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Potenciál obnovitelných zdrojů na území České republiky ve vztahu k požadavkům Evropské unie
Paluda, Roman
This diploma thesis deals with the relation between the requirements of the European Union for the increase of the share of renewable sources in the energy mix with an emphasis on electricity and the available potential on the territory of the Czech Republic. The energy of water, wind, biomass, solar and geothermal was analyzed in detail. The technological, natural and legislative aspects were assessed. For each of the renewable sources (RES) studied the maximum achievable RES potential was set. On the basis of the facts, the Czech Republic's potential for RES is evaluated, the EU policy in this area is evaluated and several recommendations are made on how to better integrate renewable sources not only in the electricity sector but also in the energy mix in general.
Biomass estimation of European beech stands
Veselský, Marek
Forest ecosystems plays an important role in the global carbon cycle of carbon sinks of terrestrial ecosystem. Carbon sequestered or stored in forest trees is mostly referred to as the biomass of tree, site or forest. This diploma thesis deals with biomass estimation of European beech stands at the Holíkov (the Drahanská vrchovina Highlands) and Štítná nad Vláří (the Bílé Karpaty Mts.) study sites in the Czech Republic. Study was conducted in the period of 2010 to 2015. 65 allometric equations were tested for the purpose of determining the most suitable candidate for the estimation of aboveground and belowground biomass of stands and of all the major tree compartments. It is obvious from the results that the allometric equations performed very differently from each other. It was also found, based on the obtained results, that the most suitable allometric equations for the study sites are by Vejpustková et al. 2013 and Wutzler et al. 2008.
Vliv porostní struktury a druhové skladby na produkci dřevní biomasy výmladků v nízkém a středním lese
Procházka, Martin
In the last century, many coppice forests were transformed into high forests. Nowadays we can see the increase of interest in coppice forests and their management for wood production and nature conservation. The aim of this thesis was to provide the data from the experimental plot TARMAG Hády where the high forest was transformed into the coppice and coppice with standards. The goal was to study the sprouting capacity of different woody species and the production of biomass in those species. It was studying the dependence of biomass production on wood species. It was also surveyed if the number of standards affected the production of biomass. The research plot was measured twice, in 2014 and 2016. Biomass for each stump with sprouts in 2016 was found. The results of the experiment show that the woody biomass was affected by stand basal area previous forest stand. The biomass production was affected by the number of standards. The biggest production of biomass per individual was found in Tilia sp. Implementation of selective thinning is not necessary.
Hodnocení provozu kotle na biomasu z pohledu emisí
Zbojková, Monika
This thesis is aimed to evaluate the biomass combustion boiler service in the emission point of view. There is summarized description and features of biomass energy utilizati-on in termochemical transformations as well as in-the-house use within solving of advantages and disadvantages. In theory part the biomass boiler distribution is descri-bed. The practical part is aimed to monitor and evaluate service modes of biomass boiler in the way of energetic use, individual polutant monitoring especially in the human health and air protection. In the conclusion the municipality use is mentioned.
Stroje a strojní linky pro zpracovní dřevního odpadu - štěpkovače
Vaněk, Martin
Thesis describes machines and mechanical lines for the processing of wood waste - chippers. The teoretical part reports about chippers and their ulitization. Thesis introduces basic division of chippers with presentation of basic types of crushing devices. Czech and foreign producers are presented with their produced types of machines. At the end of the teoretical part are described individually machines and machinal lines with complete work process. This process is used for felling and following disposal of wood mass in wood lands and in cities. In the practical part thesis compares desinged machine sets in field laboratory mensuration. Measured values were compared. Costs and economical aspects of the compared machine lines are quantified in the end.
Rozvoj alternativních pohonů a paliv osobních automobilů ve světě a ČR
Pukl, Zdeněk
The bachelor thesis is focused on alternative drives and fuels in automobiles. The first part of the thesis contains theoretical distribution of alternative fuels and drives focusing on fuels made from biomass. Further the work is focused on construction of modifed vehicles with combustion engines, construction of hybrid cars and electric vehicles. The last part of the thesis is a technical, economical and legislative comparison.
Využití energie biomasy
Holík, Pavel
This bachelor thesis was written as part of the Bachelor studies at the Faculty of AgriSciences Mendel University in Brno. It deals with the literary solution of the use of energy from biomass. This thesis provides the fundamental summary of energy crops used for energetic processing in the Czech Republic. The selected kinds of biomass are described in detail from their source to the energy production. The technologies of the thermochemical transformations of biomass for energetic purposes and their impact on the environment are closely explained, too. Furthermore, the basic alternatives for home heating and their operational conditions in the future years are described in this Bachelor thesis.
Rozšíření, pěstování, sklizeň a zpracování moringy v jižní Etiopii
Holešová, Natálie
The bachelor thesis deals with the distribution, cultivation, harvesting and processing of the genus Moringa in Southern Ethiopia. The field research took place in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region. The fresh leaf biomass of the sample trees was measured in the Chano Dorga village (Arba Minch vicinity) and the following research took place in the laboratory where the water and the dry mass content was estimated. The old monumental trees in Konso were located and measured. According to the knowledge and experiences of the local people the traditional way of cultivation, harvest, and processing was obtained.
Vztah vybraných dendrometrických parametrů dřevin k jejich poškozování bobrem evropským na polesí Tvrdonice
Ejemová, Tereza
The bachelor thesis deals with food ecology of European beaver (Castor fiber) in the the wooded area of Tvrdonice. It examines quantity and quality of usable biomass in the non-growing season, when beavers feed on bark and phloem of woody plants. The main wood species that were studied are: poplar (Populus sp.), willow (Salix sp.), oak (Quercus sp.) and elder (Sambucus sp.). The basis of the methodology is collection enough of woody species and laboratory measurement of volume, weight and content of crude protein in usable biomass. The result is a comparison of biomass in individual trees and determination of their nutritional quality.
Růst a prosperita výsadeb douglasky tisolisté na Opočensku
Matějka, Ondřej
The aim of this diploma thesis is to assess the growth potential of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii / Mirbel / Franco) compared to other agricultural tree species of the Czech Republic. Data collection took place on the plots located in the forests of Kristina Colloredo-Mansfeld's property in Opočensko. There were 2 areas where douglas were grown in various mixtures with pine, spruce, oak and beech. By evaluating the results for 5 years of observation, it was found that Douglas already has a demonstrably faster growth rate in the early stage of growth, and in some cases has 2.5 times higher production potential than most of our agricultural tree species. The benefit of this work is to demonstrate the potential production capacities of douglas and their positive benefits to our forestry, including resilience and ability to adapt to current climate change.

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