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English optative sentences as translation counterparts of Czech sentences introduced by kéž
Tesař, Jan ; Malá, Markéta (advisor) ; Jančovičová, Ivana (referee)
The thesis explores the syntactic means used in English to express a wish. While in Czech the optative sentences constitute a special sentence type, in English various constructions can be used to perform the same function. A contrastive approach is therefore used to identify the types of English optative sentences. The particle kéž introducing Czech optative sentences is used as a marker of the optative function. English optative sentences are identified in English original texts as counterparts of Czech translations comprising the particle kéž. The material is drawn from the English-Czech fiction sub-corpus of the parallel translation corpus InterCorp. One hundred English optative sentences are analysed with respect to the syntactic structure of the sentence (simple vs. complex) and the form of the verb (mood). The formal features are correlated with the choice of the addressee, time reference and realizability of the wish. The English optative sentences comprise, apart from the most frequent type introduced by I wish, a range of constructions, including 'minor' irregular sentences, which are described in more detail in the analytical part of the thesis. KEYWORDS optative sentences, particle kéž, translation counterparts, parallel corpus, English, Czech
Lexical stress variability in English/Variabilita anglického slovního přízvuku
The goal of the bachelor thesis: "Lexical stress variability in English" is to describe basic principles of stress assignment in English with a focus on lexical units that have more realisations of stress placement without changing the meaning of the word. The practical part concentrates on collecting lexical items with variable stress. There is going to be an alphabetical list of stress-divergent words along with phonetic transcription of stress variations at the end of the work.
České překlady historických románů Bernarda Cornwella
ROLNÍK, Ondřej
This bachelor thesis is concerned with examination, analysis and comparison of existing Czech translations of novels from contemporary British author, Bernard Cornwell, it searches for wrong, debatable and exemplary solutions of translation issues and suggests its own solutions. The thesis also involves author's own translation of the novel Redcoat.
Meanings of the auxiliary verb would and their relative frequency
MÍKOVÁ, Denisa
The aim of this B.A. thesis is to describe and specifie the various meanings of modal auxiliary verb would and determine which of the meanings are most frequently used in English. In the theoretical part is a detailed description of each meaning of would together with some example phrases. In the practical part, a study of the relative frequency of the various meanings in spoken and written language took place.
A Comparative Analysis of French Expressions in English
This B.A. thesis entitled "A Comparative Analysis of French Expressions in English" is concerned with the phenomenon of French expressions in Modern English and their meaning. The theoretical part focuses on the field of meaning, its types and different approaches to its description. In the following chapter, the history of foreign influences on English is briefly outlined. Subsequently, the concrete influence of French on English and its traces in the vocabulary of Modern English are discussed. The practical part consists of a comparative analysis of sixty-two French loanwords in Modern English which are perceived to be semantically different from their French counterparts. The aim of this thesis is to conduct a survey of their usage in English and in French and, consequently, to determine to what extent their meanings differ.
English Slang used by Czech Young People
The bachelor thesis focuses on matters of English colloquial and slangy expressions, which domesticated in our mother language, especially in the lexicon of young czech people, and which are the indivisible part of their lexical store. Base of thesis is actual commonly used language and slang of young people in the area of music and film. Thesis in its theoretical part gives information about history and evolution of slang, map sources of slang and reasons for using it. Analytical part has its base in the questionaire which forms a fundamental part of the thesis. Information about occurence and variety of student's slang terminology used by Czech students is enlisted and utilized on its base.
Use of Loanwords in contemporary Norwegian and Dutch
Bartásková, Pavla ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Hrnčířová, Zdeňka (referee)
The subject of the thesis is to appraise the situation of the extent and the way of use of English loanwords in Norwegian and Dutch. The issue is presented on the background of historical development of borrowing in these languages and also explained in the contemporary tendency of English words usage in non-English speaking countries. To document the official attitude of Norwegian and Dutch media to loanwords we add the results of survey among the particular editors. On the basis of loanwords principles in Norwegian and Dutch, presented in the theoretical part, we assess the English loanwords in particular articles published in Norwegian and Dutch Internet news journals. The attention is aimed to the general analysis of English loanwords in Norwegian and Dutch, to the analysis of the domains noticeably influenced by the loans and to the morphological and orthographical integration of loanwords in the monitored languages. The outcomes of each analysis for Norwegian and Dutch are compared and interpreted. Key words: English, borrowing, Dutch, journalistic style, loanwords, Norwegian
Assessing Writing - Assessment and methods of teaching writing in Czech elementary and secondary schools - conference program
Národní ústav pro vzdělávání
A conference program organized by the National Institute for Education in cooperation with The British Council, the House of Foreign Services and AMATE - The Association of Foreign Language Methodologists, designed primarily for foreign language teachers in primary and secondary education. The material includes a program, annotation of contributions and examples of evaluation.
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Special educational needs in language lessons
Národní ústav pro vzdělávání
Program of conference SEN in language lessons organized by the National Institute for Education in cooperation with The British Council which dealt with issue of pupils with specific learning disabilities in foreign language lessons.
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