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Community centre ventilation
Pokutová, Karolína ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the design of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems for a community center. The goal was to create a suitable indoor microclimate for the building by using ventilation unit. The work is divided into three parts. Part one is theoretical section. This part deal with the components of ventilation and air conditioning systems, terminal units and noise in HVAC systems. The second part is calculation section and focuses on thermal balances calculations, airflow calculations, distribution elements, duct sizing, design of ventilation units, noise attenuation calculations and insulation design. The third part comprises the detailed project documention.
Community centre for refugees from Ukraine
The thesis presents the Community centre "Spolu", which was established in response to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine as a result of the Russian aggression of February 2022. The thesis includes the historical context of the situation, the possibilities of assistance available in the Czech Republic, the definition of solidarity, ethics in social work and the ethical dilemma. The next section describes the creation of the community centre, highlighting three situations that were ethically ambiguous. They are therefore subsequently confronted with some of the ethical theories. The adaptation of the staff to the new situation is also examined in more detail, as the centre was established in an existing service with a different target group. Hence, the competencies of the staff in working with refugees are also addressed. The empirical findings come from qualitative research using methods of continuous observation and semi-structured interviews.
Marketing Strategy of Community Centre Rubín in Brno
Varmužová, Romana ; Urbánek,, Jiří (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
The main objective of this thesis is the description and complex evaluation of the functioning of the Cultural House Rubin in Brno Žabovřesky in the context of the neighborhood and the city, and create a strategy for its further development. Thesis deals with marketing of culture and describes the functioning of the House of Culture, its program and service offerings, visitors and defines its position within the city. It also contains characteristics of major competitors in the cultural context and sets hypotheses for the practical examination.Research part consists of quantitative research - in the form of a survey among the target audience. The conclusion contains a summary of findings from the theoretical part and practical research and their incorporation into the overall marketing strategy of Community Centre Rubín in Brno.
Welcome to the world!
Synková, Veronika ; Kmošek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Childbirth as a natural part of life, where the woman giving birth has prime position and the option of choice. She should feel free and accepted - to be able to give birth physiologically (without unnecessary external interference). Physiological childbirth as the best for a woman, a baby and their relationship. Up to 80 % of women do not need a doctor to give birth, but only a "suitable environment". In my diploma thesis I propose a "maternity house". This concept is well-known abroad, in our country it is a new type of care. For this purpose, I use two existing houses, which are owned by the city of Blansko and stand next to the hospital.
Design and operation of the coworking space
Koňariková, Lenka ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Remeš, Josef (advisor)
The diploma thesis solves the new utilization and renovation of an industrial building near the Baťa canal in the village of Huštěnovice which was used as former pumping station for agricultural purposes. The aim was to find such uses that will support the development of the adjacent area and at the same time will also refer to the original usage of the building. New community centre „PŘÍLIV“ with aquaponics connects both of them and what is more, it offers modern connection of people with nature. The construction plan is solved as a complex project form architectural study, through the project for the building permit to the design of the aquaponics technology itself. Project of the community centre and aquaponics is designed as off-grid building with minimal environmental impact.
Kubovič, Marko ; Kopečková, Petra (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The aim of the diploma project entitled Revitalization and renewal of public spaces in Veľké Němčice was to find the right approach to finding a new use of the former brewery building located in the center of the village. With the right function, contribution to the development of the village was to transform part of the building into a community center, which in terms of capacity and location fits into the development strategy of the village. The second part of the building was at least partially restored to its original function in the form of a small brewery.
Peace Square in Brno
Šardická, Gabriela ; Kaštánková, Jana (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is elaboration of an urbanistic study, that deals with adjustments of náměstí Míru in Brno. Special tratment was taken on multi-functional house, that should slearly define southern side of the square and also provide enough space for apartments, commmunity centre with garden as well as commercial use. The object should also contribute to the actractiveness of the district which is located closely to the centre of the city, although the district itself is currently already well-structured for spare-time and leisure activities. In addition, residents of the district are very interested about development of the local comunity.
Hevlín – place in the landscape
Hajšmanová, Adéla ; Eichlerová, Eva (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
The thesis Uncharged-charged – new energy for the customs house building deals with a project of a community and cultural centre with an accommodation that reflects specific needs of the rural region on the borders. The core is a conversion of unused historical customs house building near the Hevlín–Laa an der Thaya border crossing to an attractive place serving especially the locals as a supportive environment for their activities. It also brings a new cultural options to the region. The layout adjusts the building to its new function and supports some of the qualities of the current state. There is a new building added as an accommodation for the tourists (especially cyclists and canoeists) travelling at the international cycle tracks or the river Dyje, which cross the location. Also there is a newly designed orchard/campsite surrounding the buildings serving for the accomodation as well.
New Synagogue in Olomouc
Štrocholcová, Eva ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The presented diploma thesis was elaborated as an architectural study of a new synagogue in Olomouc according to the assignment. The goal of the project was to design a synagogue, new place for the Jewish community of Olomouc and Jewish museum on the site of original burnt synagogue. The concept was based on an effort to restore dialogue between private and public (openness vs. closeness of Jewish community) and to connect the individual functions and create a closed functional unit to fulfil the needs of Jewish community, however, also communicate with the public. The complex contains kosher restaurant, museum of Jewish culture, administration, library, community hall, educational room, kosher grocery store, mikveh the ritual bath, chapel and the garden. The block is divided into three buildings connected each other by colonnade and courtyard which opens to adjacent public square but at the same time is protected from the bustle of the main road.
New synagogue Česká Lípa
Tomický, Ondřej ; Velek, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is the design of a new synagogue and a Jewish community centre in a town Česká Lípa. The area in question is located on the street U Synagogy, on the south-eastern edge of the historic city centre, on the site where the Jewish town was located in the past. However, the long history of the Jewish community of Česká Lípa, which had its synagogue, Jewish school, rabbinate, mikveh ritual bath and others, was interrupted by the events of the Second World War and the subsequent post-war developments in Czechoslovakia and the world. The original synagogue was burned down by the Nazis in 1938, and many of the monuments of the Jewish community in Česká Lípa gradually disappeared, as did the community itself. My goal is to design a new facility for the Jewish community. Therefore, I designed a proposal for a new synagogue and a community centre, including the administration of the Jewish community with an archive of Jewish literature, exhibition, and lecture spaces, the new mikveh ritual bath and kosher restaurant for members of the community and the general public. The design also includes the overall revitalization of the public space and its pedestrian accessibility, the planting of new greenery and the placement of two new monuments to commemorate the Jewish past of Česká Lípa. The designed project should than serve not only members of the Jewish community, but the whole general public as a new public space that will offer new opportunities for socialization, education, and leisure in a more dignified environment. The defining element of the proposal is the site of the former synagogue, which will become a courtyard that will be surrounded on the three sides by the new synagogue and community centre. Both buildings face the city centre with their main facades and main entrances. Both the synagogue and the community centre will be situated on a raised terrace accessible by a staircase, symbolizing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The chosen morphology and material design of the buildings intend to evoke the sense of massiveness, stability, dignity, and safety to the passers-by. Two new monuments will be placed on an axis of the new courtyard – the column and the fountain. The column on the place of the former entrance to the former synagogue symbolizing a raised-up finger in warning. The fountain on the spot of the bema, a sacred place where no one except for the rabbi is allowed. The water will symbolically prevent the movement of pedestrians who will have to go around this former sacred place. Nowadays, there is a public parking lot on the site of the former synagogue, and the entire area of the former Jewish town is in a state of neglect. I sincerely hope that with my proposal I will contribute to the commemoration of the Jewish past of Česká Lípa, to understanding among the people and that the nowadays neglected area will become a dignified public space.

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