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Follow-up education and care for people with low function autism
Sedláčková, Dorota ; Ulrichová, Monika (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled Follow-up education and care for people with low-function autism deals with the issue of autism spectrum disorders and the possibilities of placement or employment of specific people with this diagnosis after completing compulsory schooling. The work consists of two main parts. This is a theoretical part, which explains the basic concepts of autism spectrum disorders using the literature. It also deals with a historical overview, possible causes of PAS, diagnostic criteria and classification. It also deals with the education system in the Czech Republic and the possibilities of people with ASD in the field of education. Last but not least, it discusses the types of aftercare and the possibilities of people with autism spectrum disorders in the field of housing or employment. The second part of the bachelor's thesis is the practical part, which uses case studies to demonstrate and compare the possibilities of individual people with a diagnosis of autism after compulsory schooling and points to unbalanced conditions of one diagnosis, but different abilities.
Didactic interaction in swimming lessons for children with autism spectrum disorders
Nováková, Linda ; Hubená, Kristýna (advisor) ; Zenáhlík, Aleš (referee)
Title: Didactic interaction in swimming lessons for children with autism spectrum disorders Objectives: The goal of this bachelor's thesis was to describe and analyze the interaction profile of two instructors (a begginer in comparison with a senior instructor with many years of experience), leading a swimming lesson for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and in doing so, to contribute to the objectification of the conceptions about didactic interaction in aquatic motion lessons for children with ASD. Methods: The entire research was carried out in combination of both kvalitative and kvantitave methods. The observation was made during direct attendance of children with autism spectrum disorders at swimming lessons. Videorecords were made from two of these lessons. The videorecords were analysed by an unbiased observation. Subsequent coding of each individual swimming lesson was made with the method of modified analysis of didactic interaction (MADI). Results: From the research results it is apparent, that from the behavioral patterns, intructions prevailed for both instructors. Second most frequent subcategory for instructor 01 was correction, and for instructor 02 reception. The most used form of expresion for both instructors was speech and speech with body movements. From the...
Contribution of individually created educational materials for pupils with ASD
Plachá, Lenka ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Korandová, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis is in the field of special pedagogy and deals with the benefits of individually created educational materials for students with ASD. The theoretical part defines the issues of autism spectrum disorders, diagnosis and etiology. One of the sections of the first chapter describes associated disorders such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and food intake. These problems often occur in children with low- functioning autism and mental disabilities. Furthermore, this part of the work deals with the education of pupils with ASD with associated mental disabilities and impaired communication skills according to the Education Act, and the possibilities of medication of these pupils to eliminate demanding behavior. The practical part is focused on expanding the vocabulary by the method of global reading using structured and visualized educational materials, which we create for students to suit their needs. Motivation is also an important factor, which is why we use motifs from the areas of children's interests in the materials. The aim is to understand students' new concepts and improve their communication skills, which makes it easier for them to understand social situations and this in turn leads to the elimination of challenging behavior and increase the quality...
Speech and language therapy in persons with an autistic spectrum disorder
Říhová, Alena
The dissertation deals with the issues of speech intervention for the people suffering autistic disorders in the Czech Republic, and is divided in two main chapters - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part sums up the current information related to the terminology, symptomatology, etiology, diagnostics and special-education or therapeutic approach to the individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Due to the orientation of this paper we are taking closer look at the specific features of impaired communication abilities of the selected clientele. The practical part aims at both the analysis of the current situation of speech therapy provided in the Czech Republic and the supply of comprehensive information (recommendations) for its implementation with the people suffering from autistic disorders. Questionnaire was selected as the main method to analyze the speech therapy provided, distributed to three homogenous groups of respondents (clinical speech therapists, special education teachers and parents of the children with autism spectrum disorder). The main objective of the step was to collect feedback related to the subject issues from three different points of view. The second chapter of this paper is divided into specific parts dealing e.g. with the issue of establishing contact with a...
Social inclusion and employment of adults with Asperger syndrome
Píchová, Kateřina ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The topic of this work is "Social inclusion and employment of adults with Asperger syndrome". The thesis aims to present the specifics of social inclusion and employment of adults with Asperger syndrome. In the theoretical part of the work, a reader is acquainted with the term Asperger syndrome, with the development of expert terminology, symptoms, diagnosis and prevalence. Then a reader is acquainted with the social position of adults with this syndrome, specifically with a person with Asperger syndrome in the role of a friend, a partner and a parent. Subsequently, the work deals with the employment of adults with Asperger syndrome. The theoretical part describes training and positive work characteristics of these people, but also difficulties that these people may have in the work process. The conclusion of the theoretical part outlines supported employment of the people with Asperger syndrome, sheltered workshops and occupational rehabilitation. The practical part of this work contains an interpretation of the quantitative research, which was conducted by means of an online questionnaire survey. The research has shown that people with Asperger's syndrome have had difficulty in finding employment in most cases. The vast majority of people with Asperger's syndrome live in a partnership and almost...
Specific of selected approaches in pre-shcool education of children with autism spectrum
Strýčková, Karolína ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Zulić, Marija (referee)
The presented masters thesis deals with selected educational approaches that are used in preschool children with autism spectrum disorder. The theoretical part defines the broad concept of autism, the role of preschool education, and describes methods of work with autistic children of the given age. It also explains the basic characteristics of the Son-Rise program, Applied Behavioral Analysis and TEACCH. In the empiric part within the qualitative research survey, the thesis aims to obtain an overview of the views of teachers focused on the advantages and disadvantages of selected methods. KEYWORDS autism spectrum disorders, TEACCH, Son-Rise program, applied behavior analysis, educational approaches, autism, preschool education
Autism spectrum disorderčs in the education system of the secondary nursing schools
Niederlová, Veronika ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by deficits in the areas of communication and social interaction, stereotypic behaviour and changes in the sensory processing. These symptoms pose challenges to everyday situations such as visits to the doctor's office, which are more stressful for children with ASD and their parents than for the general population. Furthermore, more than one-third of parents have encountered refusal to provide medical care for their child because of ASD. In our diploma project, we combined the parent's reports with an analysis of international sources to create a project called AutFriendly which aims to increase the knowledge of the Czech healthcare practitioners about ASD. In the presented thesis, we summarize the theoretical background in the field of healthcare provision for people with ASD and we review current Czech and international literature to show how the topic of ASD is addressed in the education of healthcare practitioners. In the practical part of the thesis, we summarize our two-year experience with the AutFriendly project. First, we created a two- hour AutFriendly workshop for the students of secondary schools of nursing and we put it into practice with more than 250 participating students of the Czech secondary schools of nursing. Second, we...

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