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Population biology and evolutionary genetics of southern right whale (Eubalaena australis)
Nevečeřalová, Petra ; Hulva, Pavel (advisor) ; Galov, Ana (referee) ; Robovský, Jan (referee)
Southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) is a species from the Balaenidae family with a range in the southern hemisphere, which evolved in connection with Neogene climate oscillations. Its population biology involves migration between coastal waters of South America, southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand to its high-latitude foraging and feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean. Intensive historical hunting from the 18th to 19th century has impacted the population dynamics of baleen whales substantially. After the whaling moratorium, the species has been recovering from the heavy exploitation, however, recently it is facing anthropogenic changes, such as climate change. The South African population, considered to be the largest one globally and intensively studied for the last several decades, is showing an increase in the calving interval, a decline in female condition and a dramatic shift in migration routes since 2010, possibly as a consequence of significant changes in marine food webs. Methods of molecular ecology were applied to monitor the population genetics and its dynamics not only in the context of the global population but also to compare different time periods - 1990s and 2010s. The majority of the samples were collected noninvasively in cooperation with commercial whale-watching...
Demografický vývoj vybraných zemí jižní Evropy
Dundálková, Zuzana
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to show the demographic development of selected countries in Southern Europe (Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain) in the period of 1995 - 2011. The thesis is composed from two parts: theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part, contains explanation and description of demographic indicators and also demography in its general use. The practical part, contains the demographic indicators after thorough examination, presented and evaluated for every subjected country. In detail, specific indicators were used such as: birth rate, fertility, abortion, mortality, migration, marriage and divorce rates.
Demografická analýza ORP Moravská Třebová
Kolář, Jakub
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of demographic development of the municipality with extended competence Moravská Třebová form 2001 to 2014. The analysis follows the development of demographic indicators such as population, mortality, birth rate, marriage rate, divorce rate and migration. The prognosis of development for next years is used for selected indicators using time series methods of compensation appropriate trend function.
The effects of ageing on working age populations that developed and developing countries face: study case of Czech republic and the United Mexican States
Aldama Gonzalez, Hector Santiago
Ageing has always been part of human life; for the first time in history elderly people will soon become the largest group in most societies around the world. This research focuses on highlighting the challenges that developed and developing countries face with the aging of the population. The theoretical part is directed to the understanding of the aging of the population as well as its implication among developed and developing countries. The practical part focuses on a comparison of the aging of the population in the Czech Republic and the United Mexican States through an analysis of quantitative data over the performance of the labor force and general population of Czechia and Mexico with indicators obtained from government institutions specialized in the compilation of population censuses of the last 20 years. The emphasis of this work is to focus on understanding the effects that aging has over society. Unless mechanism such as the creation of new public policies, a positive net migration balance and stable fertility rates are taken to solve the effects of the ageing of the population, the aging of the population will reduce the working age population in the Czech Republic and in the United Mexican States.
Sociodemografická analýza Uzbekistánu
Abdukakhkhorova, Dilafruz
The diploma thesis deals with the socio-demographic analysis of Uzbekistan in the years 1991-2021. This work follows the development of indicators related to the number of inhabitants, mortality, birth rate and fertility, marriage, divorce rate and migration. The aim of the work is to identify problems associated with labor migration and propose possible solutions based on socio-demographic analysis. The development of individual indicators is evaluated with regard to the main causes and the overall development of Uzbekistan. A cluster analysis was used for a multi-criteria view of the selected indicators, which enabled a continuous view of the monitored country through the given indicators. The conclusion of the work consists of a summary of the most important findings and a proposal of recommendations that could improve the situation in the monitored country.
Studium prevalence a subtypové diverzity střevního prvoka rodu Blastocystis sp. ve zdravé lidské populaci v České republice
BROŽOVÁ, Kristýna
Blastocystis sp. is a common intestinal protist colonizing the human intestine. Its role in the human gut ecosystem remains unclear. Here, we aimed to expand the knowledge of the epidemiology of Blastocystis sp. in the gut-healthy humans in the Czech Republic, including the distribution of its subtypes, the correlation between its occurrence and several factors such as lifestyle, contact with animals, age, and sex. A total of 288 stool samples were obtained from asymptomatic individuals over the entire age-range and 136 samples from animals with which the volunteers were in frequent contact. All samples were examined in parallel by PCR and xenic in vitro culture.
Population in the light of List´s of subjects estate of Libějovice 1668-1780
Master´s Thesis, University of South Bohemia, Teachers´ College, Institute of Historical Science, České Budějovice, 74 pages including hooked illustration and text annex. This Master´s Thesis documents and elaborates Lists of subjects in Libějovice estate from 1668 to 1750 as a source usefull for demographic research. The analysis was based on the List of subjects stored in SOA Třeboň, and historically and topographically specialized literature and periodicals. This Thesis is divided into four main parts. The introduction briefly describes the topic and the main objective of this Thesis. The first chapter briefly describes history and progress of contemporary demographic research. The second part describes specification and evolution of sources. It also includes a brief history of administration of Libějovice estate. The fourth chapter is the demographic research itself, which especially analyses information from individual years and then summarizes received data. In the last part there is a list of applied sources and literature, including the photodocumentation of original source.
Integration of Migrants into the Czech Society
Pokorný, Martin ; Havlík, Radomír (advisor) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of my diploma work is to study the subject of integration of foreigners into the Czech society. For that purpose I intend to use research questionnaires and to compare my results with results of other researches conducted by NGOs. Secondary aim is to map legal status of foreigners in the Czech Republic, historical reasons for migration and its development, and the composition of migrating population in Europe. Furthermore, I will focus on access to health and social insurance and to the health care system as well as on education and work opportunities which foreigners have in the Czech Republic.

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