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How the Covid-19 pandemic affected the living situation of seniors in a retirement home
Chaloupková, Valentina ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Drahoňovský, Jan (referee)
In the diploma thesis named " How the Covid-19 pandemic affected the living situation of seniors in a retirement home", first I focus on theoretical terms such as senior, ageing, old age, retirement home, the Covid-19 pandemic, but I also want to point to the topic of the vulnerability of the elderly in a retirement home and the mental health of a person in the old age with regard to the chosen topic of this diploma thesis. Part of my thesis is also qualitative research, which is an inquiry with the help of semi-structured interviews with seniors in a retirement home. With respondents, I focus on four main topics that outline the overall process of their pandemic experience. At the end of this thesis I analyzes the perception of the residence of the clients in a retirement home in Ústí nad Labem during the pandemic from their point of view and this way I bring an insight of experiencing a 2.5-year pandemic in a retirement home thanks to the experiences of individual respondents.
Free time activities of elderly in the Liberec region
Nádvorníková, Lenka ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis is focused on leisure activities of seniors in the Liberec region. The current situation of the main issue is theoretically described in the introduction of the thesis. Definitions of the concepts of a senior, aging and old age, leisure and leisure activities of seniors, and the needs of seniors are provided. At the end of the theoretical part, prejudices and stereotypes about old age presented. The practical part of the thesis contains the results of quantitative design research, which was carried out both in the form of a questionnaire of 300 seniors in the Liberec region, and by analyzing data - websites, the output of which is a database of publicly accessible leisure activities for seniors in district cities of the Liberec region. The main purpose of the thesis is mapping the situation in the area of publicly accessible leisure activities for seniors in the Liberec region. The results showed that there is no clear and comprehensive offer of publicly accessible leisure activities for seniors in the Liberec region. They learn about them mainly from the media and from relatives and acquaintances. Furthermore, it was also discovered that seniors are interested in modern technology, memory games and social activities. But the greatest demand is for joint activities of the elderly...
Addictive substance use in a Retirement Home
This Bachelor's thesis addresses the issue of substance abuse in a home for the elderly. The dissertation is divided to a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part contains a review of the literature on the given topic. It consists of four chapters. The first chapter contains an overview of legal and illegal substances. The second chapter deals with substance use in old age. The third chapter defines old age, ageing and the term eardely person. The last and fourth chapter focuses on the definition of the term nursing home. There are also described the conditions for admission to a nursing home, the services provided, including the number of nursing homes currently in the Czech Republic. The main aim of the bachelor dissertation is to explore the general awareness of the elderly people about addictive substances (types of addictive substances, their effects, formation of addiction, health and social complications of abuse,prevention and treatment options). The sub-objective is to determine the extent of substance use among seniors. The quantitative research methods were used to achieve these objectives. The collection of information was carried out by the interview method, using questionnaires of our own construction. The questionnaires included Likert scale, open and closed questions. The research was carried out in the selected home for the elderly in the South Bohemia region. The final sample included 30 respondents over the age of fifty. According to the research, the awareness of respondents is mostly high. Seniors use a variety of legal addictive substances, most commonly drugs, tobacco products, caffeinated beverages and alcohol. The results of the Bachelor's thesis may increase awareness of the problem among seniors and staff of retirement homes, including students of the helping professions and interested members of the general public.
The Social Functioning in Retirement Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
KREJČOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis deals with social functioning in the retirement home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Terms age and ageing are described in the theoretical part. The issues of social functioning, Covid-19 disease and restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic are also discussed. The practical part of this bachelor thesis includes processing and assessment of results of survey. The bachelor thesis has aspirations to characterize social functioning of clients of the retirement home during the Covid-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal the strategy of the semi-structured interview was chosen. The main research question is: How the social functioning of clients of the retirement home has been changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Interviewees were chosen according to given criteria. The additional interview with the head nurse, who assessed social functioning of clients of the retirement home, is enclosed to give the bachelor thesis higher plausibility. The Open Coding Method was chosen to assess gained data. The research shows that every client of the retirement home was somehow affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. How much social functioning of clients was influenced, depends on their personalities and abilities to cope with difficult life situations. This bachelor thesis can be used as methodical aid for social workers working with the elderly people or as informational material for public people. It also brings feedback for the retirement home, where was the research held.
The specifics of social work with seniors and possible ethical dilemmas of work from the point of view of a social worker
STAŇKOVÁ, Magdalena
The bachelor thesis deals with the ethical dilemmas of social work in residential services for the elderly. The first chapter defines the concept of old age and describes the accompanying phenomena of the aging process. The second chapter describes the methods of social work with the elderly and defines residential services for the elderly. The third chapter deals with the ethical aspects of social work with the elderly and describes the role of the social worker. The fourth chapter defines the concept of ethical dilemma and conflict of values. The next part presents dilemmatic situations on specific examples from the literature. The fifth chapter is devoted to empirical research, which is based on real statements of social workers in residential services, illustrates what ethical dilemmas social workers most often encounter and how to solve them. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to specify social work with seniors, to describe the ethical dilemmas of social work with seniors in residential services and to show, on specific examples from qualitative research, which solution social workers prefer.
Leisure activities as a space to meet the needs of seniors in a residential facility
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out and describe which needs of seniors can be met through leisure activities in a residential facility and under which conditions. The bachelor thesis deals with the process of aging and old age and the changes associated with it and adaptation to old age. It also describes the needs, of which saturation is significant in senior age, beacuse it affects the quality of life of seniors. The following chapter deals with the specifics of leisure time in old age. Furthermore, the bachelor thesis focuses on a home for the elderly and the adaptation of the senior to a new place after moving to a home for the elderly. Last but not least, the thesis talks about activating activities in a home for the elderly. The types of activating activities and the needs that can be met during these activities are described here. Another essential part of the bachelor's thesis is the content of work of the activation worker. The theoretical work will be illustrated by examples from a particular facility for the elderly.
Quality in social work - Possibilities of utilizing social welfare institutions for improvement of elderly care services
This bachelors thesis deals with the quality of care in social institutions, primarily quality of care for the elderly people. Theoretical part defines aging and old age, its impact on individuals and ways of coping with these impacts, either personaly, with help of others or by means of state institutions. Aim of this thesis is to find out whether daily or weekly welfare institutions can improve the quality of care for the elderly people. Practical part comprises of questionaire researching peoples interest in utilizing either daily or weekly social care institution in Týn nad Vltavou among people older than 65 years.
Ethical dilemmas in crisis telephone intervention among seniors
VOSIKOVÁ, Kristýna
The thesis is of a theoretical nature. The thesis deals with the ethical dilemmas of telephone crisis intervention workers while working with seniors. This thesis aims to define the moral dilemmas of telephone crisis intervention workers, which are exposed every day, and to reflect on their solutions with the help of ethical theories. The first chapter presents the characteristics of age and ageing, age changes, and preparation for age. The second chapter contains the aspects and features of crisis intervention and the causes, phases, types and solutions of the crisis. Chapter three presents the topic of telephone crisis intervention as a form of help. Chapter four describes senior crisis intervention, the most common crises in old age and senior telephone crisis intervention. The last chapter contains the topic of ethical dilemmas in the senior telephone crisis intervention and the reflection of ethical theories responding to moral dilemmas of the line workers.
Satisfaction of seniors in homes for the elderly
The aim of this thesis is to find out how seniors are satisfied in homes for the elderly. Two research questions were chosen: 1. What leads to seniors' satisfaction in homes for the elderly? 2. What do seniors miss in homes for the elderly? The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with old age, aging, seniors' satisfaction with their life and needs of seniors, as well as the development of care for the elderly in the Czech Republic from history to present. The thesis characterizes the act of social services and related terms, homes for the elderly in the Czech Republic, their history and quality of life of clients living in homes for the elderly. In the practical part interviews with the clients of homes for the elderly have been evaluated. The goal was to determine how satisfied seniors are in homes for the elderly and what are they missing there. The survey was aimed at finding satisfaction with caring staff, providing services, leisure activities, accommodation, and meals. For the fulfillment of the objectives of the work I have chosen qualitative research. Data collection was conducted by method of semi-structed interviews. The interview had seventeen diverse questions and was presented to nine of the seniors in two homes for the elderly in South Bohemian region. The interviews were evaluated by the open coding method and eight categories were created. The research was conducted in June and July 2021. The results were processed into tables and graphs. This thesis will bring feedback to the management of selected homes for the elderly. It can be assumed that this thesis will serve as a study material.

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