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Processing of Incorrect XML Data
Svoboda, Martin
XML documents and related technologies represent widely accepted standard for managing and exchanging semi-structured data. However, surprisingly high number of XML documents is affected by well-formedness errors, structural invalidity or data inconsistencies. The aim of this thesis is the analysis of existing approaches resulting to the proposal of a new correction framework. The introduced model involves repairs of elements and attributes with respect to single type tree grammars. Via the inspection of the state space of an automaton recognising regular expressions, we are always able to find all minimal repairs. These repairs are compactly represented by recursively nested multigraphs, which can be translated to particular sequences of edit operations altering data trees. We have proposed four particular algorithms and provided the prototype implementation supplemented with experimental results. The most efficient algorithm heuristically follows only perspective repair directions and avoids repeated computations using the caching mechanism.
Conceptual Design of Web Forms
Kasarda, Ján
As complexity of web applications and software grows, benefits of applying modeling techniques for the development of such applications are increasing as well. In this work, we focus on modeling web forms which are an important part of current web applications. A short motivation example will demonstrate benefits of modeling web forms at the conceptual level. We will then summarize existing approaches to conceptual modeling based on UML and Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). We will present XForms. Finally, we will discuss how to model web forms at the conceptual level and how to translate conceptual schemas of web forms to XForms representation. Our approach is based on MDA principles. Firstly, a problem domain is modeled at the conceptual level. Secondly, each form representing a part of the domain is modeled independently of its representation in XForms. The last step is generating XForms representations of the modeled forms.
Evoluce XML schémat
Klímek, Jakub
In the present work we study possibilities in the area of XML schema evolution. The thesis contains a survey of conceptual modeling of XML data, schema matching and XML schema evolution. A new semi-automatic technique of connecting XML schemas to a conceptual model based on XSEM, a model for conceptual modeling of XML data based on MDA, is presented. It makes the design and maintenance of a set of XML schemas in an information system simpler and easier. In addition, the thesis contains a set of evolution operations allowing changes in the conceptual model to be automatically propagated to the connected XML schemas.
Inference of XML Integrity Constraints
Vitásek, Matej
In this work we expand upon the previous efforts to infer schema information from existing XML documents. We find the inference of structure to be sufficiently researched and focus further on integrity constraints. After briefly introducing some of them we turn our attention to ID/IDREF/IDREFS attributes in DTD. Building on the research by Barbosa and Menelzon (2003) we introduce a heuristic approach to the problem of finding an optimal ID set. The approach is evaluated and tuned in a wide range of experiments. Powered by TCPDF (
Algorithms for Parallel Searching in XML Datasets
Kruliš, Martin
This thesis will address the problems of indexing XML datasets and finding effective searching methods for indexed data. Defining data structures and algorithms that take highly parallel approach to the searching problem is considered to be main objective, therefore the implementation may benefit from the power of multicore CPUs. Prototype of such implementation will be presented with the thesis. Internal query model will be developed as a common layer. Multiple front-ends representing different query languages will be able to operate on the top of this model, thus the engine will not be dependent on any particular language. Sample front-end for a subset of XPath will be implemented along with the prototype.
XML Schema Evolution
Malý, Jakub
In the presented work we study the XML data evolution, reasons and consequences of XML schema evolution in particular. The thesis contains a survey of the existing approaches to this problem. The approach presented in this work extends the XSem conceptual model with the support for multiple versions of the model. Thanks to this extension, it is possible to define a set of changes between two versions of a schema. The thesis contains a description of an algorithm that compares two versions of a schema and produces a revalidation script in XSL.
Comparison of Fully Software and Hardware Accelerated XML Processing
Knap, Tomáš
The aim of this work is to compare XML processing abilities of standard software solutions and hardware accelerated scenarios using a new generation of XML processing appliances. The emphasis is puts on the speed of processing XML documents and on the demandingness of various operations over XML data. Firstly, we describe the used XML technologies and corresponding implementations in Java. Consequently, we characterize the core parts of our testing frameworks - IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50 for hardware accelerated and IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1 for standard XML processing. Further, the testing hierarchy involving two distinct testing suites - "Flat" and "Onion"- and tens of testing scenarios are defined. The "Flat" testing suite covers parsing, validating, transforming, and securing operations over XML data applied individually to a wide range of testing data, without bothering with concurrency. On the other hand, the "Onion" testing suite is a stress test combining several operations together. Both testing suites are executed on our testing framework and several measures (such as throughput) are collected and analyzed using n-dimensional OLAP cubes. The results show under which circumstances the appliance for hardware accelerated XML processing is worth using on and quantify...
Visual Workflow Editor for GPC Platform
Havelka, Ondřej ; Michal,, BATKO (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of business process modeling and application of acquired knowledge in workflow modeling. The purpose of this work is to create and implement a BPMN diagram editor. This editor will be integrated into the GPC framework to simplify the conversion of business processes to XML workflows, which are used to configure the framework for specific customers. Resulting solution will increase the usability of GPC in small and medium businesses.
Management of Exhibition Sites for a Festival
Duchoň, Radek ; Klobučníková, Dominika (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a new information system for the management of exhibition spaces at the festival called Animefest. The web application is implemented in Python using the Django application framework. The system uses a vector map in SVG format for the definition and representation of spaces. The created solution also provides its own system for recording the history of changes in the database. The system will allow festival organizers to catalog spaces and preserve the history of cooperation with various partners.
System for Automatic Filtering of Tests
Lysoněk, Milan ; Smrčka, Aleš (referee) ; Malík, Viktor (advisor)
Cílem této práce je vytvořit systém, který je schopný automaticky určit množinu testů, které mají být spuštěny, když dojde v ComplianceAsCode projektu ke změně. Navržená metoda vybírá množinu testů na základě statické analýzy změněných zdrojových souborů, přičemž bere v úvahu vnitřní strukturu ComplianceAsCode. Vytvořený systém je rozdělen do čtyř částí - získání změn s využitím verzovacího systému, statická analýza různých typů souborů, zjištění souborů, které jsou ovlivněny těmi změnami, a výpočet množiny testů, které musí být spuštěny pro danou změnu. Naimplementovali jsme analýzu několika různých typů souborů a náš systém je navržen tak, aby byl jednoduše rozšiřitelný o analýzy dalších typů souborů. Vytvořená implementace je nasazena na serveru, kde automaticky analyzuje nové příspěvky do ComplianceAsCode projektu. Automatické spouštění informuje přispěvatelé a vývojáře o nalezených změnách a doporučuje, které testy by pro danou změnu měly být spuštěny. Tím je ušetřen čas strávený při kontrole správnosti příspěvků a čas strávený spouštěním testů.

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