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Assessment of Nutritional Status and Clinical Manifestation in Infants with Allergic Colitic
Weidenthalerová, Edita ; Floriánková, Marcela (advisor) ; Frühauf, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of clinical manifestations in infants with allergic colitis and their overall nutritional status, anthropometry, blood count and antibodies against cow's milk proteins. Allergic colitis is one of the most common manifestations of infant allergy to cow`s milk protein with gastrointestinal involvement. The theoretical part summarizes the anthropometric evaluation of growth and development, infant nutrition, the most important laboratory indicators of nutritional status. The part is generally devoted to food allergies, mainly allergy to cow's milk protein. The practical part deals with the evaluation of a sample of examined patients in gastroenterology outpatient clinics and nutritional outpatient clinic of the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General Hospital in Prague. The observed group of infants with allergic colitis includes infants exclusively breastfed, breastfed by a mother following a non-dairy diet, infants on an extensive hydrolyzate or on an amino acid formula. The main goal of the diploma thesis was to trace the most common clinical manifestations and whether there are any changes in their nutritional status during the disease and its treatment. A total of 45 randomly...
Trunk anthropometric parameters by patients with chronical back pain and by healthy population
Havlíčková, Barbora ; Kobesová, Alena (advisor) ; Bitnar, Petr (referee)
The aim of this study is to compare anthropometric parameters of the trunk between a group of patients with low back pain and a control group without pain. These findings would support the theory that low back pain may be caused by non-ideal postural-locomotion development in childhood, resulting in measurable morphological variations in adulthood. 60 individuals with low back pain (patients) and 60 healthy volunteers (controls) participated in the study. It was confirmed that the distance between the jugular fossa and xiphoid process is shorter in relation to the body height in the group of patients versus the control group. Conversely, there was a significantly longer distance between the xiphoid and symphysis relative to the body height among the patients. Furthermore, diastasis of rectus abdominis muscle was observed more frequently in the low back pain group. These findings suggest that patients with low back pain present with trunk morphological differences when compared with a matching healthy group. Keywords Low back pain, jugular fossa to xiphoid process distance, xiphoid to symphysis distance, rectus abdominis muscle diastasis, motor development, morphology, anthropometry
Návrh konstrukčního řešení dětské postýlky s přebalovacím pultem
Pourová, Zuzana
The subject of this thesis is to design structural solution of cribs and changing table, which would meet all requirements of security and functionality. This solution was created on the basis of current assortment of crib and changing table in our market and from the knowledge of this subject, which are collected in this work. The solution is supported by the technical and safety requirements. The proposal consist in elaboration of the design documentation, bill of materials, economic evaluation in the level of the direct material costs and visualization.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení nábytkového mobiliáře k vybavení 'vstupní haly' rodinného domu
Konečná, Martina
Contents of this work is to design solutions of furniture mobiliary to furnish entrance hall of the house, the design focuses mainly on storage spaces according to client requirements. The theoretical part deals with storage area requirements, commonly used materials, construction, literature research of similar solutions and safety requirements for furniture in the entrance hall. The practical part consists of drawing documentation, bills of materials and visualization of own design solution. An integral part of the work is also economic evaluation that deals only direct material costs.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení lůžka s možností variability funkce na dvoulůžko
Dvořák, Ladislav
The topic of this batchelor work is design of single bed construction with the possibility of variable extension to double bed which respects conditions specified by contracting authority and inverstor, also meets the conditions of valid norms and safety.Teoretical part of this thesis is delegated to problematics of bed design, solutions of private interior design possibilities, antropometrics, ergoniometrics and research of nowadays solution of bed design with the possibilities of extension to a double bed as well as problematics of used materials, structural joints and more design aspects of bed design.The structural design solution is prepared by production drawings with product bills, visualization, economic evaluation of direct material costs.
Dětská podvýživa v Peru: modelový příklad projektu v nativních komunitách Chirikyacu a Aviación v regionu San Martín
Černovická, Vendula
The diploma thesis deals with children´s malnutrition in Peruvian department of San Martín. The issue is related to children´s health condition as well as to diseases linked with deficiency of nutrients, which can have impact on their physical and mental development. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the effectivity of the project conducted in the native communities of Chirikyacu and Aviación during the period of ten months between May 2015 and March 2016. Theoretic part of this thesis is aimed at technical aspects of malnutrition and nutrition as well as at health support programs in Peru, which are established in order to improve the local situation. The goal of the thesis was achieved by conducting a local survey research focused on nutrition and feeding habits in the community. Value of effect is measured by the comparison of feeding habits before the educational program and after its termination. The project was aimed at educating mothers in the field of children´s care such as hygienic habits, proper nutrition and sufficient standard of aliments so that the correct development of child is not threatened. Results of the investigation have shown that on the base of the realized project the majority of mothers have changed their previous way of thinking about products suitable for health of the family.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení čalouněného křesla s možností variability v přechodné spaní.
Wolfová, Kristýna
Abstract: This work deals with the proposal of a solution for an unpholstered armchair with the possibility of being taken apart for occasional sleeping. Straightened construction enables the transformation from a sit-position to a lie-position intended for occasional sleeping. The product is designed with regard of safety and technical requirements. Theoretical part includes overwiew of given problematice and research of modern folding systems and similar structural solution, which are currently available on domestic and foreign market, including evaluation according to establishes criterias. Practical part is made of own proposal of construction solution and its technical description. The proposal also includes drawing documentation, unites and economical evaluation in level of material costs. Considering the fact of serial production the work includes also a proposal of product packaging considering packing principles and expedition upholstored furniture.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení skládacího zahradního nábytku
Jíšová, Klára
The subject of this diploma thesis is the structural solution design of folding garden furniture, namely furniture for outdoor use. This solution ensures easy handling when keeping furniture away from bad weather or when not using it during the winter season. Specifically, this is an armchair assembly with a footstool. The armchair has the possibility of positioning the backrest. The furniture is complemented by a dining table for two people and a side table in order to achieve a pleasant stay in the exterior. This design solution was created to fulfill the requirements of a particular company and its production possibilities. The very solution is based on the current range of corresponding garden furniture in the actual European market. Further knowledge was needed in the field of anthropometry, ergonomics, furniture design and material information. The design solution is supported by the standards and technical and safety requirements. The work is supplemented by the drawing documentation, bill of materials, economic evaluation of the material costs and visualizations.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení prodejního pultu
Dvořák, Ladislav
This thesis pursues the design of sales counter constructional solution. It follows the terms and conditions entered by the contracting party and meets the requirements of applicable standards including safety requirements. The theoretical part of the work deals with the constructed interiors and its environment problematics, anthropometry, ergonomics, equipments, range of products of the stores and materials. Furthermore, it processes current similar solutions by a search, including its evaluation according to given criteria. The design of the constructional solution itself is processed as production drawing documentation with bill of materials, visualizations including economic evaluation.
Návrh konstrukčního řešení recepčního pultu
Stejskal, Roman
As a theme of the thesis, and a design project of a reception desk for the company Interier-Stejskal s.r.o. In the first part are described the basic theoretical starting points, which can be used to design the overall solution of the desired reception desk. The focus is primarily on the constructional issues of the whole. Further, this work contains a brief description of ergonomics and anthropometry and individual materials that can be used in construction. In the second part of the work the content is focused on the requirements of the client and the overall solution of the reception desk issue. Part of this section is also drawing documentation, BOM, and design visualization. Everything is complemented by an economic appreciation, which gives the company a proper insight into the final state of the product.

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