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Labeling of children preschool age
TRÝBOVÁ, Martina
The main subject of this Bachelor Thesis is evaluation of pre-school children. The theoretikl part of it is devided into four main chapters. The first chapter is devotel selfconsciousness and its development to the emphasis on pre-school eight. The second chapter focuses upon self-evaluation and an evaluation of a teacher. The third chapter is worked into the detail of the attitude of a teacher to a pre-school child, which is devided into the three sub-chapter: ´´Haló efect, Pygmalion efect, Golem efect". The fourth chapter concentrates on the theory of labeling. Its application in practice is devoted to a research, whigh aim is to map more deeply the ettitude of teachers to the belaviour and its materializing of wery single child. The research investigation was performer by the majority investigating votching and talking with parents. The teacher are able to thing about the importance of the theoretical knowledge of influencial assessment on the behaviour and materializing of pre-school children and on the necessity of work application together with its reflection and self-reflection, and all this witch was said above, results into the setting up of this Bachelor Thesis.
Direct involvement of a kindergarten teacher in physical activities seen from the viewpoint of a child
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to find out the opinion of preschool children on direct involvement of kindergarten teacher in outside moving activities. The theoretical part contains definitions of terms used, characteristics of preschool period, mention of Framework Educational Programme for Preschool Education (FEP PE) and chapters related to educational areas. The practical part contains the results of a mixed research. The children responses, obtained through the method of interviews, arise, among other things, from the created list of moving activities. This list has been created during working time with children in one year. All of these activities are practically tested and suitable for the direct involvement of the teacher. In the list of moving activities, included in Appendix num. 1, there are partial objectives, educational offer and general reflection. For comparison, the method of questionnaire survey also provided answers to the same questions from kindergarten teachers. The collected data was processed and evaluated. From the results of the interviews it is clear that all children from research welcome the direct involvement of the teacher. Comparison of interviews and questionnaires shows that the views of children and teachers on the involvement are almost the same. Just there are significant differences in kinds and frequency. Therefore, I recommend that teachers become more involved in physical activities, in terms of frequency, intensity and length. And they take into account children's views when planning physical activities.
First class primary school pupil and its adaptation in the social sphere from the perspective of parents and elementary school teachers
Součková, Jaroslava ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the adaptation 1st class primary school pupils, to the school environment in social area. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the process of adaptation pupil to the school environment, it explains the concept of socialization, analyzing school maturity, the readiness and the terms of school education. The practical part is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The method of questionnaire, interview and observation provides the identified data to deal with the issue of adaptation pupil at the 1st class primary school in the social field and analyzes the attitude of parents and first class teachers to the adaptation pupils to the school environment in the social sphere. The aim of the diploma thesis is analyzing the opinion to that issue by parents and first class primary school teachers.
Play and toy in contemporary art
Nováková, Kateřina ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Špičková, Kateřina (referee)
My thesis concentrates on the game, the playfulness and the toy. At first, I was searching for where these topics were most common and how they effected our lives generally. I presented some of the definitions. Then I worked more with these definitions and I put them into a connection with the art and the padegogy. Later I made a separated point of the role of the game, the playfulness and the toy in the visual art. I introduced some artist, who have been using the topics of mainly the game and the playfulness in their art work. The toy was presented more like the theme of the art works. The final part concentrates on the visual art project, which is prepared for children at age eight to ten years. One of the range was introduced deeply. n this range present individual lessons, one of them is showed in detail. This lesson is named The painting by the soap bubbles and I had been taught it at The basic art school Na Proseku. After this lesson I wrote reflection of it. Whole thesis is ilustrated by the pictures. In the conclusion I try to summarize knowledge I reached.
Importance of Interaction between Preschool Children and Seniors Citizens
Kubešová, Jana ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the matters of intergenerational coexistence, in particular with a possible outcomes when a child interacts with senior citizens. The theoretical part focuses on a comparison of generational coexistence in a family in the context of historical development, then, it analyses problems of a current modern family and the impacts on children who do not have the possibility of meeting grandparents or other senior citizens regularly. In the empirical part, we observe the realization of active cooperation between the nursery school Sokolovská and an old people's home. This observation includes interviews with children, parents and teachers. The goal of this work is to analyse the cooperation methods of a nursery school with old people's homes and the mutual contribution of gathering preschool children with seniors.
Pedagogical activity 20-30 years ago.
NETÍKOVÁ, Miroslava
My science described and compared differences between pedagogical work and peda-gogical work before 20 ? 30 years ago. I asked myself some questions for example ? what differences are between pedagogical work in these days and pedagogical work before 20 ? 30 years ago? What was different? What about the relationship between teachers and pupils? What about methods, which methods teachers used in their class-room? And what about relationship between teachers and parents of pupils? Were par-ents interested in pupils´ marks? Was the period before 20 ? 30 years ago influenced by policy? In my theoretical part I described both ? the school events and the political events which took places before 20 ? 30 years ago. I made up two types of questionnaires. The first type of a questionnaire is for teach-ers who taught before 20 ? 30 years ago. The second type of a questionnaire is for teachers who teach in these days. I used tables and graphs to interpret my obtained re-sults from the two types of questionnaires. I think that my science and obtained results are beneficial. The results from my ques-tionnaires I find useful and important. All my unanswered questions were answered.

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