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The importance of field wetlands in agricultural landscapes
Šumberová, Kateřina ; Vymyslický, T. ; Fabšičová, Martina ; Fránková, Markéta
Field wetlands represent an extremely valuable biotope in agricultural landscapes, not only in terms of water management, but also in terms of biodiversity of various groups of organisms. Species living in these habitats survive adverse periods in the form of seeds, spores and eggs in the soil, many of them belonging to endangered groups of organisms. Our research has yielded in new findings of rare vascular plant species, as well as interesting findings of diverse species of micro- and macroscopic algae. Among the most important findings are some thermophilic and slightly halophilic vascular and algae species, whose occurrence in our country is mainly linked to southern Moravia. Seventeen plant species from the current Red List were found, three species in the critically endangered category (C1: Hibiscus trionum, Pulicaria dysenterica, P vulgaris), six species in the severely endangered category (C2: Lythrum hyssopifolia, Malva pusilla, Rumex tenophyllus, Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani, Veronica anagalloides), five species in the endangered category (C3: Centaurium pulchellum, Cyperus fuscus, Lemna trisulca, Lotus tenuis, Veronica catenata) and five rarer species requiring attention (C4: Bolboschoenus laticarpus, B planiculmis, Butomus umbellatus, Limosella aquatica, Schoenoplectus lacustris). The vegetation at the study sites could be classified into five syntaxonomic classes: Lemnetea, Potametea, Isoëto-Nanojuncetea, Bidentetea tripartitae and Phragmito-Magnocaricetea. Vascular plants were represented by several ecological groups: annual wetland plants, perennial species of reed beds and wet disturbed grasslands, hydrophilous weeds and ruderal species, and aquatic plants. Macroscopic algae were represented primarily by filamentous green algae of the genera Cladophora, Spirogyra and Oedogonium, and to a lesser extent by the genus Vaucheria spp., and by cyanobacteria (Nostoc spp.). The representatives of the genus Chara inhabited wetlands with longer periods of inundation. Diatoms (Achnanthidium, Amphora, Gomphonema, Navicula, Nitzschia, Pinnularia, Surirella and Tryblionella) were the most quantitatively represented and species-rich group of microalgae in the studied wetlands, followed by the genera Colacium, Euglena and Trachelomonas, by green algae (Desmodesmus), and by cyanobacteria (Homoeothrix and Phormidium).There was a high variability in the number of vascular plants and overall species composition, as well as in the representation of different algal groups and their species richness. Large changes were evident between and within years.
Impacts of deforestation of west African mountains on biodiversity
Stříbrská, Eliška ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Reif, Jiří (referee)
The high rate of deforestation is a global problem with negative impacts on species biodiversity and it also contributes to global and local climate changes. This problem is much more urgent in hotspots of biodiversity and endemism like west African mountains. Moreover, these locations are now recognized as the most fragmented and the most deforested mountains on the African continent. Impacts on local organisms is mostly negative. The organisms are facing habitat loss and the inability to migrate between the isolated regions. The bond between associated animals and plants, that are life depend on each other, is being broken and the whole ecosystem is being changed. In general, the ecosystem is less stable and all these changes make deforestation a chain reaction. Although there are some positive impacts on the biodiversity too, it does not influence the endemic species. It has more positive consequences for the generalist species occupying wide range of habitats and utilizing various food resources. Local communities are also facing the impacts of the ecosystem changes, their lives are negatively influenced by longer and more intensive periods of drought, landslides and they are not able to rely on the supply of the forest products. To be able to change current situation, financial support and...
Fusion of Radar and Visual Data for Remote Sensing
Strych, Tomáš ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Kolář, Martin (advisor)
Cieľom práce je vygenerovať satelitný optický snímok v prípade jeho nedostupnosti. Takýto snímok je vygenerovaný z aktuálneho radarového snímku a za pomoci radarových a optických snímkov z minulosti. Zameranie práce cieli na poľnohospodárstvo, kde sa na analýzu dát používajú rôzne vegetačné indexy. Pre zjednodušenie problematiky je práca zameraná len na optický snímok zobrazujúci NDVI. Boli vytvorené 4 dátové sady, pre prvé tri ročné obdobia a~štvrtý, ktorý ich spája. Pre riešenie problému preloženia obrázku z jedného na druhý bol použitý model Pix2Pix-cGAN. Výsledky práce zobrazujú rozdiely pri použití dátových sád, rozličného množstva a~typu použitých snímkov, tak ako aj intervalu medzi snímkami. Daným výskumom bolo zistené, že sieť je schopná vytvárať reálne uveriteľné obrázky s validnými numerickými hodnotami, avšak má problém správne využiť informáciu o radarovej zmene, ktorá je dôležitá pre ohodnotenie vývoja rastlín práve v prípade nedostupnosti optického snímku. Táto práca a~jej výsledky sú jedinečné vďaka naprieč Európou geograficky rozmanitej dátovej sade a vďaka zameraniu na agrikultúru, a to bez ohľadu na typ plodín.
Energy gains of agrofotovoltaics
Huf, Milan ; Kudela, Libor (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This master's thesis focuses on the possible synergy between agricultural activity and solar energy production. The theoretical part of this work begins with the processing of theoretical knowledge in the field of photovoltaics. Furthermore, the concept of agrophotovoltaics is explained, its advantages and possible types of installation are introduced. Furthermore, existing installations around the world are presented and the situation around agrophotovoltaics in the Czech Republic is outlined. The practical part of the work is focused on the creation of the model and its programming so that the panels create shade for cultivated crops. The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to the design of an agrophotovoltaic installation in the Brno area and the assessment of its technical and economic aspects.
Czech Agriculture Food Inspection Authority Annual Report 2021
Státní zemědělská a potravinářská inspekce
Annual report includes these chapters: introduction by Director General, control activities, laboratory activities, certification, legislation, cooperation with other public bodies and institutions in the Czech Republic, quality management systém, international relations, public relations, human resources, financial management report, conclusion.
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Naturkulturstadt Brno Židenice - Urbanfarming
Mann, Josef ; Bindr, Tomáš (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the elaborated conceptual design of an urban farm building. The proposal follows on from the pre-diploma module, which addressed the urban concept of the defunct area around the river Svitava in Brno - Židenice and began collecting information on food production and cultivation, which is the basis of the theoretical part of this work. The main goal was to raise the currently degraded area, which has the potential of a very strong point within the city and therefore seemed suitable for the location of the proposed construction. The work is based mainly on current socio-cultural and environmental issues of society, such as land use, sustainability and water use. The resulting building is designed to allow not only food production, but also to meet the needs of the individual and the community, its functions are cultivation, sales within the market and community gardening. The resulting form is chosen to allow a rapid response to socio-cultural changes in society, especially related to population growth, and thus can ensure any additional demand for local food.
A Donkey's Worth in South Africa: Domestic Laborer or Export Product; Socioeconomic impacts of China's skin trade on South African donkey owners
Binda, Kristen ; Kváča, Vladimír (advisor) ; Verner, Vladimír (referee)
Kristen Binda A Donkey's Worth in South Africa: Domestic Laborer or Export Product; Socioeconomic impacts of China's skin trade on South African donkey owners Master Thesis Prague 2019 Abstract Within South Africa, rural communities use working animals instead of, or combined with mechanization for farming and chores. Development progress may have evaded these areas yet impacts them through globalization and China's expanded market power. The burgeoning market for ejiao, a popular Traditional Chinese Medicine made from boiling donkey hides is a growing issue. Wealthier Chinese consumers, a stalled South African rural population who missed development's benefits plus increasing economic and political engagements between the two countries allows a monopolized, and often exploitative market for donkeys. Politicians are eager to partner with Chinese ejiao retailers despite resulting decimation of donkey populations in some areas of Africa and destruction of livelihoods. I evaluate the value of donkeys as domestic laborers within South Africa along with how China's rapidly expanding market for ejiao and simultaneous consumption of donkeys has affected South Africa to answer in which context donkeys are more valuable. Interview responses and cost-benefit analyses are used to answer the research question and...
Comparative study: Economies of Obazine and Plasy Monasteries in the Middle -ages (12.-13. century)
Müllerová, Gabriela ; Charvátová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Těšínská Lomičková, Radka (referee)
The thesis focuses on the economy of the Cistercian Order, from its inception until the end of the 13th century. There are two parallel analysis of monasteries Obazine (France) and Plasy (Bohemia), which are compared in the final part of the research. First the study present foundation of monasteries in the historical context of the country and the region. Then he focuses on the process of acquiring property and attempts to reveal common and different features in the economic development of the courts and farming. The work may present the real situation only to the extent that it allows the historical sources. The main historical source is cartulary of Obazine and documents of Plasy from Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris regni Bohemiae. In addition, the study draws information from various foreign and czech literature.
Farming robot R4Farmer
Hurt, Tomáš ; Pergel, Martin (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to propose a robotic farmer emulator. After designing this toolkit, we focus on algorithms solving particular problems related to the use of such a robot. Mainly we attach the question of a route planning during the field processing (while ploughing, seeding and irrigating). The project should help with a design of a real robot which is being designed separately by other colleagues. It should help with the study of feasibility and eliminate particular risks of economic loss (caused by move of a real robot on a field - or outside of it).

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