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Unification of Subject Description of Aggregated Records in National Repository of Grey Literature
Charvátová, Michaela ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Kučerová, Helena (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on subject description unification methods in records aggregated from different sources in digital repositories, using the example of the National Repository of Grey Literature (NRGL). After presenting experiences with systems BASE and LASSO abroad, I describe the current situation in NRGL, where the automatic indexing is used to assign each record a unified subject heading from the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System (PSSHS). The thesis then presents how the MeSH thesaurus and Conspectus categorization scheme were mapped to PSSHS. These mappings were then applied to records from the National Medical Library. The aim of the experiment was to compare the subject description consisting of PSSHS subject headings created by automatic indexing, and the subject description created by mapping. In addition to that I explore the possibilities of mapping author keywords in records of academic theses. Powered by TCPDF (
A design of automatically indexed milling head
Drha, Vojtěch ; Kočiš, Petr (referee) ; Tůma, Jiří (advisor)
The content of the bachelor thesis is to design dual-axis milling head with automatic indexing. The first part focuses on research in the areas of technology, milling, drilling machines and milling heads. The second part includes the choice of technical parameters of the milling head, construction design and basic calculations.
The Automatic indexing of Grey Literature by Subject Headings of the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System
Kocourek, Pavel
The contribution is devoted to the automatic indexing of grey literature by subject headings of the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System in the National repository of grey literature. The paper describes the initial situation, previous experience, analysis, stages of implementation and demonstration of indexing.
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Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System as a cooperation tool
Kožuchová, Kristýna
Prezentace popisuje tři okruhy, ve kterých PSH vystupuje jako nástroj spolupráce. V prvním případě se jedná o spolupráci referátu PSH s Wikipedií založenou na vzájemném linkování PSH a článků a kategorií ve Wikipedii. Druhou oblastí je spolupráce referátu PSH s Univerzitou Pardubice, kde se PSH používá k indexaci odborných profilů vědecko-výzkumných pracovníků univerzity. Třetí část prezentace se zaměřuje na popis rozhraní pro automatickou indexaci dokumentů s hesly PSH.
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How to automatically index documents with Polythematic Structured Subject Headings System
Mynarz, Jindřich ; Škuta, Ctibor ; Müller, Tomáš
Přednáška se věnuje otázce, jak automaticky přiřadit dokumentům hesla Polytematického strukturovaného hesláře (PSH).
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Integration of an Automatic Indexing System within the Document Flow of a Grey Literature Repository
Mynarz, Jindrich ; Škuta, Ctibor
The Web empowered the authors of grey literature to publish their work on their own. In case of self-published works their author is also their indexer. And because not many of the grey literature authors are professional indexers, this may result in poor or no indexing. Even though the Web made publishing easier, indexing is still hard. Nevertheless, we believe that the web technologies and machine learning algorithms may help to reduce the cognitive overhead involved in indexing, and make it eventually as easy as publishing on the Web is.
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