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Metodický pokyn pro postupy rekonstrukce knihoven
Dostálová, Lenka ; Kratochvílová, Monika
Metodika předkládá doporučené postupy a parametry pro optimální průběh rekonstrukce v knihovnách zřizovaných anebo provozovaných obcemi do 40 tis. obyvatel. Knihovny ve větších sídelních místech mohou použít uvedená doporučení přiměřeně, s přihlédnutím k aktuálnímu zaměření knihovny, také k potřebám a možnostem místa.
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Unrealized library buildings - influence of the situation on operation and services
Grillová, Jana ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with unrealised projects of new buildings or refurbishments of libraries in the Czech Republic. It is notionally split into two parts. The theoretical part contains the reasons, why to build library buildings today and actual requierements on these specific kind of buildings. The most important czech and foreign documents on this topic are presented. One specific part is dealing with funding of library high-priced projects and also examples of successfull projects. The main focus of work is a summary of six public libraries focussed on their poor space conditions. After this, gathered data are equated with each other, with recommended values in Standard of Public Information Library Services and with comparable data of libraries placed in new or reconstructed buildings. In conclusion, the author questions subjectively the future of these six libraries. Part of the thesis is also extensive supplement with photos and graphic visualizations of unrealised projects.
The analysis of society attitudes and the access of libraries to the disabled people
Molíková, Barbora ; Fonferová, Ľudmila (advisor) ; Buřilová, Marcela (referee)
This study focuses on disabled users of public libraries. First, general attitude towards physically handicapped people is analyzed on the basis of literature review. Furthermore, past surveys were utilized in order to describe attitudes demonstrated by library staff in particular as well as approach taken by the libraries in order to ease access for disabled users to library services. Analysis is complemented by overview of current projects aimed to improve accessibility of libraries including communication facilities and tools overcoming construction barriers. General principles of barrier-free access to libraries are derived from this overview. The field survey in the second part of this study evaluates accessibility of selected libraries from the point of view of disables users. The sample focused particularly on libraries which have not been reviewed yet. Particular conditions in each library classify the respective institution to the corresponding category of accessibility. Derived knowledge was published on website of Pražská organizace vozíčkářů, o.s. (Prague wheelchair association, NGO).
Construction and reconstruction of university library buildings in the Czech Republic over the period 2000-2010
Grillová, Jana ; Buřilová, Marcela (advisor) ; Kurka, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with structures of university libraries in the Czech Republic. It is notionally split into two parts. The theoretical part contains the views of Faulkner- Brown (architect), Mr. McDonald (Director of Library of the University of East London), PhDr. Ladislav Kurka and Ing. Martin Svoboda on the appearance and properties of the ideal model of university library in terms of architecture and social factors. The practical part at first contains general information about university libraries and their position relative to the legislation in the CR. The main focus of work is a summary of newly constructed or reconstructed buildings of academic libraries in the Czech Republic in the years 2000-2010. Each library is described on the basis of found information or personal visits of the author. The following assessment describes how the above-described libraries are functional and aesthetically well made. There are scetched basic problems with which the buildings face now or may face in the future and how it can be solved. In conclusion, the author questions subjectively the situation of university libraries in the Czech Republic and their near future.
New Library Buildings in Europe: Documentation 2012
Svobodová, Mahulena ; Niederer, Ulrich ; Svoboda, Martin
This book brings together information about the latest, mostly academic library building projects from across Europe. New attractive buildings and huge renovation projects are presented in this tenth volume of the series established by Professor Elmar Mittler (former Director of the State and University Library Göttingen), who was the first chairman of the LIBER Architecture Group. The publication of this book coincides with the 16th LIBER Architecture Group Seminar, which takes place in Prague in April 2012. In addition to hearing about the latest developments in planning and design and offering visits to new library buildings, the Seminar provides an opportunity to debate ideas and meet colleagues from institutions across Europe. We believe that the projects in this book could help you in pursuing your own project.
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