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Inspiration for pastoral care in connection with artistic methods - with special attention to bibliotherapy and verse therapy, their possibilities and use
Šatánková, Radana ; Macek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Zámečník, Jan (referee)
The presented diploma thesis entitled Inspiration for pastoral care in connection with artistic methods - with special attention to bibliotherapy and verse therapy, their possibilities and use occupies an interdisciplinary scope in the field of theology - art - therapy. The work is divided into three parts: The first contains a treatise on pastoral and practical theology; it reflects different terminologies and notes the differences and common emphases and concepts of both theological fields. However, this is preceded by a careful search for Old Testament and New Testament images of the figure of the Shepherd - a model for those who are entrusted with the care for people. Certainly, this list with its own commentary is not exhaustive, but it is reflected in the presentation of pastoral work. Much attention is paid to the oft-discussed laity - their cooperation with the clergy and their application in the church and outside it. In pastoral work, we also encounter the four constitutive elements of the church (leiturgy, martyria, koinonia, diakonia), manifested to varying degrees, or even intertwined. Another line of work consistently points to the rapidly changing world and society and the demands on Christian service to be helpful to the man of today. The fundamental principles of the helping...
Expats and the "Wall of Czechness": An Ethnography of Expat Spaces in Prague
Turek, Veronika ; Verbuč, David (advisor) ; Jurková, Zuzana (referee)
This research project explores the notion of spaces and place-making of expat women living in Prague. Using the metaphor of a "wall of Czechness", this paper identifies why perceptions of living in a given space matter, as these perceptions affect how one interacts with the spaces around them. This metaphorical "wall" thus identifies why expat women find and create their own expat communities for socialization in Prague. As such, online platforms, such as Facebook, aid in creating designated women-only spaces, that facilitate both online and offline interactions. This helps in the creation of place-belongingness, especially for expat women who move to Prague on their own account. This work calls attention to the importance of various spaces associated with place-making in this context: safe spaces, private and public spaces, counter-public spaces and gendered spaces. It also highlights the importance of community- creation, and how communities can be understood and created for these expat women living abroad. The term "expat" itself has specific connotations, and whilst they fall under the category of migrants, the two terms hold very different meanings. This paper adds to existing research on expatriates, as a migrant group, to better understand how they create places, and places of belonging, in...
Literary adaptations of the dramatic conflict in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Zuzáková, Adéla ; Blinková Pelánová, Eva (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled Literary adaptations of the dramatic conflict in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet explores the uniqueness of the "Shakespearean theme" and the construction of dramatic conflict in Romeo and Juliet. The thesis is focused on a detailed interpretation and the dual emphasis of the story: the theme of love and the theme of social conflict. Subsequently, the thesis examines the possibilities of reception of Shakespearean conflict in two selected texts: the novel Romeo and Juliet in the Countryside (1856) by Gottfried Keller and the novel Romeo Juliet and Darkness (1958) by Jan Otčenášek. The novels are interpreted, and the construction and escalation of their conflicts are described. The thesis also includes a closer comparison of the both novels with Shakespeare's text. KEYWORDS Romeo, Juliet, conflict, community, love, death
Design of a contemporary urban district in the context of a historic city - urban study
Kvasnica, Lukáš ; Obrtlík, Jan (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis was the design of a contemporary urban district in the context of a historical city in the details of an urban study. The area of interest is Obránců míru housing estate, which is located close to the historical core of Třebíč and at the same time stood at the beginning of the Nové Dvory district development, which was significantly influenced by the construction of the Dukovany NPP. The main goal of this thesis is to demonstrate the ability of the housing estate to adapt to today's trends to a sustainable, self-sufficient, climate and energy-resilient urban structure with the application of blue-green infrastructure and to point out the importance of intensive recycling development. The concept of the re-vision consists of the creation of a high-quality environment oriented in greenery enhancing the concept of permeability, shaping and strengthening the community coexistence of residents. The re-vision is a gradual process based on phasing, which will ensure long-term stable development with the subsequent possibility of gradual renewal / replacement of the construction of panel houses with a new structure.
Architectural study of the sacred building and the Salesian community center in Brno - Líšeň
Kręželoková, Tereza ; Žalmanová, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis is the design of the Church of the Holy Spirit and at the same time a community center for the Salesians in Brno - Líšno. The Salesians are a Christian congregation that is especially dedicated to the education of the youth. Salesians have been active in Líšn since 1995, when the Salesian Youth Center began to be established here. The local community of believers currently does not have a church here that would meet the capacity requirements, the believers celebrate services in the gymnasium of the Salesian Youth Center. The goal of my work is to design a church where believers can celebrate services with dignity, and also a community center where the local community of people can meet and create community. The proposal also includes a rectory with apartments and facilities for priests. The land intended for construction is located in close proximity to the Salesian Youth Center. It lies on an elevated site in a rather sloping terrain. To the north of the property there is a polyclinic building. The surrounding development consists of panel apartment buildings, often with a height of up to eight floors. The shape of the building is based on the urban layout. The external plan shape of the building is rectangular and it is installed parallel to the building of the polyclinic and to the road. An ellipse is cut into the rectangle - the inner atrium. The elliptical floor plan of the church is inscribed in the atrium. The proposed building is divided into individual functional units: the Church of the Holy Spirit, the church grounds, the community center and the rectory. The church has an ellipse in plan and is lit only from above by means of skylights. These skylights symbolize the light of the Holy Spirit, coming from above. The interior of the church is defined by 24 columns. The church's facilities include a sacristy, a conference room, sanitary facilities and operational premises. An internal atrium is proposed between the community center and the church, around which the community center corridor leads. The community center includes a social hall for 120 people, which can be divided into two rooms with the help of a mobile partition, as well as a classroom, clubhouse and facilities. On the 2nd floor there are two priests' apartments and facilities for priests, which include a kitchen, library, offices and a chapel. The dominant element of the design is the tower, which serves as a belfry. A church courtyard will be created in front of the church, where seating, a water feature and also bicycle sheds are planned. At the staircase on the south side of the property, residential stairs will be created. The design also includes the modification of the surrounding green areas.
The influence of social media on the eating disorder recovery
Drobílková, Eva ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Procházková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the relationship between the eating disorder treatment process and the influence of fitness influencers on social media. Specifically, it uses qualitative methods to research the motivations for membership in an online fitness community of individuals with a history of these disorders, along with the benefits of the content shared there. The thesis is divided into three main parts, of which the first part defines the discussed concepts in the context of the research and presents the current state of knowledge within the topic. Eating disorders are linked to social media and broken down in the context of different treatment options, followed by an introduction to the phenomenon of creating online communities within the field of digital health, which also frames the research. The second, methodological part of the thesis is devoted to the conduct of the digital ethnographic research, the definition of the objectives and research questions, the description of the chosen methods and their ethics. The results of the analysis of data obtained through participant observation of the selected social media content and semi-structured interviews are presented within the third part of the thesis. Here, the research findings are divided into two thematic units based on the...
Rituals in Waldorf primary school
Nesládková, Klára ; Bartheldi, Layla (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis explores the shame of rituals in a Waldorf primary school. The first part is devoted to the fundamental theoretical background for this work, namely Émile Durkheim's theory of ritual and the rites of passage of Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner. It then introduces concepts that are central to the study of ritual in the Waldorf primary school, which are community and communitas, secularization, alternative spirituality, New Age, and the concept of believing without belonging. The second part is devoted to a description of the methodology. It outlines the research questions, research methods, sources of the gift and reflects on the role of the researcher. The last analytical part of the paper describes and discusses the findings obtained through the analysis of the research semi-structured interviews and participant observation. It was found that rituals in a Waldorf primary school are an indispensable part of the whole Waldorf education. They create an environment in which the actors meet each other and share common values, ideas and strengthen collective feelings and interpersonal relationships through joint ritual activities. They also include rites of passage. The ritual itself is preceded by a long period of preparation, during which stories are told to explain the...
Family of Children with severe multiple disabilities
Káchová, Viola ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of a family with a child with severe multiple disabilities. The first three sections explain the concepts of combined disability, cerebral palsy and the family of a child with severe multiple disability. The actual research investigation follows a selected family with a child with a severe multiple disability. The aim of this paper is to find out how the selected social groups affected the selected family and to answer the set questions: what does caring for a bedridden child entail and what impact does this have on the child's family? Has the social circle around the family changed since the child with a disability entered the family? How does this affect siblings and which social areas of life are affected? The research inquiry is qualitative in nature and is completed through interview and observation. The interview was coded according to predetermined areas based on the sources studied. The results of this thesis contribute to a deeper understanding of the issue of families of children with severe multiple disabilities. KEY WORDS Multiple disabilities, friends, family of children with disability, social media, specialists, community

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