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Variabilita polymorfizmu v genu FABP3 a jeho asociace s ukazateli kvality masa u prasat
Boleslavová, Štěpánka
The aim of the study was to study the variability of the gene in the population FABP3 pig breed Czech large white. Analyze their association with indicators of pork production. Gene FABP3 belonging to multigene families FABP (fatty acid binding proteins affecting the transport of long chain fatty acids). Analyzed polymorphism was at position X98558:g.1321G>C in the 5'UTR region. The relative frequencies of genotypes were: HH = 0,87, Hh = 0,13. hh genotype was not detected in the monitored individuals. The values of the relative frequencies of alleles were as follows: H = 0,93 h = 0,07. Based on the association analysis showed a statistically significant difference between genotypes for stearic acid and linoleic acid. Highly statistically significant difference was observed with palmitic acid.
The Creative Work with Association in Experimental Art Activities at 1. Grade of Primary School
SIMEK, Tomáš
The topic of the thesis is the use of association in art activities at the 1st grade of primary school. The content of the theoretical part provides an insight into association from the point of view of psychology and the use of association in art. The thesis also discusses art movements and artists who have either consciously or unconsciously used association in their works. It is also conveniently followed by a search of methodological resources that describe the work with association in art activities at the first level of primary school. The practical part is then devoted to the realization and reflection of the art series inspired by the mentioned authors and techniques.
Semantic relations applied in the Codenames board game
The aim of the thesis is to identify sense relations on the basis of associations that were used in the Codenames board game. First, I will describe the rules of the game and focus on the brief explanation of the crucial terms like the meaning of words and idealized cognitive models (ICM). This is followed by the characterization of sense relations, their theoretical background, and respective examples. Furthermore, I will quantify them and evaluate the tendencies of their usage. To conclude, I summarize the success rate of the sense relations.
Self-assemblies based on hydrophilic polymers in aqueous media
Fanova, Anastasiia ; Štěpánek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Pánek, Jiří (referee) ; Angelov, Borislav (referee)
This doctoral thesis is devoted to investigation of self-assemblies based on hydrophilic polymers (both homopolymers and block copolymers) in aqueous media. Specifically, we focused on two classes of systems: (i) hydrophilic polymers whose self-assembly in aqueous solutions is driven by association of terminal hydrophobic groups and (ii) double hydrophilic block polyelectrolytes whose self-assembly occurs via electrostatic complexation of polyelectrolyte blocks. For characterization of formed assemblies, we mostly used different scattering techniques (light scattering, small-angle X-ray scattering) in a combination with a number of supplementary methods including microscopy, fluorometry and calorimetry. Keywords: hydrophilic polymers, block copolymers, association, self-assembly, micelles, scattering
Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles formed by polymer-surfactant complexes
Dvořák, Filip ; Štěpánek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Netopilík, Miloš (referee)
In this work, copolymers of celulose-g-polystyrene (cel-PS) and celulose-g- poly(methylmetacrylate) (cel-PMMA) were characterized using static and dynamic light scattering, transmission electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Preparation of nanoparticles of these hydrophobic copolymers in aqueous solution was further studied, by means of precipitation from dioxane solutions using water with added low-molar-mass surfactants sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) and dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTMAB). It was shown that the ability of the surfactants to stabilize polymer nanoparticles is driven not only by the hydrophobic effect, but it depends also on specific interactions of the polar group of the surfactant with the surface of the nanoparticles. On the basis of the finding that the efficiency of stabilization of cel-PS copolymers is much higher than in case of linear PS, it can be concluded, that the branched structure of copolymers is favorable for the formation of hydrofobically stabilised polymer-surfactant complexes.
Genetic study of obesity in children
Říhová, Aneta ; Daňková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Novota, Peter (referee)
Obesity is multifactorial dissease. Genetics factors participate in its origin of 40-70% (Barsh et al., 2000). Incidence of obesity is associated with a number of complications, which affect quality of life and abbreviate its length. It is projected in constantly younger age and its prevalence in the world grows. Even though several hundred genetics markers associated with obesity have been described, we still do not know all causes, which complicates efficiancy of treatment. Subject of this study was research of selected genes and their polymorphisms: FABP2 (rs1799883) and PLIN (rs1052700 and rs894160). The aim was to establish association between genotypes and antropometric and biochemical parameters related to obesity in group of 299 children and adolescents aged 7-18 years. Next goal was to establish whether these polymorphisms affect success of reduction therapy. SNP associations with antropometric and/or biochemical parameters were evaluated for boys and girls separately. Observed genotype frequencies between sex did not differ and they were in accordance with those explored in other populations. In rs1799883 polymorphism neither association with measured anthropometric and biochemical parameters nor effect on weight loss during reduction therapy have been found. The TT homozygote subjects of...
Conception of an Object as a Complex of Perceptions in David Hume's Philosophy
Fršlínek, Jan ; Hill, James (advisor) ; Palkoska, Jan (referee)
Práce pojednává o objektu (jakožto komplexu percepcí) a s daným tématem souvisejícími otázkami v kontextu filosofie Davida Huma, jak je obsažena především v první knize jeho díla Treatise of Human Nature a rovněž s přihlédnutím k dílům Enquiry Concerning Human Undestanding a An Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature a dalším titulům primární a sekundární literatury. Tematizováno je v tomto kontextu tedy nejprve Humovo pojetí percepcí jako takové (a to na základě první kapitoly Treatisu, Of ideas, their origin, composition, connexion, abstraction etc.). Poté je v souvislosti s předchozím pojednáno i o Humově pojetí identity (především objektu-tělesa) a jeho koncepce individuace, resp. i stálosti a koherence. (a to na základě čtvrté kapitoly Of scepticism with regard to senses). Na konci práce jsou kontrastovány různé možné typy objektů, jež lze (dle autora této práce) chápat jako komplexy percepcí a poté je nabídnuto schéma hypotézy o individuaci tzv. materiálních těles (bodies) v prostoru.
Glaucoma - family-based genetic analysis in relation to autoimmunity
Buchtelová, Aneta ; Daňková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Ďuďáková, Ľubica (referee)
Introduction: Recent findings about the pathogenesis of glaucoma have already demonstrated the presence of some specific autoimmune mechanisms. It has also been shown that autoimmune diseases often manifest in co-occurrence, such as celiac disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus or psoriasis. This association can be explained by sharing some of the risk variants of HLA molecules class II. Considering glaucoma an autoimmune disease, the question raises how the glaucoma genetic risk factors affect the phenotype of another autoimmune disease or vice versa, whether genetic risk variants associated for example with celiac disease can affect the glaucoma phenotype. Aims: The aims of this study were to i) identify possible genetic risk markers associated with the development of glaucoma, based on the available literature, and to map their occurrence among members of a three-generation family suffering from glaucoma and multiple autoimmune diseases, ii) find carriers of HLA-DQ2/DQ8 among the members of the same family, iii) verify whether an individual's genotype correlates with his/her phenotype, and iv) determine the potential effect of specific HLA alleles on the glaucoma phenotype. Material and methods: This study used DNA samples derived from 34 members of a three-generation family, in which coeliac...

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