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Scope and impact of floods in the river basin Polečnice
MAXA, Václav
The preparation of the bachelor thesis includes the collection of information on the issue, especially the theoretical part focuses on the study of legislation and the use of Internet resources. The aim of the author in the theoretical part is to explain important concepts in the field of flood and related topics. The individual chapters focus, for example, on the flow of the Polečnice river, types of floods in our country, levels of flood activity, legislation in the field of floods, as well as preparations for floods and warning the population. The practical part contains a description of the Český Krumlov district and the floodplain of the Polečnice river, then the two biggest modern floods in our country are described, namely the devastating floods of 2002 and 2013. Furthermore, the modification of the riverbed of the Polečnice river, which served to create the necessary flood protection measures on the Polečnice river. And last but not least, a questionnaire survey. In the questionnaire survey 100 sheets with 12 questions were evaluated. The questions focused on the general overview of the citizens of Český Krumlov about the flood issue and their awareness of situations caused by floods, such as protection of health, lives and property, related warnings to the population and their evacuation. And whether they are aware of the threat of danger from the Polečnice river, which at first glance may not seem dangerous at all. The evaluated data indicate that the inhabitants of Český Krumlov rather underestimate the risk of floods in the town of Český Krumlov. Some inhabitants do not even know that partial flood protection measures have been carried out on the Polečnice in the recent past. The only positive thing I see is that nowadays, thanks to the technology we have, citizens have the opportunity to get information about the situation quickly and thus be better and more quickly prepared for a possible emergency.
Téma občanství ve výuce Občanské výchovy a Základů společenských věd
STRNAD, Ladislav
The thesis focuses on the topic of citizenship in primary school subjects of Civic education and Social studies. It consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part deals with the concept of citizenship and the development in the territory of the Czech Republic in connection with the historical development of our republic from 1918 until present. The practical part presents teaching activities focusing on the understanding of the concept of citizenship and the changes in ways of acquisition and loss of citizenship in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, respectively.
Role of the Media in Shaping Public perceptions and Political thinking in Czech Republic.
Mácha, Slavomír ; Stracený, Josef (advisor) ; Havlík, Radomír (referee)
Author's name: Bc. Mácha Slavomír School: Social Science & Philosophy Dept. Faculty of Education Charles University, Prague Graduate Program (Single Major): Master Degree (Mgr.) in Teaching Social Sciences, Philosophy, and Ethics in High Schools and Higher Professional Schools Title: The Role of the Media in Shaping Public perceptions and Political thinking in the Czech Republic Consultant: PhDr. Josef Stracený, CSc Number of pages: 97 + 1 attachments Number of attachments: 1 Number of marks: 202412 Number of literature: 56 Number of web pages: 33 Year: 2012 Key words: role of the media, political marketing, political thinking, public opinion, media manipulation, media function, advertising in politics, message effects, active and passive audience, voter, citizen, social networks, This thesis aims to prove the role of media in shaping the public perception and political thinking in the Czech republic. Thesis was worked up by analysing specialised literature concerning the above topics. The role of the media in shaping the public opinion and the views of major political and social problems are being investigated in the long-term surveys. It is legitimate (nebo generally accepted) that all we know, believe or think about what happens in the outside world is sometimes shaped into a form that reflects...
Involving users in the psychiatric care reform
Wolfová, Magdaléna ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the involvement of users of psychiatric care in the process of planning and realization of psychiatric care reform at the macro level of policy making. The aim of the research is to describe and understand this involvement. In the research are describer possibilities of participation in the phases of involvement, its form, purpose, formal regulation of opportunities, expectations of respondents, perceived power and barriers in involvement. The data was collected during interviews with key actors and studies of relevant documents. The results relate to the theoretical concepts of coproduction, patient-oriented care, strategic and human rights documents (the Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities). The element of power is described through the typology of Sherry Arnstein's participation ladder. Evidence of interviews indicates elements of tokenism and disadvantages. There is a low (one-person) representation of users in reform bodies, lack of time for discussion in consultative bodies, lack of information and lack of capacity (people, time, resources) for greater development of patient organizations. Respondents have identified barriers as the socio-economic situation, lack of capacity for macro-level involvement, mental health constraints or...
Citizenship - Theoretical Bases and Teaching Practice
Bucvanová, Eliška ; Moree, Dana (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
Eliška Bucvanová. Diplomová práce. Citizenship - Theoretical Bases and Teaching Practice ABSTRACT IN ENGLISH Weak civil society can be seen as a possible drawback of Czech democracy. One of the possible ways of building it is citizenship education provided within the compulsory school system. Citizenship is also the main subject of this work, which uses qualitative research methods to find out how the concept of "citizenship" is understood by teachers at a selected primary school, what information they provide to pupils on this subject and how. Since the scope of the paper would be insufficient, it does not intend to map the state of citizenship education in the Czech Republic: its aim is to find out how teachers approach the subject and whether their opinions coincide, and to compare their views with the information contained in literature. The results of the work show that the selected school is at a comparatively high level; however, the teachers' attitudes to citizenship education and its aims lack consistency and comprehensiveness and, also, the pupils' knowledge highly varies. This can be due to the fact that citizenship education has long been in need of an integrated approach and, very probably, also training opportunities for teachers that would help them develop their professional skills. In...
Philosophy and community
Timingeriu, Filip ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Master's thesis "Philosophy and community" looks into the origin of ancient greek term "polis" and inception of its citizen. It looks into it as specifical means of being of world and human. The correlation of polis and citizen is most apparent in philosophy of Plato. With an emphasis on his privilegy of spoken word over written one, he shows possible sources of philosophical hermeneutics. By understanding the situation, which leads to the decline of the reciprocal relationship between human and world, author would like to express that in Platos way of thinking are still unreflected possibilities of solution for the present day. Intention of this work is to contribute - by sketching and explication of the principles of political thinking - to the discussion - and not only to that of the political philosophy and political science.
Deepening democracy at the local level / Civic participation in Utrecht
Blahetová, Kristýna ; Skovajsa, Marek (advisor) ; Benyovszky, Selma (referee)
This thesis focuses on the topic of active citizenship in democratic societies. An emphasis is placed on the clarification of the role of the citizen as an engaged participant in the political process at the local level. This issue is contextualized within the theory of democracy, which legitimacy is fulfilled by the citizen participation. The empirical part is devoted to the research of the citizen participation in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where the way of cooperation between citizens and public officers was investigated in the process of public policy making. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the form and the contribution of the civic participation in Utrecht. Keywords democracy, democracy at the local level, participatory democracy, citizen, participation, codecision, cooperation, relationship between the citizen and the politician, level of participation
European Union information policy at the time of the Bangemann's activities in comparison with USA
Mikanová, Helena ; Vlasák, Rudolf (advisor) ; Očko, Petr (referee)
(in English) The thesis "Information Policy of European Union in Bangemann's activities period in comparison with USA" is devoted to the Information policy issue applied by the European Union and the United States of America. The thesis structure is defined at the earliest; afterwards the basic terms are followed. The thesis describes the European Union history, which provides context needed to be able to understand the European Union Information policy. The description and evaluation of the European Information policy in Bangemann's activities period in comparison with USA in the same time period and the possibility of mutual utilization of pros of the Information policy of both countries is the aim of this thesis. The following part is occupied with the comparison of EU and USA Information policy at the beginning of 21st century.
Civil Participation in Social Planning: Limits and Possibilities
Čech, Petr ; Růžička, Richard (advisor) ; Trunda, Jiří (referee)
Name of Dissertation: Civil Participation in Social Planning: Limits and Possibilities Name: Petr Čech Field of Study: Sociology Leader of Dissertation: PhDr. Richard Růžička, CSc. Keywords: citizen, community, participation, social service, social/community planning The dissertation focused on participative element of democracy. The author aimed at the way of participation in the selected districts and attempted to analyze the way of communication of the events relating to the social planning process. The theoretical part of the dissertation began with the chapter "Citizen and Society". This chapter dealed the citizenship concept and the civil society concept. The general and the participation was dealed in connection with the citizenship and the civil society. The next chapter "Community and Change" defined in particular sections the term community and the incidental terms - community work and community care, community developement. The considerable part of this chapter was the treatise on community planning with regard to community planning of social services. The non-profit sector and social services were the themes of the final chapter. The section community planning of social servical was placed as concluding section as the terminological unravelment. The research within the framework of...
Citizen and public space as a mutual relationship: Why to teach about it?
Vecan, Ján ; Samek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the relationship between the citizen and public space, and to answer the question why the topic of public space should be incorporated in secondary school curriculum. The first chapter introduces the concept of public space. I look at public space through the lens of normative theory, based on which I assess its characteristic features. In the first chapter, I also deal with the mass media and social networks, which are an integral part of public space. The second chapter focuses on urban public space. In this chapter I look for answers to the questions: what is the relationship between the citizen and the public space, how do they influence each other. The citizen and the public space are inextricably linked, because it is the citizens who transform a physical place into public space. Further, the question of the quality of public spaces is raised, to which I answer using the basic principles of architecture and urbanism. The second chapter also answers the central question of the diploma thesis: why the topic of public space should be taught in school. The third chapter presents the results of a simple questionnaire survey. It captures the opinions of interview participants on the current state of public space in Slovakia, its positive and negative...

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