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Automatic Largescale Processing of Testing Results
Klem, Richard ; Šnobl, Pavel (referee) ; Hruška, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of automated processing of large volumes of data in a relational database environment. The thesis focuses on the current situation in the Codasip company and solves the insufficiently fast implementation of materialized views updates. The result of the thesis is a draft to modify the current system. This draft successfully solves problems with slow data processing. The implemented solution then brought an average acceleration of the update of materialized views by 93 % and for some materialized views an acceleration of 99 %. This solution will help Codasip increase the efficiency of processor core development, as well as their other products. At the same time, this thesis can serve as a case study of optimizing slow database queries when processing large amounts of data.
Interactive Navigation through an User Database in Sqlite3
Vrtal, Petr ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a web application enhancing developer productivity, capable of interactive and intuitive browsing of a SQLite file database with a specified schema, representing user data. The enhancement is achieved specificaly by using a series of common views of this database and mechanisms for transition between these views. The web application is build using the Laravel PHP framework. User interface functionality is build mainly using Livewire framework by creating its interconnected components. An important part of the work was to determine by seeries of tests the level of resistence of the application against invalid user input as well as the speed analysis of the user's work with the application. The resulting web application allows a very specific group of users a clear orientation in the data of a specific production task, which is uploaded to the server by the users themselfs and the application offers them the option to view this data.
Editor of Relational Tables
Macák, Martin ; Urbanovský, Pavel (referee) ; Šárfy, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with aspects of using the common, universal relational table editor as a simple information system, which would be fully independent on the underlying database system and partially independent on the underlying's database schema. One part of this thesis deals with potential of using such universal information system to create a framework to allow fast and easy development of small and medium information systems. The practical part of this thesis is the application, which implements the basics of simple relational table editor, which is fully independent on the underlying database provider and schema and servers as the demonstrative table editor.
Architectural database refactoring
Nguyen Trung, Hoa ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Krch, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with database architectural refactorings. Its purpose is to describe each and every architectural refactoring method in detail on theoretical level with following author's own examples. These examples contain schema update mechanics and an outline of application code update. First of all, there will be an explanation of what refactoring stands for and what are the main differences between database refactoring and code refactoring. Following is detailed description of each and every architectural refactoring method with its principle, benefits and potential tradeoffs. The next part consists of author's own examples where update mechanics from theory are applied. Final chapter evaluates achievement of objectives, contribution of thesis and proposals on how can this thesis be extended.
Comparison of Technologies for Object-Relational Mapping
Fatrdla, Pavel ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the contemporary object-relational mapping (ORM) technologies for Java. It briefly describes also competing technologies for persisting objects in files, object and object-relational databases. However main part of the thesis is the persistence of objects in relational databases using ORM frameworks. The work begins with studying general methods and issues, that these frameworks have to solve. Next, it chooses and deeply describes some ORM frameworks. They are later demonstrated on the demo application. In the following part there is a description of the problems I have been facing during the implementation of the persistence using these frameworks. Finally, there is an evaluation and a comparison of these frameworks.
Tools for database schemas migration
Hubík, Petr ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Tomášková, Barbora (referee)
This thesis deals with finding appropriate tools for automatized migration of database schemas, setting benchmarks of these tools and their testing. Research has been done on thesis regarding to similar topics, followed by setting criteria for tool choosing and defining evaluations criteria. These evaluation criteria are then applied to the searched tools and based on these criteria are applied test of functionality. Recommendations for implementation in practice for best rated tool has been writen up and these recommendations has been checked on case study.

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