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Reflex of Space
Šrom, Samuel ; František,, Dvořák (referee) ; Korbička, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis named Reflections of Space aims to change the approach at material anodizing and to move this purely technological process to the artistic level. The first part of the thesis summarises concisely a process of anodising and seeks for its demonstrations in the field of culture. The second part of the thesis describes the intention itself and the results of the research in the framework of technological proofs which are presented in the figurative part of the thesis.
Czech and Spanish Phraseology, key word: colours
The topic of the thesis is general frazeology of Czech and Spanish language. It focuses in detail on study of this problematics in a field of colours. The thesis has two parts. In the first of the parts, the theoretical one, I will clarify the basic therms which are narrowly linked to the topic of idiomatics and frazeology. In the second part I will collect concrete idioms and sayings that are present in Spanish language and that contains in its structure some colour. Further I will carry on the analisis of its meaning, as well as its structure and the last apsect will be translatology.
The Colour "black" in phrasems. A contrastive analysis.
Lukašiková, Evženie ; Hejhalová, Věra (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The following thesis deals with the topic of the contrast of phrasemes with a constituent black in German and Czech. The first, theoretical part of the thesis seeks to outline the basic terms as well as problematic points of the phraseological domain, which are of importance for the practical part. This concerns the phraseological terminology in general as well as the terminology of the contrastive phraseology. The practical part elaborates on the contrast of five phrasemes, picked from the Deutsch- tschechisches Wörterbuch der Phraseologismen und festgeprägten Wendungen (2010). These phrasemes have been looked up in DeReKo and InterCorp and subsequently analysed from the morpho-syntactic and semantic point of view. The result of this analysis should provide the answer to the question of whether the translation variants in the dictionary correspond with the actual written language usage or whether there is a discrepancy between those two areas.
The Basic Colour Terms of the Czech Sign Language
Brhel, Michal ; Richterová, Klára (advisor) ; Vaňková, Irena (referee)
The thesis will gather and analyze signs for basic colour terms used in the Czech sign language, with respect to their variants (regional, age-related etc.) and to their possible motivation. Results of the research will be compared to analogous data found in other sign languages as well as in Czech (with a special view to the etymology and connotations of the terms). Powered by TCPDF (
Names of Colours in Spanish
Volfová, Eliška ; Kratochvílová, Dana (advisor) ; Čermák, Petr (referee)
The present work deals with the conception of the colours in Spanish and Czech. Subject of our research is the system of the basic colour terms and their usage in the phraseology. By means of analysis of language corpora, we observe main differences of the concepts of colours in given languages. We investigate to what extent these constructions influence speakers in the language perception of reality.
Vliv barvy překážky na kvalitu výkonu koně
This diploma work deals with what influence the colour (red, yellow, green and blue) of an obstacle has on the jumping performance of horses. Eleven horses of different ages and breeds which are used for both recreational as well as sport riding purposes participated in the trial. The success of the horses at jumping over obstacles of variours colours was evaluated in relation to other selected variables, namely gender, age, height of the jump, and the type of riding surface. The horses were most successful at jumping yellow (96.4%) and red (95.2%) obstacles, whilst being less successful over green (85.7%) and blue (83.3%) ones. A successful jump included those where the front or hind hoof touched the obstacle without actually knocking the obstacle down. The values for touching the obstacle with the front or hind hoof were approximately the same for the red (7.1%) and green (9.5%) obstacles. With the yellow obstacles, there was a higher percentage of touching with the front hoof (11.9%) than the hind hoof (4.7%). With the blue obstacles, there was also a higher percentage of touching with the front hoof (10.7%) than the hind hoof (9.5%), although the difference was not as marked as with the yellow obstacles. The influence of the other selected variables on the jumping performance of the horses over the different coloured obstacles was diverse. The values of the correlation coefficients for gender and the type of riding surface did not prove there was a statistically significant influence of the horse´s success. In contrast, statistically significant relationships were proven for the height of a jump which was green, with a correlation coefficient rxy = -0.236+ (i.e. the higher the green jump the less successful the jumps), or yellow, with a correlation coefficient rxy = -0.377+++ (i.e. the older the horse the less successful the jumps).
Vliv barvy na efektivitu Moerickeho pastí v kontextu rostlinné nabídky a environmentálních faktorů okolí pastí
PERLÍK, Michal
Community composition of floricolous insects, beetles (Coleoptera) and bees and wasps (aculeate Hymenoptera) at six sites in Podyjí National Park was studied using four different colours of Moericke (pan) traps. Effects of different trap colours, forest habitats, and environmental variables in traps vicinity on the number of species and species composition were analysed. Influence of different conditions on trap catch is discussed.
Synesthesia in the work of Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic in the fin de siecle
Grollová, Jana ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Vojtěch, Daniel (referee)
This thesis should solve the mystery of the synesthesia (especially on field of the theory of literature). The explanation of selected art schools of the second half of nineteenth century should anchor this phenomenon in the history of literature. The thesis analysis the concrete cases selected from the primary texts (collection of poems Zazděná okna, prose Román o Manfredu Macmillenovi and drama Sen o říši krásy). This analysis is based on the various types od synesthesia. The analysis prooved that this phenomenon does not only exist in the world literature, but it also exists in the Czech literature of that age. The comparison of the results extracted by Sean A. Day, Ph.D. was very interesting. This thesis examines also the colours and seing of the colours in the dreams. The work of Svetozar Nevole showed up useful. Although the work is almost 50 years younger than the primary literature, there were no big problems with adaptation of this theory for the primary texts.
Italian noun denoting colors and their collocations - a corpus analysis
The subject of this thesis is to investigate the Italian names of colours, placing them into context and issue of translation of the names of colours into Czech. The thesis has two parts. The first part theoretical deals in general with colours and colour terms, colour perception, symbologies, research and etymology. This thesis also analyse the process of colour perception throughout history and in the evolution of humans. In the practical part we will then get through five subdivisions to the terms from the area of biology (the names of plants and animals), in which there occurs any of Italian names of colours then we get to idiomatic expressions, uniting with the verb, comparison and collocation, in which there also occur terms indicating colours. In all of these five areas, we analyse similarity between the two languages by using analogous databases in Czech language and translation into Czech language. The aim of this thesis is delimitation of colour terms in the Italian language, their definition, putting into context, confrontation of loose and established closer links and also their comparison with Czech.

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