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Inter-subject relations between chemistry and geology in natural sciences
Kálalová, Anna ; Čtrnáctová, Hana (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
Thesis is fixed on inter-subjects relations between chemistry and geology in context of science education. Thesis concern subject matter defined in curricula for grammar schools, which is devoted inorganic chemistry, mineralogy and petrology. Next there is lucid compile inclusion these themes to school curricula in other grammar schools. Thesis emphasizes mainly to practical works in teaching mentioned subjects i.e. experiments. There are compile topics for chemical and physical experiments, which are useful for demonstration inter- subject relations between these subjects and geology. Worksheets with creative solutions were made for these experiments; there are component of enclosure of this thesis.
Chemistry - Physics relatives in the Science education
Konečný, Martin ; Čtrnáctová, Hana (advisor) ; Teplá, Milada (referee)
Title: Chemistry - Physics Relatives in the Science Education Department: Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry Abstract (in English): Within the master's degree thesis was conducted a literary research. Overview of interdisciplinary relatives in science education was done based on this research. The interdisciplinary relatives are described in the work as well as a historical development of integrated science education in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Three teaching tasks were created for use in science lessons with the following topics: The universe evolution and formation of elements, Luminescence, and The substance composition. Teaching tasks can be used during the class work or as a material for talented students and have both theoretical and practical parts. The teaching tasks were evaluated by teachers who used them during their chemistry lessons. The final part of the master thesis is a survey, in which teachers answered the questions concerning the establishing of new conference called "Chemistry Teachers' Inventions Fair" for secondary school and high school teachers. Keywords: interdisciplinary relatives, physics, chemistry, science eduaction, integrated teaching
Papírníková, Lucie ; Teplý, Pavel (advisor) ; Klímová, Helena (referee)
This thesis summarized available information about field trips and their integration into undergraduate chemistry curriculum. It also contains a list of places in Prague suitable for filed trip in chemistry education. Suggested field trips include a description of each visited place, photographs, and contact informations.. The apendix contains samples and links of worksheets, video recordings and other teaching laids. The thesis can be used as a teacher aid for preparing school field trips.
Science experiments during free-time activities of school-aged children
Moulisová, Marie ; Čapek Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the ways in which science (chemistry, physics, biology) and other related disciplines can be used in primary school children's leisure time activities. It presents a number of practical proposals as for how to make these subjects more accessible in an attractive way. The theoretical part briefly describes the individual subjects in question, a range of leisure-time facilities suitable for the intended activities, and specifies the characteristics of preschool children. The practical part brings a numer of possible experiments in the given subjects, together with their description and practical implementation. The proposals for experiments and activities are based on everyday life. The aim of this thesis is to make these often not fully understood everyday life situation accessible to children in an interesting and playful way. The final reflection is aimed at the assessment of the suitability of the individual proposals, and their possible pitfalls and improvements.
Plant Alkaloids - Integration in the Curriculum of Thematic Area "Plant Biology" for Grammar School
Větrovská, Eva ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Odcházelová, Tereza (referee)
The presented master thesis is focused on an integration of plant alkaloids' curriculum into education process at eight-year grammar schools or their equivalent at primary and secondary schools. The aims of the thesis are to provide a basic data about plant alkaloids, to specify an integration of the plant alkaloids into the curricular documents and to select specific and suitable methods for teaching of the alkaloid topic at schools. These teaching methods were practically verified at the Karel Čapek's Grammar School at Dobříš by using author's proposals of the school lesson, the project teaching and laboratory exercises. In the terms of benefits for students, it has been verified that the teaching of plant alkaloids using the teaching project and the laboratory exercises, can be performed more efficiently than those during an "ordinary" school lesson. Key words: plant alkaloids, teaching methods, teaching lesson, project method, laboratory exercise, biology, chemistry
Chemistry textbooks - historical progress and present
Petriláková, Monika ; Čtrnáctová, Hana (advisor) ; Matoušková, Šárka (referee)
This dissertation is primarily devoted to historical development of chemistry textbooks and evaluation of selected textbooks. At the beginning of this work is a brief outline of the field of chemistry, especially since the content of chemistry is relevant to the content of the curriculum in chemistry textbooks. My dissertation work briefly deals with one of the first books of chemistry ever and then describes the development of chemistry textbooks in our country in detail. Then the criteria for evaluating textbooks are outlined, and eventually the evaluation of selected textbooks is made. The intetion is to make certain retrospective kind of writing history textbooks, which can be an inspiration to the authors of textbooks of chemistry. Presented perspectives, evaluation of textbooks and summary closure of analyzed textbooks can also help teachers to choose textbooks from a wide range of offers on the market.
Alergens in the Teaching of Natural Science, Biology and Chemistry
Kaufmanová, Lucie ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The theme of the diploma thesis is allergens in the teaching of natural science, biology and chemistry. The subject and its aim is to find out the presence of allergens in selected classes of natural sciences (natural sciences, biology, chemistry) as well as the level of awareness of problems of allergies and allergens from teachers and pupils of elementary schools and grammar schools and to compare whether teachers of selected subjects take into account Creating climate climate for allergic pupils. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. The first part summarizes all theoretical knowledge, including the theme of allergies and allergens. It deals with the concept of allergy from the historical point of view, it characterizes the general importance of allergies and its connection with the immune system, it presents individual risk factors influencing the origin and development of allergic disease. A large part of the theoretical part describes allergic diseases including their manifestations, diagnosis and follow-up treatment, and also the individual types of allergens that are classified according to their effects on the organism. Last but not least, the chapter deals with the presence of allergens in the school environment. Also in this part the pedagogical documents - RVP and ŠVP...
Pharmacy in chemistry curriculum for secondary education
Petřeková, Veronika ; Klímová, Helena (advisor) ; Šulcová, Renata (referee)
Abtract The thesis deals with integration of the topic Medicine and Pharmacy into secondary education curriculum. The work is divided into four parts. First part pursues the content of medicine in the curriculum documents. Second part is devoted to comparison of educational systems in the Czech Republic and Slovenia and analysis of Czech and Slovenian textbooks for secondary schools. Third part contains special texts for teachers of secondary schools. It also includes basic information about pharmacy as well as other materials, which can be used in education. Thesis also contains ten laboratory works.
Games and Toys as Chemistry Teaching Aids
Dubská, Martina ; Holada, Karel (advisor) ; Liška, František (referee)
The thesis is devoted to the study of one of the methods of activation - the game. During the game, the students are involved actively, they are motivated and creative. The main aim is to explore the advantages of the introduction of gaming activities in the teaching of chemistry, as well as the overall topic of gaming activities, the conditions for these activities in chemistry teaching and suggestions for their implementation in education. The part of the thesis is complex of 11 precific games and toys, which are prepared for teaching chemistry at the primary and high schools and universities uncommonly. This file contains the rules, methodological instructions, time allocation, and everything needed for the teaching of games. The practical part will also find a list of many previously published and unpublished games and toys, which can serve as inspiration for teachers of chemistry. Making an inquiry carried out in two elementary schools to confirm the presumption that the study results achieved through gaming activities, are more satisfactory than the results, in which gaming activities were not used.

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