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Death in communication of pedagogical workers and parents with preschool children
This bachelor thesis focuses on the problematics of death, its perception among children and their process of mourning. It speaks about the differences while dealing with the loss of a loved one between adults and children, how children's feelings during this time differ from adults and in which way are they the same. The goal of this thesis is to find out in what way, if at all, do teachers in preschools and parents communicate with children about death. Theoretical part focuses on children's mourning and on appropriate ways of communicating with them about death during the loss of a loved done. In the practical part it describes and evaluates surveys aimed at parents and teachers in kindergartens. The main result of the work is the processing of their opinions and experiences on this topic and comparing them to the knowledge from theoretical part.
Prevalence and risk factors of malaria among children under 5 years and the prevention and treatment regimens in the Kitase community of Ghana
Amponsah, Ebo Owusu
The purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence of malaria in children under the age of five living in the Kitase Community in Ghana, as well as possible causes, preventative measures, and therapeutic approaches. The principal goals of the research were accomplished through the use of a hospital-based cross-section design, which required the gathering of primary data from women living in the Kitase township, which is located within the Akuapim South Municipal Assembly in Ghana. For the analysis, we utilised version 16 of the STATA statistical software. The chi-squared test and logistic regression were performed to determine the relationship between malaria incidence and household and environmental characteristics. Findings showed that malaria prevalence among under 5 children was 19.62% with a total of 46.15% with at least occurrence of malaria illness in the past three months. Also, ownership of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) was 77.31%, and its use among 58.46% of mothers. However, Environmental characteristics such as bushes, waste dumpsites, stagnant water, and breeding areas around the house increase the odds of malaria infection by AOR of 1.885, 2.455, 2.197, and 2.060, respectively. Therefore, the study recommends that health authorities in the study area ensure the proper usage of LLINs (mosquito nets) through regular and effective education on preventive measures and ensure that good sanitation is observed in settlements.
Dětská práce v Latinské Americe
Kornutová, Aneta
The subject of this thesis is child labour in Latin America. My task is to analyse the concept. Of child labor, explain what child labor involves, show in which states of Latin America it occurs and explain why the child labour is such a serious problem. Then the thesis will provide detail description of child labour in Peru and I will show the size of this problem in this country. I will evaluate governmental and non-governmental policies tackling with child labour and determine other possible solutions of particular kind of child labour in Peru. The necessary information will be extracted from the literature, review, books, scientific journals and websites.
Gender differences in reading habits among children
Martinů, Veronika ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with children's relationship to books and reading and, above all, possible differences between girls and boys in their approach to reading. Its goal is to find out what the reading culture is like among children between the ages of ten and sixteen. The work also aims to find out what, if any, differences there are in reading between girls and boys. This was determined through a quantitative method, namely a survey research. Respondents are children and young people attending lower gymnasiums or the second level of primary schools in various places in the Czech Republic, which were randomly selected. The main themes of the work are differences in the frequency and popularity of reading, as well as the preferences of children and young people when choosing individual books, the influence of school, family and the respondents' close surroundings on their reading habits. The work reveals the differences in reading between girls and boys and shows whether children's reading culture is declining or the opposite.
Social work with mothers using illegal drugs
Šmídlová, Veronika ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Hudcová, Eliška (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of drug addiction - both on a general level and for the addicted mothers with children specifically. In the introduction is presented the basic framework of drug addiction, how addiction can be defined and also recognized. Then, for the overall context of the topic, I present how the drug problem is approached at the international level and within the Czech Republic, including regulation of drugs use in the Czech legislation. In the context of prevention, I describe ways, in which this problem can be prevented. The next part of the thesis deals with the issue of drug addiction among women. Here I introduce the factors, leading to the development of addiction, what other problems may be associated with drugs use, what makes the addiction in the case of women specific, and then I move on to the effects of the mother's drugs use on the child, mentioning the rights of the child, who finds itself in a such situation and how it can be protected from the problems, caused by it's mother. In the last chapter, I describe social work with drugs users, what specific social services these people can use, and finally I deal with social support and reintegration for mothers, struggling with having drugs problem. Keywords social work, addiction, illegal drugs, drug users,...
Constitutional aspects of the Protection of the Rights of the Child
Čečáková, Magdalena ; Hofmannová, Helena (advisor) ; Kindlová, Miluše (referee)
Constitutional aspects of the Protection of the Rights of the Child Abstract This thesis is concerned with the protection of the children's rights from the perspective of constitutional law and human right. The thesis aims to evaluate constitutional guatantees for the protection of children. Children are considered vulnerable persons worthy of special protection, however, the developlment of their rights and the move out of a paternalistic approach has only recently begun. Thus, there is a need to adapt children's rights to today's society and current scientific knowledge to avoid unnecessary discrimination and non- involvement of childen in the processes. The text is divided into a theoretical part in whicch the history of the view of the child the history of children's rights, the organization and instituition, both national and international, concerned with the protection of children's rights are presented. The most important of these documents is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, whis is then dealt with in the practical part and which is considered part of the constitutuional order. At the end of the theoretical part, the concept of the child is introduced, which permeates the entire practical part of the thesis. The practical part is divided into four parts, each representing one of the four...
Dance as a Therapy
Tomášková, Kateřina ; Čedík, Miloslav (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on working with a group of children refugees coming from Ukraine, using elements of dance-movement therapy. The theoretical part focuses on introducing information about dance in general and its meaning for humans since tribal times, its processes and analysis of movement according to Laban methodology. The practical part focuses on describing how the project with refugees came to life and all the aspects connected to its evolvement and realization. Another part of the practical part of the thesis concentrates on a description of witnessed behaviors of the group and their evolution during the times the group met.

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