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Application of demographic analysis in human resources management: A Case study on elite floorball players
Baťková, Markéta ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Janáková Kuprová, Barbora (referee)
Application of demographic analysis in human resources management: A Case study on elite floorball players Abstract This bachelor's thesis focuses on the possibilities of how to apply demographic analysis in the field of human resources management. Part of the work is also a case study which focuses on elite floorball players. The goal of this thesis is to introduce the concept of human resource management in general and to describe the possibilities of applying demographic analysis to other than just ordinary human populations on a theoretical level. The objectives of the case study include, among other things, demonstrating the different career times between men and women. The case study uses individual data of the 100 historically best male floorball players and 100 historically best female floorball players in the Czech Republic. Among the main methods used in demography and human resource management and also in sports are the construction of life tables and survival analysis. In the case study, statistically significant differences were found in the duration of the careers between men and women and in the average ages at the end of the career and in the average ages of achieving indivually best season. Keywords Human Resource Management, Workplace Diversity, Age, Sports, Applied Demography, Life...
Surface depressions of the bony pelvis in relation to childbirth and pregnancy
Medvedevová, Elina ; Rmoutilová, Rebeka (advisor) ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis describes the depressions of the pelvic bony surface, which are described in the literature as "indicators of childbirth", and summarizes the data on whether pelvic bony depressions can be associated with pregnancy and childbirth, and what other factors may be involved in the formation of these depressions. The "birth indicators" include the preauricular grooves and the dorsal fossa of the pubic bone. Historically, they have been attributed to the course of pregnancy and childbirth when physiological and hormonal changes occur. However, more recent studies and new research methods have attributed the development of these depressions not only to pregnancy but also to pelvic shape, age, increased BMI of the person, physical activity, or medical complications. A variety of factors can contribute to the development of bone surface depression in both women and men. For this reason, so-called "birth indicators" cannot be considered a reliable indicator of completed pregnancy and childbirth, and secondary use of knowledge of these depressions in sex estimation, especially by application in forensic sciences. However, it should be noted that the difference in the frequency of depression between the sexes is significant, as the incidence of such depression is more frequent and marked...
Leisure activities for seniors
This bachelor thesis focuses on leisure activities of seniors and highlights the differences in leisure time pursuits between seniors living in senior homes and those living in their own houses. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the concepts of seniors, aging, and changes in old age. It further examines preparation for old age, adaptation, aging demographics, senior needs, and senior motivation. The empirical section includes a questionnaire survey supplemented by four structured interviews.
We are one big family!
Boháč, David ; Matoušková, Petra (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Diploma thesis "We are one big family!" deals with diversifying the age structure of the population and creating a community and flexible environment for all generations, while preserving the intimacy of families.
Faktory ovlivňující vnější projevy říje a zabřezávání klisen
The aim of the work was to process facts from Czech and foreign sources about the reproduction of mares. On the basis of the information given in literary sources, monitoring was carried out including monitoring the manifestations and course of estrus, selected characteristics of mares such as BCS, age, current use of individual mares or possible hormonal stimulation. 62 mares in the age range from 3 to 24 years were included in the monitoring. The monitored mares were of various breeds, mares with a sports or hobby career were included, but also mares whose use was primarily for breeding. The aim of this work was to assess the influence of individual selected factors on the subsequent pregnancy of mares and to assess the most suitable combination of characteristics and manifestations of estrus in mares.
Dysplazie kyčelních kloubů u psů
This bachelor thesis deals with the genetic disease of hip dysplasia in dogs. It describes how the disease manifests itself, how to prevent it, and how to diagnose it. The practical part analyzes the influence of breed, age, and gender on the disease. 90 dogs of 42 breeds were included in the study, and the dogs were divided into groups according to FCI due to low representation of dogs in individual breeds. Crossbreeds were found to be the least susceptible to the disease, followed by setters (average finding of 0/1 and 1/0 for hip dysplasia). The age at which hip joint problems occur most frequently is during the puppy stage, around 3-5 months of age (16.2% of the dogs observed). The influence of gender on the disease was not proven. Of all obser-ved dogs, most individuals had the degree of hip dysplasia 0/0 (21.6%), followed by 2/0-0/2 (11.7%). From this data, it can be concluded that the observed sample had more dogs with lower degrees of hip dysplasia.
The Benefits and Risks of Digital Technology in Social Work with the Seniors
This thesis is prepared using an interdisciplinary approach of social sciences such as theory of social policy, social work, sociology and psychology and gerontology. It deals with the current application of 4.0 technologies (such as digitalization) in order to analyze the attitudes of seniors and social work connected to this respective group of the population. The thesis also addresses the issue of adaptation to changes with the coming era of 4.0, not only for the senior population groups, but also for workers in the field of gerontology (social workers, workers in social services, gerontopedagogues, educators, etc.). It also focuses on searching the optimal possibilities of effective use of digitalization for life of seniors with the aim of increasing their quality of life.
Demografické aspekty nezaměstnanosti ve Zlínském kraji
Huťková, Markéta
Bachelor thesis deals with demographic aspects of unemployment in the Zlín Region in 2010–2019. The main objective of the work is to identify factors involved in the development of unemployment in the Zlín Region and its districts. A method of demographic analysis is used to present the results of the evolution of the demographic characteristics of unemployment and the structure of registered job seekers and their relationships. Demographic changes have led to an ageing population and an increase in the educational level of the population, which is reflected in the labour market of the Zlín Region by low unemployment and labour shortages in certain sectors. The conclusion of the work proposes recommendations to improve the current situation, which would help to increase employment among older and low-skilled people, as they are among the most at-risk jobseekers, to further retain and attract younger people to the region and to ensure consistency between education supply and labour market demand.

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