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Dotační podpory pro mladé a začínající zemědělce
Hamáková, Pavlína
This bachelor thesis contains an analysis and an overview of the currently prepared aids for young and beginning farmers, including their amount and especially the requirements that will be demanded as a condition for the payment of aids. A significant part of the thesis discusses the importance of rural agriculture and the requirements to support its development by taking into account both support for family farms and for young farmers, analysing their importance and the way they will be supported in the programming period until 2022. The prepared research deals with the Rural Development Programme, which has been implemented in the conditions of Czech agriculture until 2022, and which is prepared as a Strategic Plan for the support of the Common Agricultural Policy for the period after 2023, including scientific articles and monographs, with the focus on support (subsidies) for the acquisition of agricultural equipment and mechanisation.
Rye and triticale growing in Czech Republic
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to summarize the knowledge about cultivation of the rye and triticale in the Czech Republic. A partial goal was to summarize the knowledge about the use of life and tritical and the suitability for sustained management systems.
Fire prevention during harvesting work in farms
The topic of the bachelor thesis "Fire Prevention in Harvest Work in Agricultural Enterprises" I chose because of the extreme increase of fires during the harvest works in 2015 compared to the last 5 years. This bachelor thesis solves the research question whether the harvesting works from the point of view of fire protection are protected in accordance with legal regulations. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate PO safety during harvest works and to propose measures to reduce the risk of fires occurring in these activities. The thesis is also focused on technical measures in the course of their own work and providing sufficient water resources for fire fighting. The practical part deals with the problems of fires in agriculture, statistics of fires for the period 2011 - 2015 and their causes. Part of the statistics is the comparison of temperatures and precipitation in the territory of the South Bohemian region for the period 2011 - 2015, which was published by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, which confirms the connection of excessive drought with an increased number of fires. The Bachelor's thesis also mentions the most extensive fire in the South Bohemian region in 2015 - Bavorov, Tourov. The results of the monitored statistics in the practical part show the highest increase of the negligence fires, the technical defects of the harvesting mechanization and the sparkling of the foreign object outside and inside the combines during the drought. For this reason, this thesis compares the current laws, decrees, regulations and standards with already invalid legislation related to the security of these works. As a result, it can be concluded that during the harvest season in 2015, these jobs were not sufficiently secured and the legislation did not deal with them in detail.
Social learning among Ghanaian cocoa farmers: Choosing the optimal amounts of inputs
Švenka, David ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Havránek, Tomáš (referee)
In this thesis I inspect learning about adoption of technologies among cocoa farmers in Ghana, which are represented by non-labor inputs, particularly by fertilizer and hybrid seeds. Earlier research focused mainly on learning about returns associated with adoption of such innovative inputs. However, it is not clear whether the adopters learn about these returns or rather about what are the optimal amounts of these inputs. Therefore the focus of this thesis is to examine how do the farmers choose and learn about optimal amounts of inputs. Cocoa farming is very labor intensive, and thus this thesis concentrates on learning about both non-labor and labor inputs, which are closely connected. Similar research carried out in India suggests that heterogeneous returns among farmers might cause that the farmers rely rather on their own considerations than on observation of behavior of their village neighbors, i.e. social learning. The heterogeneous returns are also present among the Ghanaian cocoa farmers, which suggest that these farmers should similarly prefer individual learning over the social one. Using a model developed for estimation of the prevailing type of learning about the optimal amount of inputs, I show that the farmers do tend to prefer individual learning in case of the non-labor inputs but rather...
Vliv stanoviště a agrotechniky na produkci fytomasy vybraného klonu topolu (Populus nigra L. X Populus maximowiczii Henry) pro energetické účely
The thesis deals with theme of fast-growing species and with the impact of agricultural practices (like choice of location, care and possibility of fertilizers usage) which are the most important factors for successful cultivation of energy tree species. The introductory part of the thesis contains an explanation of the term biomass and its possible distribution by types and ways of obtaining the biomass. Following chapters deal with fast-growing tree species. The issues of cultivation are also described here in parts like basic characteristics, history of these energy species, legislative restrictions and procedure during founding of the plantation itself, selection and preparation of locality, the use of agricultural practices (cultivation, fertilization). The practical part deals with it´s own experiment with a clone of poplar J 105 (Populus nigra L. x Populus maximowiczii Henry). This clone of poplar was planted on four experimental plots. The growth depending on the conditions of habitat and selected agritechnical measures was observed in following years. There are descriptions of conditions on all localities, chosen ways of planting and aftercare about tree vegetation. Another experiment which contained adding different types of nitrogenous fertilizers was performed in the last period of observing. Results showed that the greatest impacts on the quality of the growth of fast-growing trees have properly chosen location and aftercare about tree vegetation, at least in the first vegetation period. Addition of fertilizer seemed as important only in case of planting on nutrient very poor sites.
Cultivation of hops (Humulus lupulus L.) and its use
Hop differs from other agricultural plants in view of the fact that it is a perennial plant. It can grow at one site up to 20 years. There are three recognized hop production areas in the Czech Republic such as Žatecko, Úštecko and Tršice. The quality of the cones is high mainly due to the range of plant variety and also due to the favourable environmental conditions. Hop cultivation technology was already explored a long time ago, and therefore the new resources are rarely available and also widely scattered. The aim of this thesis is to describe the hops cultivation technology and its food and non-food utilization. This work includes botanical characteristics, farming techniques, fertilization, and protection against pests, harvest and post-harvest treatment. Furthermore there is description of the influence of agricultural engineering or fertilization on quality of hops. This bachelors thesis also depicts food and non-food use of hops.
Evaluation of the agricultural precautions and methods in relation to the damage caused by the wild boars in the hunting district HS Záboří
For the purpose of preventing the damage caused by wild boars on the field crops in the hunting district of HS Záboří, influence of the agricultural technology and other precautions on the amount of the damage is being investigated. The development of the damage on the field crops has been influenced by the size of the population of the wild boars and by the inconsistent agricultural technology in this area.

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