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Průběh zdanění osobních příjmů zaměstnanců v letech 2012-2016
The main idea of this bachelor thesis is to compare gross personal incomes of employees in years 2012-2014. In other words, this work specifically focuses on taxes of personal income, social and health insurance and does not inlude deductible items. The main aim is to determine for whom these changes were better and for whom not and in which year.
Fulfillment of tax obligations to selected taxes in insolvency proceedings of a legal person
Insolvency and tax laws are the main topics of my work. It explains the connection of these two laws, depending on insolvency proceedings in the tax administration.
Project of software for comparing advantageousness of leasing with loan
Vávrová, Martina ; Podlipný, Zdeněk (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This bachelor thesis „Project of software for comparing advantageousness of leasing with loan“ solves the situation, that came with the effect of changes in law of income tax. It compares which form of purchase of passenger vehicles for entrepreneurial purpose is more advantageous – if leasing, or loan. Theoretical part focuses on definiton of all basic terms. Practical part is divided into specific comparison leasing with loan, and conceptual part, which deals with solving current situation by creating software for choosing the optimal form of funding.
Comparison of corporate tax burden in Czech Republic and Slovakia
Piatková, Daša ; Kubátová, Květa (advisor) ; Hartlová, Alena (referee)
This thesis aims to compare the tax burden on companies in terms of corporate tax rate in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Comparison of taxation between those countries is not only important in international statistics, but also because of the high impact of the tax burden on corporate decision-making on the allocation of investment. The rate of taxation of companies will be compared in two ways, based on evaluation of differences in tax legislation and through comparison of the effective tax rates. The thesis also includes theory concerning the tax burden indicators and their calculation, including the observed effective tax rate. The data used to calculate this indicator of tax burden were obtained from the Amadeus database. Based on the results of the two comparisons, it will be evaluated, in which country is the corporate income tax more favourable for the taxpayers.
Criminal and Legal Liability of Persons Engaged in Business Activities
Štraitová, Libuše ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Kofroň, Stanislav (referee)
The bachelor's degree dissertation work analyses the laws that are important for execution of business activities. It gives specific instructions on how to successfully establish and lead a company according to relevant juridical adjustment in the Czech republic. This work points out illegal activities of business entities and also compares the risks of conducting business as legal entity or a private person.
Possibilities of personal accounting of employees and salary administration elaboration
There goes a number of tasks in company with need to acquire a new employee, his admission, possibly dissolution of labour relation with him, which are usually divided between personnel officer and wages accountant in the company. Personnel agenda management is personnel officer´s duty, wages sphere, which is not less important, is wages accountant´s duty. These acitvities are influenced by many rules and government regulations. Main laws with serious impact on labour relations are tax laws and labour code. All of these were subject to many changes in recent years. Main aim of this baccalaureate thesis is to evaluate influence these changes have on labour relations and it is a part of thesis theoretic side. At thesis practical part there are discribed particular tasks of personnel officer and wages accountant working for District veterinary administration for District South Bohemia, based at České Budějovice. Another aim of thesis is comparing and assessing wages software OKmzdy, which is used by wage accountant for wages agenda, and economic system POHODA.
Impact of tax laws on book-keeping in Czech republic
Koutníková, Pavlína ; Cardová, Zdenka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the impact of tax laws on book-keeping. It displays tax system and accounting system in Czech republic. It is also focused on tax reform in 2008 and changes in taxation linked to the reform. These changes are depicted in the second part on a practical example.