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Mountain hotel in Králíky
Hoffmannová, Zdislava ; Buchta, Stanislav (referee) ; Šmak, Milan (advisor)
The subject of this thesis was a structural design of a timber structure of a mountain hotel in Králíky. The object was a three storey building in a shape of letter U. The project was made in two different variations. The first one consisted of timber frame system with walls securing spacial stability. Computational model was created as a spacial bar 3D model in SCIA Engineer 19.1. The internal forces were calculated using the linear static analysis. The loadbearing structure was designed according to ultimate and serviceability limit states in SCIA Engineer 19.1. The thesis includes joints and anchorage design according to valid standards. Glue laminated timber was chosen as a material for the loadbearing structure while solid timber was chosen for wall structures. The second variation was made out of cross laminated panels. Wall panels were calculated by hand calculation whereas floor and roof panels were calculated using Agrop Nova Element software. Spatial model was made in SCIA Engineer 19.1 software to design joints and for global deformation check as well. The thesis includes engineering report, structural design report as well as drawings.
Chludilová, Alice ; Jelínek, Petr (referee) ; Struhala, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the design of a new kindergarten building located on a slightly sloping plot in Dubňany, South Moravia. Functionally it is possible to divide the kindergarten into three parts - administration, education and technical facilities. There are two classes, each for 24 for children, a separate common room and a pottery class. The total capacity of the kindergarten is 48 children. It is designed as a single-storey building with a green flat roof and without a basement. It is based on concrete foundation strips. Loadbearing mansory is made of sand-lime blocks, partitions are made of sand-lime blocks and aerated concrete blocks, ceiling is made of prestressed hollow core slabs. The walls are insulated with a combination of contact thermal insulation system and ventilated facade with facade cladding of fibre-cement board and timber cladding. Atypical round windows were use as a fun detail for the both classrooms and the common room.
Fragile World
Jindrák, Matěj ; Monika,, Mitášová (referee) ; Ambrůz, Jan (advisor)
In my final thesis I will focus tonatural wood, whileworking with itin a free manner. I will add other materialsaccording to design process. The res ult will be installation of spatial obj ects into selected environment.
Preparation of the implementation of Kelčský Javorník Lookout Tower, Rajnochovice
Vokurek, Kamil ; Rotrekl, Ivo (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
This diploma thesis is based on preparation of the implementation of Kelčský Javorník Lookout Tower in Rajnochovice. The main idea of the lookout tower constructing is to increase the local tourism. Diploma thesis assesses the whole project and it is focused on the foundation of the rough lower construction and also on assembly of the higher construction. Planning was assessed in terms of time, finance and in terms of the use of material resources. The quality of construction will be ensured by created inspection and test plans. To increase the overall service life of the structures, a scheduled maintenance schedule was designed. A variant solution of electricity supply was proposed, which will shorten the construction time, reduce the total construction costs and the overall maintenance of the building during its lifetime.
Multipurpose centre in Hodonín
Zbořil, David ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Šmak, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis solves with the design and static assessment of a multipurpose center in Hodonín. The structure is divided into three statically separated parts. The two structural units, consisting of steel frames with composite reinforced concrete slabs, are symmetrical and the middle part, formed by wooden frames made of glued laminated timber. The construction was solved using a computational 3D model. The model was created in the program RFEM 5.21.01. Using the model, the internal forces and dimensions of the usual elements were calculated. The construction was assessed in the program RFEM 5.21.01 and in MS Excel 2010. The outermost buildings have 7 floors and are designed for residential and office space. The maximum height of the structure is 27.60 m, including the attic. The central multifunctional hall is roofed by a walkable green roof. The maximum height of the middle part is 12.50 m. The largest floor plan dimensions of the building are 49,050 m x 24,000 m.
Využití dřeva jako materiálu v módním průmyslu
Vačevová, Kristýna
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the design and realization of the jewel case which is made of non-traditional materials and supplemented with an original collection of necklace and earrings from the same materials. The theoretical part describes the historical development of jewelery boxes from the chest as a piece of furniture to gradually development of a smaller furniture boxes designated for storing jewelery and valuables. It is also described the history of jewellery accentuated on the used non-traditional materials. A separate part consists of current trends in the use of natural materials, especially wood, in the production of fashion accessories, including the research of major producers. The practical part is focused on the process of making jewelry and jewelery sets from original sketches, through the production of mould and prototypes. The comparison of different types of concrete mixtures and material used in mould formation is included. Finally, it is showed 3D visualization, promotional poster design, collection logos, photos of jewelry box and jewelry made.
Návrh dřevostavby rodinného domu
Müller, Lukáš
In this bachelor thesis I present a one-storey family house planned on NOVATOP system. First part of thesis is a background research in wooden houses field. There is also precisely detailed design system from NOVATOP, based on massive panels fully described to give a full understanding of its quality and technical abilities. It gives a view on constructions composition, design details and thermal management of circumferential walls. Second part is composed of technical drawing of house, which has been made to fit building permission laws and gives full specification ready to be placed in administration processes.
Návrh skladby kompozitního materiálu s využitím akrylátového skla
Kolomazník, Petr
Thesis focuses on the proposal of the structure and production of composite material from wooden sliver leaves and acrylic glass. The thesis contains information about the development of the structure of composite material from the very beginning till the final acceptable appearance and promising characteristics of created acrylic panel. There is described a ratio of individual components and the acrylic-sliver panel undergoes examinations to find physical and mechanical characteristics: resistance of the surface against abrasion according to ČSN 910276, impact resistance according to BS 3962, surface water resistance according to ČSN 492120, surface roughness ČSN 490211, finding swelling values when stored in water according to ČSN 49 0166, finding flexural modulus according to ČSN EN 310, determining density according to ČSN EN 323 and humidity ČSN EN 13183-1 and following assessment. In the Conclusion there is a comparison of acrylic-sliver panel characteristics with other composite materials and proposal of the panel use in practice.
Coworkingové centrum
Kirchhofová, Pavla
This diploma thesis goes about the layout of an administration building that is in-tended as a coworking centre or an area for shared cooperation. At the beginning in the literature review is found a brief description of coworking, introduction of wood as suitable material for establishing healthy interior environment of buildings and short display of various construction systems of solid timber buildings. In the applied section of the paper, there are worked up three solutions of cowork-ing centre. Their main differences are in the disposition, size and shape. Applied con-struction systems are the same in all three projects. One of the solutions is chosen as the most suitable and processed into the drawing documentation afterwards. Integral part of this section is the heat passage coefficient calculation and fabric appraisement of the chosen solution.
Návrh konstrukce vybraných typů mysliveckých zařízení
Ketner, Zbyněk
The aim of this thesis is to propose the construction of selected types of hunting equipment and subsequently implement as part of targeted Business Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny. For inspiration, the proposals include a literary resources devoted to this topic, consultation with users of these devices in routine practice and personal experience. During implementation are used ideas and improvements, which may facilitate the construction or use of these devices. Within the work it is necessary to make economic calculation and determine the benefits or disadvantages of the implementation of the construction of these facilities as part of targeted actions for student collaboration. It is necessary to compare the selected types of devices with similar devices on the market.

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