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Practical Methods of Automated Verification of Concurrent Programs
Fiedor, Jan ; Arcaini, Paolo (referee) ; Farchi, Eitan (referee) ; Vojnar, Tomáš (advisor)
V dnešní době jsou vícevláknové programy běžné a s nimi i chyby v souběžnosti. Během posledních let bylo vytvořeno mnoho technik pro detekci takovýchto chyb, a i přesto mají vývojáři softwaru problém nalézt správné nástroje pro analýzu svých programů. Důvod je jednoduchý, fungující neznamená vždy praktický. Hodně nástrojů implementujících detekční techniky je obtížně použitelných, přizpůsobených pro konkrétní typy programů nebo synchronizace, nebo špatně škálují, aby zvládly analyzovat rozsáhlý software. Pro některé typy chyb v souběžnosti dokonce ani neexistují nástroje pro jejich detekci, i přesto že vývojáři softwaru na tyto chyby často narážejí ve svých programech. Hlavním cílem této práce je navrhnout nové techniky pro detekci chyb ve vícevláknových programech. Tyto techniky by měly být schopny analyzovat rozsáhlé programy, umožnit detekci méně studovaných typů chyb v souběžnosti, a podporovat širokou škálu programů s ohledem na to, jaké programové konstrukce používají.
Project DEAL: plans, challenges, results
Grötschel, Martin
DEAL is an initiative of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany with the goal to conclude nationwide licensing agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals from major academic publishers. The intention is to bring about significant change to the status quo in relation to negotiations, content and pricing in the process and to achieve wide-scale, lasting improvements in open access to scholarly literature. The first agreement with a major publisher was signed on January 15, 2019 – after a long series of negotiations. I am a member of the DEAL negotiation team and will report on the whole range of plans and challenges as well as my expectations for future development.
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Pacta Sunt Servanda in Recent Civil Law
Novotná, Dominika ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
1 Pacta Sunt Servanda in Recent Civil Law Abstract The thesis deals with the brocard of pacta sunt servanda and its application in the current Czech civil law. After a brief explanation of the historical circumstances and a concise description of the historical development of private law in Czechia, the first chapter outlines the establishment and the practical confirmation of the pacta sunt servanda principle in the judicial rulings of the Czech Constitutional Court after year 1990. The second chapter analyzes the natural law doctrines that have informed the authors of the Civil Code in drafting the law, including the principle of pacta sunt servanda. The third chapter of the thesis reviews the practical expression of the principle that agreements must be kept, and promises are binding in the applicable provisions of the Civil Code. The freedom of contract is one of the essential tenets of the private law, which gives parties freedom to decide whether to enter into a contract, with whom and the freedom to decide (acting in mutual respect of the equal autonomy of the persons involved) about the contents of the contract. But the freedom is also accompanied by responsibility. One of the possible consequences of the pacta sunt servanda principle is a party's duty to negotiate with care and not to lead a...
Contracts used in a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
ŽÁKOVÁ, Pavlína
The thesis is directed to the analysis of contracts used in a small and medium-sized enterprise, also characterizes this small and medium-sized enterprise, and describes various types of contracts, which enterprises use in concluding contractual obligations. It focuses for example on a contract of purchase, a contract of the work, a leasehold contract, a leasing contract or on a competitive tendering for a public procurement and defines rights and obligations for these individual contracts. It confirms or refutes determined hypotheses and describes meaning and structure of the most used contracts in enterprises. As well as it seeks, which of contracts is the most used in a small and medium-sized enterprise and to describes it. As an instrument for getting information, the work uses a questionnaire and an interview. The work proves that the contracts are an integral part of business world.
Towards Parameterized Contract Validator in ANaConDA Framework
Mužikovská, Monika ; Fiedor, Tomáš (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This work deals with problematics of contracts for parallelism. It is a technique allowing to specify requirements for atomicity in parallel programs and to create automatic tools for detection of atomicity violation. ANaConDA framework provides dynamic analyser called Contract-validator which can detect contract violations in parallel programs. However, due to analysis without context, it can produce a lot of warnings about contract violation that are not considered as errors. The aim of this work was to design and implement a method supporting contracts extended with parameters and their constraints which will lead to more accurate results of the analysis. Experiments using newly created analyser on a set of benchmarks with known atomicity violations showed that analysis with parameters can reduce the results by dozens of reports that unnecessarily burdened developers and made it harder to reveal real errors.
Governing law in the absence of choice in contractual relations in the Czech Republic and in the United States (private international law in a comparative perspective)
Chvosta, Ondřej ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Růžička, Květoslav (referee)
Governing Law in the Absence of Choice in Contractual Relations in the Czech Republic and in the United States (Private international law in a comparative perspective) English Summary: The subject of the thesis is the main differences in Private International Law (or Conflict of Laws in the Unites States) in the area of contractual relations in the absence of a choice of law. The introduction explains the methodology of the work, as it does not strive to provide an exhaustive list of contract types - since this would be ill-advised considering the differences in Czech and American contract law - but rather provide the reader with a general characterization of the different approaches to the subject matter. The introduction also explains the legal certainty principle (typical for Civil Law countries) and the principle of equity (typical for Common Law countries), and describes how the consideration of these will enhance the reader's understanding of the thesis' topics. The first chapter is concerned with the relevant sources of law in the Czech Republic and in the United States. The most important legislation applicable in the Czech Republic is the Czech Private International Law Act, the Rome Convention and the Rome I Regulation. In relation to US law, the text discusses some of the most important clauses...
Soothsharp: A C#-to-Viper translator
Hudeček, Petr ; Parízek, Pavel (advisor) ; Ježek, Pavel (referee)
Viper is a verification infrastructure developed at ETH Zurich. Using this infrastructure, programs written in the Viper language may be analyzed for correctness with respect to assertions and contracts. In this thesis, we develop a contracts library and a translator program that compiles C# code into the Viper language and thus allows it to be verified. A user may annotate their C# program with these contracts and then use the translator to determine its functional correctness. The translator supports most C# features, including types and arrays. It also integrates with Visual Studio, showing translation and verification errors to the user on-the-fly.
Contracts between health insurance companies and regional hospitals
Rezek, Štěpán ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
The main focus of the thesis is the multilayered view of regional hospitals on their contractual relationship with health insurance companies. The thesis draws information from two case studies of regional hospitals in Central Bohemia. These case studies have allowed me to map the whole process of establishing a contractual relationship with health insurance companies from the first contact to the final conclusion of the contract for a particular year. Through mapping the process I have identified a number of problematic areas that are encountered when concluding contracts. Thesis has also concentrated on the establishment and content of the payment regulation which, to a large extent, determines the final form of the contractual relationship. One of the goals of the thesis is the identification of key problems stemming from the parameters of the contractual relationship and payment mechanism. These problems are analyzed on the level of hospitals, individual specialized units, and in relation to the provision of health care to patients.
The Determination of Governing Law in the Absence of Choice in Selected Obligations in the Czech Republic and in the United States
Chvosta, Ondřej ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee)
rigorózní práce v anglickém jazyce: This thesis compares the determination of governing law in selected obligations in the Czech Republic and in the United States. This comparison is made against the background of two principles: legal certainty (typical for the Czech Republic) and Equity (typical for the United States). Chapter one discusses the different approaches to private international law in the two countries, and discusses the relationship between Equity and Legal Certainty. Chapter one also discusses the applicable sources of law. Chapter two compares the different approaches to choice of law in contractual obligations. The choice-of-law rules of relevant Czech and European statutes are analyzed in detail. Furthermore, the American approaches to choice of law are introduced and examined, namely: the First Restatement approach, Currie's Interest Analysis, the Second Restatement approach, the Better Law Approach, and the Significant Contacts Approach. Chapter three is analogical to chapter two, but it focuses on non-contractual obligations (Torts). The focus of this chapter is EU Regulation Rome II and the particularities of the First and Second Restatements and Currie's Interest Analysis when applied to torts. The conclusion summarizes the author's main ideas and opinions.
Marketing and Selling Strategy of the Company
Sedlář, Jakub ; Straková, Jana (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This Bc work analyzes problems which are connected with selling marketing strategy. It includes project such as marketing strategy whichs goal is to increase the sale and profitability of the firm.

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