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Změny v produkci adipokinetických hormonů u \kur{Pyrrhocoris apterus} v různých částech CNS po působení stresových faktorů
VÁVRA, Jakub
The main goal of this bachelor thesis was to characterize changes of adipokinetic hormone (AKH) production in the brain and corpora cardiaca of the firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus during the infection caused by entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae. The effects of the pathogen were investigated by determination of AKH level in the CNS using competitive ELISA test and immunohistochemical localization with a specific antibody against the P. apterus AKH (Pyrap-AKH). The results confirmed presence of majority of AKH in corpora cardiaca and smaller amount also in brain. The infection increased AKH production in both monitored organs, however, in brain the elevation was more intensive than that in corpora cardiaca.
Úloha adipokinetického hormonu v metabolismu základních živin u octomilky obecné \kur{Drosophila melanogaster}
The aim of the thesis was evaluation of various metabolic characteristics in the fruit flies Drosophila melanogaster with deficiency of adipokinetic hormone (AKH) production, and with adenosine receptor dysfunction. The experiments were done with a goal to evaluate involment of AKH and adenosine into control of the metabolic pathways. For that measuring of basic nutrients, level of Drome-AKH, mortality and some others characteristics in the fruit flies during starvation were performed. Results revealed the effect of AKH on metabolism of storage nutrients, however, the role of adenosine was unclear.

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