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The influence of green roofs on the price of the building
Honusová, Kateřina ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the effect of green roofs and their impact on the final cost of a family house. First part of the thesis decribes different types of roofs, with a special emphasis on green roofs (including their types, layers, properties). Second part involves multiple types of pricing (house, roofs) and calculations of volumes of buildings. Final part discusses the prices of green roofs and their share in the price of the whole building. Creation of budgets is one of the most precise pricing strategies in civil engineering. Proper estimation of the budget of green roofs therefore played a vital role in developing results section of this bachelor thesis. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the increase in price caused by this eco friendly contruction.
A concept for testing and monitoring of building structures – theoretical case study
Bayer, Jan
A mere comparison of measured and analytical deformations, natural frequencies and mode\nshapes provides us with just a small part of the information contained in the data, especially when component- level damage prevention is needed. The presented analysis studies in detail a few criteria for evaluation of measured data, with the example of simulated plane trusses in respect to the ultimate limit state. It demonstrates the high potential of a systematic approach, while combining several criteria, particularly when using simultaneous strain and deformation measurements, as it documents the proposed Relative Mode Difference (RMD) criterion. On the other hand, the study points out the major limitation of practical applications that is caused by unknown inherent uncertainties of various kinds, providing us with the incentive for further experimental research.
Family house
Studený, Tomáš ; Brezovský, Jindřich (referee) ; Hlavačka, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of bachelor´s thesis is making the plans of family house. The house is situated in the Lipůvka city. There is two floors in the house and there is a flat roof.
Odborná podpora výkonu státní správy na úseku posuzování vlivů na životní prostředí podle zákona ČNR č. 244/1992 Sb.‚ o posuzování vlivů na životní prostředí a vlastního procesu vyhodnocení vlivů na životní prostředí. Část A: Metodika k vyhodnocování vlivů liniových staveb (pozemních komunikací) na životní prostředí
ECO - ENVI – CONSULT, Jičín ; Bajer, Tomáš
Postup při hodnocení vlivů na životní prostředí a obyvatelstvo v přehledné a komplexní podobě. Jsou popsány zdroje potřebných informací, stanoven metodický postup k určení rozsahu a významnosti vlivu a uveden katalog kritérií, které je třeba pro stanovení vlivu vyhodnotit. V závěru je uvedena případová studie aplikace k určení rozsahu a významnosti vlivu na životní prostředí a obyvatelstvo.
Advanced detection methods used for on-site inspections of historic timber structures
Bláha, Jiří ; Drdácký, Miloš ; Kloiber, Michal
Research and evaluation of timber structures used within historic buildings should have consideration for an authentic substance bearing the most of specific heritage values. Modern technologies have brought new tools for a detection of the subsurface biogradation. Among the non-invasive techniques the ultrasonic testing, portable X-ray scanning and thermo-vision belong to most promising ones. There are also sophisticated semidestructive methods like microdrilling or video scope available.
Transformation models for dynamic promblems
Pirner, Miroš
The present paper points out the relationship "load-loadinf effects" of building structures from the point of view of applied calculation models.

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