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Vývojové tendence agrárního zahraničního obchodu České republiky v období po vstupu do Evropské unie
Chybová, Vendula
The bachelor thesis is evaluating developmental tendencies of agricultural foreign trade of the Czech republic after joining the European Union. It is focused on analyzing of agricultural trade of the Czech republic and judgement of its overall dynamic as well as development of territorial and commodity structure and also identification of product group which expel comparative advantage or disadvantage towards integrated trade of the European Union. For construction of the analysis was used the CZSO database.
Postavení a úloha rodinných farem v zemědělství USA
Dihel, Miroslav
This thesis The status and role of family farms in the U.S. agriculture deals with the formation of business structures and organizational forms of agricultural enterprises in the USA. It focuses on the representation size of the business, mainly in terms of achived farm incomes. According to this indicator, farms are sorted into different size groups, which -- as a classification -- was created by the Economic research service. Each category of the classification are then examined in term sof specialization, off-market coordination, the use of human labor and financial performance. The theoretical part defines agriculture at the present stage of development, souch well as economic consequences of the formation of agribusiness, as well as the size structure of farms and shaping of U.S. agrarian policy.
Charakter komoditní vertikály mléko - mléčné produkty
Bínová, Alice
The bachelor thesis deals with the characteristics of the milk commodity chain and dairy products within agribusiness in the Czech Republic. The work explains the commodity vertical in general, focusing on the commodity with milk. It analyzes and evaluates the stocks of dairy cattle, the production of raw milk, the purchase of raw milk by dairies, the consumption of semi-skimmed milk and butter and their price levels in individual agricultural markets from 2010 to 2020. There are characteristics and descriptions of the production of selected dairy products and also describes the dairy sector in the Czech Republic. Based on the results, the work evaluates self-sufficiency in the dairy industry, where it is possible to increase the export of milk and dairy products abroad. The price levels of this commodity are determined by global prices, at which our raw milk is below the average price of the European Union.
Zapojení malých pražíren v České republice do globálního hodnotového řetězce kávy
Bolečková, Kateřina
The diploma thesis deals with the forms of involvement of small coffee roasters in the Czech Republic in the global coffee value chain. The thesis defines the main specifics of the current business environment in agribusiness with a focus on the value and commodity chains. Part is devoted to the basic characteristics of coffee in terms of processing technology and the identification of the global coffee value chain. Furthermore, the branch group of coffee roasters in the Czech Republic is defined and the following part of the thesis focuses on the identification and evaluation of coffee roasters in the global coffee value chain.
Vývoj spotřebitelských preferencí na trhu vajec v ČR
Němcová, Monika
The Bachelor Thesis deals with what are the consumer preferences on the eggs market. By way of introduction discusses the agricultural fair, specifics of demand and also selected commodity, which means eggs. Eggs are very important food in the nutrition and so are parts of a diet of most people. The aim of this thesis is to find out what information is of interest to consumers when buying eggs. These information is get through questionnaire survey and is focused on basic characteristics, such a price, colour of shell, or whether information mentioned on wraps are sufficient for the consumer sufficient, or what extra information would be welcomed.
Úprava státních podpor v rámci pravidel Evropské unie
Mikušová, Jana
The control of state aid from the EU is an essential component of the competition policy and vital part of an effective competition and free trade. Despite its importance, this area of competition law lacked behind in the scientific research compared to the research of the regulation of cartels and abuse of dominant position. Being explored in the thesis is the notion of state aid, then how is this concept defined in the legislation, case law and literature with a particular focus on small and medium-sized businesses and agribusinesses. Dissertation analyzes the development of state aid in the current period, mainly how the European institutions respond to changing economic conditions. The thesis is divided into several logical parts. The first part describes the methodology and methods used in the work such as the Coase's Theorem and the case study and it explains how the relation between law and economics works. The second part focuses on primary and secondary legislation concerning state aid. The third part deals with the analysis of the concept of state aid in terms of existing law and the development of understanding of the concept in the past. The fourth part deals with current changes in the allocation of state aid. The conclusion discusses the results and problematic areas to be focused on by the EU institutions are proposed.
Development on the US Soybean market
Lorencová, Veronika
Bachelor thesis deals with the position of soybeans in the American and world market. The first part characterizes general tendencies in the development of agriculture and moreover describes key features of examined crop. Analytical part of the thesis summarizes development trend of soybeans production in the US market, which is further compared with other significant world producers of this crop. In the scope of the world environment, the paper documents development of supply and demand, international trade and also analyses tendencies in growth of the competition in defined sector. The outcome of this research enables to analyze position of the US within the world soybean market and its future trends.

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