolation. This bachelor thesis maps a problem of stigmatization and possible using of so-called "stickers" in communication between a patient and a nurse within a nursing process. The research survey was focused on the awareness of nurses about the term of stigmatization and also it was investigated what attitude nurses occupy towards patients who could be, thanks to their difference, much more compromised by this phenomena. That was the reason why the research survey included obese patients, patients with psychic disorders, also homeless clients, national minorities, patients recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and last but not least those who have any kind of physical disability. In this bachelor thesis we focus also on how these clients perceive the cooperation with nurses during the hospitalization, if they registered any differences in communication with them and other patients and we will be also interested if they have met with the use of stigmatizing terms and in what form.

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