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Conference System for Excel@FIT
Kobelka, Martin ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Veigend, Petr (advisor)
he main goal of this work is to analyze the scientific conference in the theoretical part, and to describe the issues of organizing a scientific conference. Further map the workflow of several conferences organized in information technology. Furthermore, the Excel @ FIT conference had to be analyzed in detail. In the practical part for this conference to design an information system, and implement this system as a web application. The resulting web application for conference administration is programmed using PHP and TypeScript programming languages. The client part is designed as a one-page web application communicating with the server part using the REST API. The application enables efficient and seamless conference management, article writing and review, and export creation for commissions. The result is a fully functional application tested on previous years' data, which can be easily extended with new functionality if required.
Web Conference Calendar
Pokorný, Petr ; Vyskočil, Tomáš (advisor) ; Zavoral, Filip (referee)
A scientific article can only be submitted to one conference. The purpose of this work is to create a web application which will aid in determining where a given article can still be submitted, using mainly a graphical diagram. The text itself first provides a detailed specification of the problem, then it discusses the choice of individual technologies and the general implementation approach. The following section then briefly describes some implementation details and suggests areas for expansion of the project. The last chapter is dedicated to technical and licensing considerations. The result of the work is a working web application designed for use in academic circles and for further refinement.
The Battle for the Meaning of sexual Harassment: Analysis of Media Reactions to the Conference Legal Aspects of the "Me Too" Campaign
Pechačová, Alžběta ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to find out how the frame of sexual harassment is created in the context of a discourse conflict brought about by the conference "Legal Aspects of ‛MeToo' Campaign", which took place in Prague in March 2018. My analytical sample consisted of four op- ed pieces of the protagonists of the conference and five op-ed pieces of the critics of the conference. I chose critical discourse analysis as my analytical tool to find out how each side of the discursive conflict constructs the discourse of sexual harassment. In my research I identified these discourses in the texts of the protagonists of the conference: Sexual harassment is just a sexual behaviour, Colonization of sexual harassment by legal discourse and Construction of the Subjects. In the articles of the critics of the conference I identified following discourses: Sexual harassment is an abuse of power, Construction of the expertise on sexual harassment. The protagonists of the conference co-created hermeneutical and testimonial injustice towards victims, while the conference critics co-created testimonial justice but neverthless contributed to furthering hermeneutical injustice towards victims.
HUMAIN – Design, Art, Humanities and Artificial Inteligence
Matějová, Alina ; Kořínek, David (referee) ; Macháček, Mikuláš (advisor)
Artificial intelligence is a symptom of the future of the 1980s, a technological phenomenon esoterized by millions of lines of code, a spirit in a machine, an artist of generative design, a scarecrow fictionalizing dystopian surrealism. Artificial intelligence has been talked about for a long time, in various fields from information and communication technologies through sociology and political science to design and art. Czech scientific fetishism guarding the boundaries of disciplines, showing what we are and what the others are, where designers have nothing to say about the work of anthropologists and not at all programmers, who in turn can never know anything about philosophy or microbiology. Ivory towers protruding in the void suspecting those towers at a safe distance. The HUMAIN project and conference seeks to go against this and find common ground and common narratives between design, humanities and art. We are not talking about terminological multiplication, we do not want to bring interdisciplinary leveling. HUMAIN is a platform for finding a common language and establishing cooperation. We do not want William Gibson to write the future, but to reflect artificial intelligence from as many angles as possible and to aim for the greatest possible emancipation of people, robots and the planet.
Mobile Application for Conferies of Scientific Conferences
Majer, Marek ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
The goal of this text was to implement a mobile application for attendees of technology conferences. While creating the concept the user experience was highly emphasized and after doing the market research there were couple of surveys and discussions with potential users, that often attends those conferences. Resulting application got positive feedback about its UI/UX qualities and was marked as 8.3 out of 10 in these regards. Application was updated according to the concerns that users provided in feedback tests. In the end there were suggested additional improvements to the application, that would enhance user experience at the conference even more.
33rd Symposium on anemometry: proceedings
Chára, Zdeněk ; Klaboch, L.
Proceedings of 33rd Symposium on Anemometry. The conference was oriented on the experimental techniques applied in fluid mechanics.
Business report of Open Repositories 2019: all the user needs
Černohlávková, Petra
The Open Repositories conference aims to bring participants the latest trends in digital repositories. This is a very important topic to the NTK that operates two digital repositories. The participant gained an overview of the latest developments in repository technologies and had the opportunity to establish contacts with repository operators around the world. The most beneficial was the section devoted to Invenio software, which the NTK uses for both repositories and is working on upgrade to version 3.
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Conference Information System
Bednář, Martin ; Rychlý, Marek (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
The .NET platform offers several frameworks, technologies and approaches for web applications development. A good survey of these technologies is necessary for selecting effective implementation technologies. The aim of the thesis was to create a conference information system as a web application on the .NET platform for the non-profit organization Zámecké návrší, p.o. including its deployment and operation in the production environment. Prior to the development, it was necessary to familiarize myself with the .NET platform and compare the frameworks for web development. The bachelor thesis presents the suitability of individual frameworks for different types of applications. Based on the .NET analysis, DotVVM framework was chosen to implement the conference information system. The development of application logic proceeded with the test-driven development method. Combining appropriate frameworks, technologies, and approaches has lead to effective development with the successful creation of a secure and fast web application.

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