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Y Soft Campus - the semi-abandoned shooting range area in Brno-Pisarky
Čížová, Gabriela ; Dundáček, Josef (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
The project includes the design of a new campus for Y-Soft Brno. The design is situated on the area of the former shooting range in Brno-Pisárky. This place is in good access to the center of Brno with excellent transport connections to the Brno Grand Circuit and the motorway bypass of the city. The campus is home to Y-Soft, a corporate dining room, guest house, restaurant, sports facilities and other services. The design of the Z-shaped building is situated on the eastern side of the property overlooking the river. The dominating feature of the building is partly covered by a green façade.
Renewal of Old Brno District
Sopoušková, Petra ; Boleslavská, Yvona (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The work deals with the development of the Old Brno District . Old Brno District is currently marked by waiting for the implementation of the land use plan, which should solve the problem of traffic. The implementation, however, will probably take a few decades. I propose to use the period of time before the change of traffic routes and begin a gradual development that will prefigure target form of the district. Well-designed architecture and urbanism is not the only condition for well-functioning city. Therefore, I propose a process which should lead to the target form, but to create social, economic, ecological and aesthetic values independently of it. For this purpose vacant spaces and temporary structures are used.
Brno waterfront - rehabilitation of rivers and their surrounding areas
Vrba, Petr ; Řehák, Filip (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The theme of the diploma thesis "Brno waterfront - rehabilitation of the Brno rivers and their surroundings" is creating an urban proposal in Brno, Zábrdovice, on the eastern waterfront of the Svitava river. The intention is to use the potential of the area and create the possibility of lucrative housing by river with a commercial ground floor, services, leisure time park with a multifunctional playground and easy direct access to the Svitava river. The studied location, has an area of 6.32 hectares andis defined mainly by the Zábrdovická Street and the Svitava River near the former Premonstratensian Monastery, which now serves as a Military Hospital. At present, the location has mainly low-floor industrial buildings with storage and expedition functions. The proposed buildings relate to existing buildings on the east and west banks of the Svitava River. They have the form of four to six storey blocks, which are characteristic for this area. The park connects to the revitalized eastern embankment of the river at the site of a new footbridgethat connects both rive sides and stairs. They provide space formeetings and relaxation, but also serve as a flood control in the event of a water inflow. Along the Svitava River there is a sidewalk with street alleyways and access to the river.
reconstruction of factories
Hnízdilová, Aneta Aya ; Mátl,, Miroslav (referee) ; Moudrý, Ivan (advisor)
The thesis deals with the reconstruction of the existing factory building, which has long been unused - so-called brownfield, for housing and commercial use. On the first above-ground floor, offices will be reconstructed after the reconstruction, with 4 residential units on the second floor.
Town planing study "Zbrojovka"
Glötzerová, Kateřina ; Pech, Zbyněk (referee) ; Herzan, Radovan (advisor)
Master´s thesis deals with the revitalization of the former arms company - Zbrojovka Brno, located in the district Zábrdovice. The area is defined by the river Svitava from west, railway line from east and street Lazaretní from south. The proposal was to convert the ravaged brownfield into functioning city organism which is not widening the problems in its neighborhood, but rather contributing to resolving their solution.
Kuric, Alexander ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
This diploma project focuses on the conversion of a foundry located in the former ČKD machine works in Vysočany. The proposal prioritizes conservation of key industrial heritage values and the presentation of those values to the public. The building is inserted into a proposed new urban structure which is integrated into the wider context of the currently regenerated brownfield.
Y Soft Campus - the semi-abandoned shooting range area in Brno-Pisarky
Žáková, Michaela ; Hýl, Petr (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
This project is located in Brno-Pisarky behind the Anthropos museum and along the Svratka river. This draft involves a residence of the quickly growing company "Y Soft" which has already outgrown its current land. Besides this land there are other companies and service trades located here, such as a grocery store, kindergarten etc., but also living spaces and big sports grounds. The firm itself is divided into more buildings that are connected by an organically shaped hall made of glass.
Rehabilitation Former Jaselsky Barracks Area in Brno
Koláček, Kamil ; Bořecký, Petr (referee) ; Wahla, Ivan (advisor)
The proposal is a Creative incubator, a key building of creative center, which offers space for talented people, graduates and entrepreneurs operating in the creative industries. The idea is to keep these people and bring others to enable them to implement and improve on the professional level. Creative incubator allows linking agents various creative professions such as architecture, design, photography, painting, music, clothing design, advertising, etc.)
New Old Brno Return of living to the city centres
Štancl, Michal ; Ludvíková, Iveta (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The thesis deals in its first part with the urban design of the brownfield site in Brno in the Old Brno district. The analytical part deals with the issue of the zoning of urban plan and the results of the Mendel Square architectural competition. The proposed urban solution is based on a traditional block of flats combined with a solitaire and defines various public spaces. In the second part, the architectural design of a typical block and four multifunctional apartment buildings in it is proposed.
Town planing study "Zbrojovka"
Šírek, Michal ; Pech, Zbyněk (referee) ; Herzan, Radovan (advisor)
Master’s thesis addresses the problem of one of the largest brownfields in Brno, site of the former weapons factory, Zbrojovka Brno. The resulting solution is the revitalization of the area into an attractive urban structure offering a variety of spaces for self fulfillment of various groups of people represented by permanent residents, as well as temporary visitors. From the urban point of view the area is divided into a quiet zone along the banks of the river Svitava designated for housing, recreation and relaxation, the central part of mixed areas for trade, services and housing, and the administrative section along the railway line separating the living area from noise emiting railway. From an architectural point of view there is a symbiotic combination of the historical legacy of industrial buildings with contemporary concept of modern architecture into one functional unit.

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