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Production of Multilayer PCB
Janda, Ondřej ; Zatloukal, Miroslav (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis introduces the problematics of multilayer printed circuit boards. Theoretical part is focused on materials used for production of multilayer PCB and their parameters. At the same time, it focuses on the pressing process of multi-layered PCB, the types of presses used and their advantages and disadvantages. Practical part describes the methodology and testing of the PCB to identify the reliability of chosen electrical parameters. Testing is aimed to simulate thermal stress during machine soldering and during thermal stress in the target environment.
A comparison of different types of epoxy adhesives
Mihulka, Jan ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is focused on a bonding technology. The first part describes the theory of the bonding and it is discussed the main areas of this technology. The experimental part deals with the comparison of four two-component epoxy adhesives in terms of shear strength. For the experiment it had been selected adhesives: Bison Epoxy Universal, Pattex Repair Epoxy Ultra Strong 5 min, Ergo 7430 and Letoxit LH 232. After performing the experiment, it was shown that Bison Epoxy Universal and Pattex Repair Epoxy Ultra Strong 5 min achieved the strengths stated in the datasheet. The strengths of Ergo 7430 and Letoxit LH 232 adhesives was lower than stated in their technological products, thefore, did not meet our expectations. The reason for not achieving the declared strength was probably poor dosing or insufficient mixing of ingredients.
Rationalization of the production line
Straka, Jiří ; Štipčák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This masters thesis optimises production of the step plates (which are parts of the sliding steps systems used in tramways, subways, hi-speed trains etc.) to increase the production rate to meet customers demand. The purpose of the work was reached by detailed analysis of the production process followed by evaluation of the results which led to the list of the possible solutions. The solution with the greatest time improvement was chosen and explained in detail.
Influence of the psychosomatic situation of mothers in pregnancy on the prenatal development of the child and condition of newborn after delivery
Pregnancy is a period full of changes. The perception of life values by the woman and her partner are varied, changes in the life style are encountered and their roles in the life are also altered. The pregnant woman feels that nothing will be like before. She is very sensitive and also easily vulnerable. Contrastingly to the routine prenatal care, prenatal psychology searches for answering questions what the feelings in the pregnancy are in terms of the psychosocial situation, and what the impacts of this course on the newborn condition after the delivery are. The scope of the work is aimed at the importance and forms of the prenatal attachment, course and its impact on the newborn. The targets of the Diploma Work entitled "Effects of the psychosomatic situation of pregnant women on the child prenatal development" are as follows: 1) to assess the pregnant woman psychosomatic situation, 2) to evaluate the influence of psychosomatic situation on prenatal development of child 3) to determine the measure of the pregnant woman (dis)comfort throughout three trimesters and 4) to evaluate the newborn condition after the delivery. Thirty pregnant women were addressed. Fifteen women reflected on the proposal and agreed with completing an anonymous standardized scale. The respondents were contacted within a period of February 2017 to February 2018. The research sample group included the women and their newborns. The choice was intentional. The women completed the Freybergh scale, which is focused on monitoring the psychosocial situation of pregnant women. It comprised 70 questions divided into seven categories. They were answered through the mediation of a compiled web reference at The statistically processed results indicated the measure of the deprivationof pregnant women in particular trimesters and condition of the newborn after the delivery based on the pregnancy experienced. The Atlas programme was employed for the qualitative research to develop an anchored statement. From the sample group of 15 women and their 405 answers, 2% of answers were recorded corresponding to an intermediate degree of deprivation. Every respondent suffered frommild deprivation. The results of the present study will find their applications particularly to branches of prenatal psychology and gynaecology. They will serve as pilot results for a CEP project planned.
Bonding of composite materials
Drkoš, Jan ; Molliková, Eva (referee) ; Němec, Karel (advisor)
The thesis deals with the analysis of the bonding of composite materials and the subsequent selection of adhesive for the specified glued joint consisting of two pieces of carbon composites. The thesis summarizes the theory of composite materials and then explains in more detail the theory of bonding together with the subsequent testing of glued joint. Another part of the thesis focuses on the market research in the field of available and suitable adhesives and the subsequent selection of the new adhesive for the glued joint, on which the epoxy adhesive was previously used. In this part, glued joints with two pre-selected adhesives were tested and then a conclusion was drawn for the selection of the most suitable adhesive.
Early contact mothers and newborns at birth by cesarean section
The bachelor thesis Early contact mothers and newborns at birth by cesarean section divided to theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part focuses on caesarean section, it´s definition and reason of increasing numbers of them. The second chapter is aimed on influence of caesarean section on child and psychological aspects of woman, which is often happening with separation of child. Another chapter focuses on principles of looking after the new-born and doctor´s impropriate language in communication with parents. The fourth chapter focuses on contact of mother and newborn. There is the part about imprinting, embedding picture of mother to newborn´s subconscious. Another topic is attachment, as an emotional relationship with child. Bonding is more described in the next chapters. There are descriptions of bonding´s benefits for child or how it comes after caesarean section. The last theoretical part is focused on separation, therefore what are the consequences affecting child after separation. Research focuses on two objectives, which are related to early contact mother and newborn after caesarean section. The first one is aimed on fulfilling requirements of child and mother contact after the caesarean section. It focuses on cases when contact with mother and child is allowed after the section and how it goes. The other objective deals with problems encountered in hospital facilities in relation to fulfilling of mother´s and child´s bond. There is the description of their contacting problems and what can be done to improve. Research question focuses on realisation of mother and newborn contact after caesarean section in a practical way. Qualitative research was used to gathering data. Methods are technique of half-structured dialogue and method of questioning. As a set of researched subjects were used women in lying-in phase after caesarean section within 48-96 hours. As the result of research came up that some women can´t remember how the first contact with child went, because of sedatives. Other women remember that moment, but they regret that they were given newborn afterward in hospital room. Women usually undergo complete anaesthesia during the caesarean section. Only two respondents from all eleven underwent a nerve block. Some of the rest would take the nerve block as possibility, but without enough information they have chosen the complete anaesthesia. It´s possible that women after complete anaesthesia can remember nothing from the first contact with newborn. Separation is also happening, because of bringing the child only at the time of feeding. We can say that nerve block is more plausible path which prevents unwanted separation and it is more sensitive for newborn. It is possible to put newborn on body of mother, who undergoes nerve blocking, right in operation room to create biological relation with mother, thus bonding. The most important is well-timed education in possibilities of anaesthesia, especially of nerve blocking. This education should be made by professional anaesthesiologists and obstetricians.
Analysis of Infant Mass Effect according to IAIM methodology
This diploma thesis deals with infant massage and its associated effects. The work has been carried out through a qualitative method through a case study which monitors the close interaction between a child and their parent. The theoretical part contains information about the International Infant Massage Association, whose method of massage we have used to carry out this work. We also focus on the prenatal, perinatal and postnatal period in the research; both in terms of physiological development of the child under one year and in terms of the future mother. As for the mother, we are also concerned with their physical activity during pregnancy and after birth. We explain how important the actual touch is in a massage and discuss how the massage affects the baby and the technique used. The synthetic part contains individual case reports, evaluation. In conclusion, all participating mothers evaluate the IAIM methodology positively.
Quality of Life in Patiens with Rosacea
Sehnalová, Lenka ; Javůrková, Alena (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
The aim of my work is to judge the quality of life of the patients with rosacea. I also mean to create an overview on the condition and the quality of life of its sufferers from the newest resources. This thesis also proposes to find out the level of impact attachments in adulthood and the rearing methods of the parents in the formative years up to the age of 16 can have on the quality of life and subsequent health of the patients. To do this, I shall prepare and assign a questionnaire and consequently compare and interpret the discovered information with a group of peaple not afflicted with the diseases.
The relation between the early mother-child contact after birth and the subjective perception of their relationship
Kolumpková, Michaela ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Takács, Lea (referee)
This work observes the relation between mother-child early contact immediately after birth and emotional tune of mothers in relation to their child. The theoretical part deals with the situation of labor, further development after birth, with an emphasis on very early contact and ways to establish the relationship between a mother and a child. In the end of the theoretical part, the quality of the relationship between a mother and a child and the interactions between them is described. The empirical part examines if the early contact immediately after birth or a general contact between mothers and babies in the hospital, influence emotional tune of a mother to her child. The research was based on interviews with mothers who were describing their child. It was assumed that the emotional tune of mothers is associated with the choice of adjectives describing their child or the whole situation. However, research does not show a significant relation of early contact and emotional tune of a mother to her child. Based on the research results, the conclusion is that the immediate early contact after birth does not have a significant effect on the quality of the relationship between a mother and her child.
Mother-infant bonding - a historical comparison
Slezáková, Zdeňka ; Dudová, Radka (advisor) ; Šmídová, Olga (referee)
Bonding is an emotional and biological process that creates a bond between a mother and her child and is among others important for easier breastfeeding, faster recovery of the mother etc. It is important to support it by an early contact between the mother and her newborn child. The diploma thesis aims to compare the discourse regarding mother-infant bonding and its support in our country around the year of 1980, when the rooming-in system appears, up to the present, with the milestone between 1998 and 2000, when the Centre of Active Birth was established as a result of changes in birth care that occurred then and which started to offer a different kind of care from the model that was known and used in the Czech Republic at that time. Emphasis will be put on the development of the discourse, changes in birth and after-birth care it has brought and changes of its participants and the role which women have as receivers of care. The theoretic part introduces the relatively little-known term 'bonding' and its support from the biological and social points of view, then discourse analysis will be applied in the methodological and experimental parts of the thesis. Analysed materials included media communication both in printed and electronic forms available at each analysed period. Keywords:...

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