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Adaptation of employees in a particular organization
Šrámková, Pavla ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
Adaptation of employees is a process intended for all newly íncoming employees in the organization, for their better orientation in the work environment, inclusion in the work team and rapid integration, acquisition of knowledge and skills for the position. The thesis is focused on improving the adaptation process of employees in a particular organization. The adaptation process of specific departments of a particular organization is analyzed and compared. Based on the acquired knowledge, a recommendation for improvement is proposed and improving the adaptation process. The theoretical part defines the basic terminology of the theoretical basis, which is based on the study of professional literature. Explains the concept of adaptation, employee adaptation, types and phases of adaptation, forms and goals of the adaptation process. Describes human resource management tools that affect the adaptation process, i.e. recruitment, selection, hiring, employee training, employee care and labor relations, and employee evaluation. Finally, it describes the adaptation program and an effective tool for adaptation management - an adaptation plan, including a model of possible compilation of activities to create an individual adaptation plan. The practical part deals with the analysis of the process and the...
Interaction of the human pathogen Bordetella pertussis with blood serum
Štipl, Daniel ; Večerek, Branislav (advisor) ; Kamanová, Jana (referee)
Bordetella pertussis is a Gram-negative strictly human pathogen and the major causative agent of whooping cough or pertussis. The incidence of this highly contagious respiratory disease in developed countries has increased in the last decades. One of the less characterized virulence factors of B. pertussis is the type three secretion system (TTSS) which is responsible for the secretion of the effector proteins into host eukaryotic cells. This diploma thesis sheds light onto factors influencing TTSS in vitro activity. Although TTSS of laboratory strain Tohama I was induced by biologically active compounds present in blood (e. g. complement proteins), TTSS of recent clinical isolate B1917 seems to be induced permanently. Furthermore, BB0302 encoding a GntR family transcription regulator in B. bronchiseptica RB50 (homologous to BP0209 of Tohama I) was studied, however, the deletion of this gene did not affect the TTSS functionality. Serum resistance is a factor that plays a key role in the pathogenesis of B pertussis. We show that Czech recent isolates (2008-2015) are significantly more resistant to serum killing in vitro than the original vaccine strains (1954-1965). This phenomenon seems to result from the adaptation of global B. pertussis population to its human host. In addition, this diploma...
Adaptation of performance of personal activities of daily living in patients with hemiparesis. Subtitle: Training of dressing up for patients with hemiparesis by the use of a video manual
Ćmielová, Daniela ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Sýkorová, Jitka (referee)
Title: Adaptation of Performance of Activities of Daily Living in Patients with Hemiparesis Subtitle: Training of Dressing up for Patients with Hemiparesis by the use of a Video Manual Abstract: This bachelor's thesis deals with the possibilities of adapting the implementation of personal activities of daily living (pADL) in patients with hemiparesis. In particular, it focuses on the possibilities of training and adaptation during dressing up of the upper and lower part of the patient's body. The theoretical part summarizes the basic knowledge of the central nervous system, motor control and neurological diseases, which result in the partial paralysis of one-half of the body. Furthermore, the concept of pADL and their connection to the field of occupational therapy is explained. The following chapters are dedicated to the theoretical description of the possibilities of adaptation, training of activities of daily living and evaluation in the field of occupational therapy. Last, but not least, there is an overview of existing manuals that are currently available. The aim of the practical part was to create a video manual, designed for people with hemiparesis to practice the activitity of dressing up. The manual includes 21 activities focused on dressing up, forms of adaptation of activities and...
Analysis of the management system of continuing professional education in health care
Trubačová, Lenka ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the system of further professional education management monitoring the process of adaptation of employees - nurses from Ukraine in Thomayer Hospital. Thomayer Hospital is directly run by the Ministry of Health and is a state health facility. There is a great deal of emphasis on employee education, so there is a trend to have education centers in hospitals that serve to prepare graduates or other employees for a successful career in their chosen field. It is possible to deepen the knowledge and skills of lifelong learning and now also serves to educate nurses from Ukraine. The lack of nurses is a hot topic today and the change in education has not solved this critical situation. One way to tackle the critical lack of nurses is to find them in countries with similar cultures and languages. One of these countries is Ukraine, which is geographically close. The Ministry of Health was involved in the project of the Ministry of Industry and Trade "Special Procedures for Highly Qualified Employees from Ukraine." In the project, 15 health service providers from the Czech Republic were successfully included in the project, including Thomayer Hospital, where the lack of staff is needed. I chose a qualitative type of research for my work. The survey will take the form of...
Analysis of sports training of OCR competitors (Obstacle Course Racing).
Faltys, Lukáš ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The analysis of competitors' physical preparation OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). Objectives: The aim of this thesis was to provide the analysis of physical preparation used by the competitors of the obstacle course races. The analysis was completed for all major competitor ability-based classes and then compared among the categories. Methods: For data collection quantitative research was used, provided by the survey method. Its form was an online questionnaire. Results: The research has shown that the competitors of the enthusiast class - recreational athletes mostly value the experience and the adrenalin the obstacle course races bring them, overcoming own maximum, looking for new challenges etc. Those are the type of athletes who do not have high performance expectations, they are not oriented to perform at their highest of abilities. Although, they are still capable of winning. They win over themselves, happy when they manage to overcome own fears. They consider as winning not only expanding own physical and mental capacities, but also just the actual finishing of the race. Performance athletes, compared to the recreational ones, are able to plan their training sessions much more effectively and with better training goals. The performance oriented athletes are much more performance...
Analytical Rumination Hypothesis Testing: Depression as a Functional Adaptation.
Ševčíková, Marcela ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Bob, Petr (referee) ; Vevera, Jan (referee)
Next to the traditional medical concept of depression, there is an expert opinion suggesting that depression is a functional adaptation to adversity. In the theoretical part of the thesis, we present the adaptive hypothesis of depression, the Analytical-Rumination Hypothesis (ARH). According to ARH, depression has evolved as an adaptive response to the complex problems. Depressive symptoms, such as anhedonia, social isolation, and psychomotor retardation, may help individuals to undisturbedly analyze their personal problems in a process called analytical rumination. The limited ability to focus on an external problem, e.g. on neuropsychological tests, is a by-product of analytical rumination. The aim of the dissertation thesis is to test the ARH. In the practical part, we present five studies using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, cross-sectional and longitudinal design, and samples with different statuses (clinical and non-clinical). The results of Study 1 confirm that depression is a response to a complex problem. Using a qualitative methodology, Study 2 examined the form of rumination and detected the presence of adaptive rumination in depressed individuals (causal analysis, analysis of the aspects of the problem and problem-solving analysis). The results of cross-sectional Study 3...
Influence of external conditions on egg incubation in lapwings (genus Vanellus) in temperate and subtropical climate
Pešková, Lucie ; Šálek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hořák, David (referee)
During incubation, most birds require the presence of at least one parent to ensure suitable incubation conditions for embryo development. The main factors that affect the development of the embryo are temperature, humidity and egg turning. In this work, incubation conditions were investigated in two biparental Lapwing species (genus Vanellus), the Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus), which faces the risk of egg cooling in temperate areas, and the Red-wattled Lapwing (Vanellus indicus), which faces the risk of egg overheating in the subtropics. A laboratory experiment testing the thermal properties of the Red-wattled Lapwing nest lining showed that it selects lining material that slows down temperature growth during egg heating, thus ensuring suitable thermal conditions during parental absence at high ambient temperatures. Temperature and egg turning during incubation were recorded by an artificial egg with a built-in sensors placed in the nests of both target species; data collected by the sensors were stored by a base-station located nearby. The average egg temperature was 32.5 řC for the Northern Lapwing, and 35.0 řC for the Red-wattled Lapwing. Egg temperature in both species fluctuated significantly, affected by many factors. Egg temperature increased with increasing ambient temperature, it...
SMV-2020-54: Installation and service VDI monitor
Vondra, Vlastimil
Adaptation and implementation of VDI monitor installation to the needs of a specific user.
Design of UL aircraft for physically handicapped pilots
Hejkalová, Anna ; Sklenář, Filip (referee) ; Bartoněk, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of operating aircrafts by people with physical disabi-lities. Firstly, it formulates medical eligibility requirements for pilots with mobility restricti-ons. Because there is a large number of movement restrictions and each of them is very indi-vidual, an adaptation for only one of these categories was chosen for the conceptual design of the aircraft in this diploma thesis: limitation of the lower half of the body. The aircraft is designed to best meet the needs of pilots with this limitation of movement, with emphasis on ergonomics, the possibility of independent use without any help of other people and espe-cially on the safety of the user. Furthermore, the work examines possibilities of adjusting the control of aircraft for the disabled, tries to choose the most suitable one which is then desci-bed. In the end, an examination of the UL2 regulation requirements for the designed aircraft is done.

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