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Analýza internetového bankovnictví a návrhy na jeho zlepšení
Zelenská, Zuzana
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the weaknesses of the internet banking of selected three banks and to propose recommendations for its improvement. The first part of the thesis focuses on the historical development of internet banking, its security and other studies dealing with the same issues. In addition, there are methods for selecting banks under examination, ways of measuring satisfaction and evaluation criteria. In the second part, the analysis of the three banks is car-ried out and the analysis of their clients' satisfaction based on the evaluation of the questionnaire survey. Consequently, a discussion is unfolding, summarizing the findings and giving recommendations for selected banks.
Dopady vstupu ČR do Evropské unie na faktory ovlivňující  bankovní sektor
Prokop, Ondřej
Prokop, O., Impacts of the Czech Republic's join to the European Union on factors affecting the banking sector. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. Diploma thesis is focused on Impacts of the Czech Republic's join to the European Union on factors affecting the banking sector. The attention is focused on factors affecting provided services to clients of the banking sector. The time series are analysed by testing structural breaks. The growth rates of this time series and changes are also analysed. For example, in this thesis are analysed this time se-ries: profits, number of employees, distribution networks, amount of loans or amount of deposits. The issue of deposits and loans is further analysed in detail, for example on a time, sector or specific basis.
Comparison of current accounts on bank charges
Drbalová, Klára ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Houšková, Lenka (referee)
In the theoretical part will be devoted to banking in the Czech republic and current account as the product and services related. The practical part will focus on selection of several bank institutions and description their range of accounts. Tree segments of client will be selected and determined standardized hypothetical client in selected segments. Aim of the thesis is comparison of fees and charges of the bank institutions and determination of the best option.
The analysis of system of payment and bank services in the Czech republic
The bachelor thesis is orientated on a system of payments. We all meet with it every day. It is resource of revenues of every bank. Its transaction together with emission of credit money is one of principal functions of banks. The first part of bachelor thesis is orientated on the characteristics of a system of payments. The second part of bachelor thesis is orientated on the analysis bank charges of payment services in terms of an account. For detection where is more or less advantegeous opening an account for a client there are compared the average month charges among nine banks.
The protection of a consumer during the providing of banking services in the Czech Republic
Haasová, Eva ; Půlpánová, Stanislava (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis describes and analyses the protection of a bank client. In the beginning I discuss the necessity of the institution of consumer's protection define the basic terms and describe the structure of the system of consumer's protection. Then, I depict the basic elements of the consumer's protection, the requirements to banks, the duty to provide information, the protection of personal data, the bank secret and the deposit insurance. After these I concentrate on the analysis of the protection in the area of payments system and consumer lending. In the end I diverge the protection on the active and the passive.
The possibilities for improving of the quality of banking services
Skrčená, Lucie ; Hůlová, Marie (advisor) ; Mrkvička, Aleš (referee)
The bachelor thesis describes the quality of banking services. The main aim of thesis is to find out how specific bank institution satisfies demands of clients. On basis of made analysis in a form of a questionnaire the deficiences are identified and consequently the ways leading to the improvement of banking services are fixed.
Mobile banking in the Czech Republic and in the world and it's development
Hawlová, Kateřina ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
The thesis focuses on banking in general. To be more precise this thesis aims to discover mobile banking and its future potential in the Czech Republic. The first chapter describes principles on which m-banking is working on and its security methods these technologies are using for communication between banks and clients. Second part of the research investigates current situation on the market and its preparedness to move further to become comparable to e-banking. To discover current situation, banks that are part of the biggest financial groups from the Czech Republic and abroad were chosen. This thesis embodies complex picture of services m-banking supports together with quality check of services provided.
Comparison of Bank Services in Czech Republic and United States
Ťopková, Alena ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
The Diploma thesis deals with two different banking systems. The first and second chapter have theoretical character and talk about marketing in services and changes in today's global banking world.The third chapter gains both from theoretical and practical knowledge and describes banking system in Czech republic and USA. The most important chapters are the 4th, 5th and 6th. They include bank services analyse, fee politics, type of distribution, and communication with clients. The result is mostly in comparison of the value and convenience for the client.
Consumer protection in area of banking services
Vidláková, Petra ; Horová, Olga (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis analyses contractual relations between bank clients and banks with detailed focusing on discretions and duties with regard to type of banking products, and also identifies potential risks rising from contractual relations. Based on conclusions formed in theoretical and praktical part of the thesis it forms general recommendations and summary view on comsumer protection in area of banking services.

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