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Apartment building in Moravské Budějovice
Sláma, Lukáš ; Sukop, Lukáš (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
This thesis covers designing documentary materials for realization of a new- build property of a residential house. The residential house is planned on a flat land. It is a four-floor building with a cellar. The constructional system is brick of construction blocks POROTHERM. The building is based on foundation strips from pure concrete. Vertical supporting constructions are from blocks POROTHERM. Horizontal supporting constructions are from monolitic reinforced ferroconcrete. The roofs are solved as flat single housing cover. In the residential house there are 12 housing units, non-residential premises and a technical hall. The total built-up area is 380,82 m2, The attic height is +9,890. The building has got a barrierfree entrance, but there is no barrier-free flat here. There is a car park next to the residential house. There are a technical hall, gym, clubroom, a washroom, a pram room, a bicycle room, a storeroom and cellar booths for individual housing units. From the first floor up, there are individual housing units. Flats have an access from one central staircase. In this area, there is also planned a lift.
Analysis of the Real Estate Market in the Selected Location
Meškanová, Tereza ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the real estate market with apartments in the city of Brno in the given period of time in 2022 and 2023. First of all, it defines the basic concepts terms related to this issue. Subsequently, it briefly presents the environment in the form of the basic characteristics of the city of Brno and a brief introduction to the market and its development. It establishes criteria and divides them into two basic groups – main and minor. Based on these criteria, it then evaluates their influence on the unit price of the apartment for individual years. In the last part, it compares the two evaluated years in terms of the influence of the criteria and in terms of price. And last but not least, it advises future apartment buyers on what parameters to focus on when choosing an apartment.
Fire station, Salaš
Hráček, Tomáš ; Müllerová, Eva (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction and layout solution of the new building of the fire station for volunteer firefighters in the village of Šalaš. The plot for the location of the building is located in the central part of the village of Salaš, cadastral territory of Salaš near Velehrad. The proposed building will be built from piece material, ceramic brick blocks. The roof is made as a slanted, purlin roof with over-rafter thermal insulation and a flat single-skin over part of the garage. Ceilings designed as reinforced concrete monolithic. Foundation on plain concrete footings. Constructions from the outside are equipped with facade thermal insulation boards from EPS, in the underground part XPS. The surface layer of the facade is made of thin-layer silicone plaster in light gray, anthracite and red colors with a scratched texture, the plinth is provided with mosaic plaster with colored pebbles in an anthracite color design. Window opening fillers with triple insulating glass in a plastic frame shade of anthracite gray on the outside, white color on the inside. Aluminum entrance door with triple insulating glass in anthracite color. The proposed construction is in accordance with the approved spatial plan and spatial development regulations of the city of Salaš. The access road is oriented from the south side of the property. The shape of the building does not disturb the surrounding buildings. Spatial regulations, requirements for building height, roof design and material solutions according to the current version of the Salaš spatial plan will be met. The building is designed as a two-story building, without a basement. It is a simple mass, L-shaped in plan. The design is based on the functional use and filling of the object. The main goal of this fire station proposal is to create a decent background for the local unit of volunteer firefighters. The building has all the necessary facilities for the members of the unit, namely a clean and unclean dressing room, hygienic facilities, social facilities, an office, social and meeting room, facilities for the maintenance of fire equipment and fire equipment, storage areas, a garage for two fire engines. Movement between individual floors is ensured by a double-arm staircase or an elevator. The social hall is designed for 54 guests. The material solution of the armory itself is structured into two prismatic blocks of different heights: a one-story block of the indoor garage with a tower for drying hoses, and a two-story building block.
Multifunctional building
Teichmannová, Michaela ; Spáčil, Miroslav (referee) ; Brukner, Bohuslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the project of the new construction of a multi-functional house on a plot of land in Husova street near CAN in the wider center of the city Pilsen. The house is designed as an object for commercial use and housing with social apartments and as part of the newly proposed block on Emil Škoda Square, for which an urban planning study was prepared. With regard to the existing building, which will be preserved, the house is designed to have 4 above ground floors and 1 underground floor. In total, the house has 5 non-residential units for commercial use and 18 residential units. The building's technical facilities, collective garage and cellars for apartment owners are designed on the first underground floor of the building. The non-residential units will be used as commercial spaces for health care and catering with a specific use, i.e. Fit bar, pharmacy, optometry, dental surgery and medical rehabilitation and are designed in a 1st floor building. All residential units are designed in 2 to 4 floors.
Vila - apartment house
Selivorstov, Pavlo ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis follows up on the studio assignment from the second year of the bachelor's study. This is a villa building in the Brno-Líšeň district. The plot is located on its outskirts near the Marian Valley. During the design, it was necessary to take into account the specific northern slope of the plot, and therefore make the most of a small amount of natural light. The location of the villa completed the corner of Ondráčková Street with Zlámanky Street. The proposed building contains three floors. Parking is provided outdoors on a paved area. The proposal contains the Documentation for the construction and the Documentation for the building permit. Viladům contains a total of thirteen housing units. Ten units are flats 3 + kk and three 1 + kk. These can also serve as an apartment or studio. The villas are designed from the Porotherm system, supplemented by reinforced concrete structures. The material solution is very simple and clean. The facade has white plaster, windows wooden shutters that open horizontally. The slope of the land is used for roads and a garden, which is located in the southern part of the land, where the stairs lead. The aim of the work was to design modern housing on the outskirts of Brno-Líšeň.
Šeps, Daniel ; Machová, Petra (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of a free-standing veterinary clinic building in Nová Paka, in the form of project documentation for the construction. The building of the veterinary clinic consists of 3 rectangles forming a Z-shape, where the entrance to the building of the veterinary clinic, its operational and administrative part is located in the eastern part. In the western rectangle there is a separate and operationally separate entrance to the apartment unit, which is located on the second floor. The entrance to the veterinary clinic building and the housing unit is barrier-free. The building will be located in a slightly sloping terrain (3.49%). The main facade of the building with the entrance to the building is oriented to the southwest. The separate entrance to the apartment unit is from the northeast side. The perimeter masonry consists of the Porotherm system with the ETICS contact thermal insulation system in a thickness of 300 mm and 200 mm ETICS masonry. The internal load-bearing masonry also consists of a Porotoherm masonry system in a thickness of 250 mm. Internal non-load-bearing masonry consisting of the Porotherm system in thicknesses of 115 and 140 mm. The ceiling structure consists of a reinforced concrete slab th. 200 mm. Above the veterinary clinic, the roof area forming the terrace of the housing unit is considered, divided into two parts 1) with a vegetation layer and 2) with a tread layer of concrete paving on the targets. The main waterproofing layer of the flat roof consists of strips of SBS modified asphalt. Above the 2nd floor, a sloping hip roof made of glued wooden trusses is considered, and a sheet metal roofing is considered as the roof covering of the truss roof. The windows are designed with insulating triple glazing. The attic on the flat roof is equipped with an aluminum railing with a vertical bar infill. The building is heated by a gas condensing boiler, the building is also designed forced ventilation
Development of housing construction in the border region
Pazour, Tomáš ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of a selected segment of the real estate market in a specific border locality (CZ-DE-PL). Furthermore, the influences and development that affects the real estate market with a focus on housing construction in the context of regional development. Based on the collected data about available properties and locations, databases are created where properties are divided by type, layout and size. From these databases, the average market prices of real estate are then calculated, that are then compared within the border regions. The prices reflect all the positive and negative properties of buildings and localities that may have an impact on the price of real estates in the surveyed localities. The last part compares the regional development of housing units in border regions.
Apartment building
Kalenda, Lukáš ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the preparation of a selected part of the project documentation for the construction of an apartment building. The aim is to design a suitable layout solution that meets the requirements of modern living. It is necessary to choose a suitable design and material sulution. The apartment is set in a slightly sloping terrain. The building consists of 4 floors and basement. The building is based on foundation strips made of concrete. The vertical load-bearing structures are made of ceramic masonry, in the case of perimeter masonry, the load-bearing structure is supplemented by a contact thermal insulation system. Horizontal load-bearing structures are formed by semi-assembled ceramic ceilings. Roof is designed as a green roof. In the basement of the building there are 5 separate garages, utility room, workroom, carriage house and cellar. In the above-ground part of the building there are 9 housing units of a various layouts and sizes. Part of the bachelor´s thesis is also the assessment of the building in terms of building physics (thermal engineering, acoustics, sunlight and daylight) and also in terms of fire safety.
Apartment building with cafe
Oujezdská, Lenka ; Pobucká, Slávka (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the processing of documents and project documentation in the scope of PCB for an apartment building with a cafe with almost zero energy consumption. The apartment building will be located in the town of Slavkov u Brna, in the Zelnice II district. The project will address the layout of the apartment building, individual apartments and storage space for these apartments. Furthermore, the design of the foundation structure and ceiling structure of individual floors and the calculation of the staircase of individual floors will be processed. The design will also include a flat roof solution, structural composition and fire safety solutions.
Apartment Building in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
Schauer, Petr ; Pilný, Ondřej (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is project documentation for the new construction of an apartment building in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. The solved object is located on the northwestern edge of the city. It is a three-storey non-basement building. On the second and third floors there are seven residential units, sizes 1 + KK and 2 + KK. On the first floor there are four garage spaces with cellars. It includes three separate cellars, utility room, carriage house and cleaning room. It is a brick building made of sand-lime bricks. The construction system is mixed and based on foundation strips. Ceiling structures are designed as monolithic ceiling slabs. The roofing is designed as a single-skin flat roof structure. The building is also equipped with an elevator and wheelchair access. In front of the building there are four outdoor parking spaces, one of which is for people with reduced mobility. Access to the building is possible through paved areas. The whole building is insulated with the ETICS system. Facade colors are designed in shades of white and gray with anthracite fillings of openings.

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