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Well-being of university pedagogues in workplaces related to social relationships and communication
Hnízdilová, Kristýna ; Kočí, Jana (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis on the topic of Well-being of university teachers in the working environment from the point of view of social relations and communication deals with occupational well- being in the field of social relations and communication. The theoretical part of the work defines the concept of well-being, explains its effect on health, connections with social relations and communication, and provides an overview of the specifics of occupational well-being in the university environment. The practical part is devoted to the research, which was aimed at university teachers of the Department of Multimedia at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague. Its aim was to find out what the occupational well- being of these teachers is in terms of social relations and communication in the workplace. This is because it is a specific department where pedagogic and commercial activities are linked, so it was expected that this phenomenon would be reflected in workplace relationships and the attitude towards them, as well as occupational well-being. The research was carried out in the form of a questionnaire filled out by teachers of the department and was supplemented by an interview with the head of the department. The results were generally positive and showed that...
How Does Generation Z Perceive the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia?
Pilná, Bára ; Kubátová, Hana (advisor) ; Daušová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the attitude of Generation Z towards the former communist regime. In the first section, it introduces the reader to the communist history of Czechoslovakia, followed by an overview of communism as an ideology, and also revisionism. The next section describes the methods used to collect data. Those data are then used in the third section to verify the truthfulness of the established hypotheses. These hypotheses aim to find out the attitude of Generation Z towards communism and whether the field of study at the individual's university also plays a role in their perception.
Integrace zahraničních vědecko-výzkumných a akademických pracovníků v České republice
Foreign experts in higher education and research institutions guarantee international scientific cooperation and the quality of educational programs. Some obstacles harm their quality of life and prevent them from engaging in the work process in a new social environment and from performing professional and scientific work, which affects not only their well-being and health but also the employer's competitiveness. The field of services for foreigners on campus is not systematically researched in the Czech Republic, and therefore there are not enough theoretical basis, information, or procedures recommended for the process of their integration. There is a lack of setting up a system of services and rules involving intercultural and ethical approaches for adaptation to the new environment. This dissertation aimed to find out selected aspects of the integration of foreign scientific-research and academic workers in scientific-research and higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. Quantitative research was chosen, the research tool was a questionnaire, and all public universities in the Czech Republic and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic were approached. Feedback was obtained from 221 respondents. Data were analyzed in SASD 1.4.10. and SPSS, version 24, and supplemented with qualitative research ? by coding answers to open questions in the Atlas.ti program. The analyzes demonstrated statistical connections between the variables and revealed problematic areas and shortcomings in the work, social and cultural integration of foreign experts. As the biggest obstacles, respondents identified complicated administration, the Czech language as the only official language, and problems with providing basic life needs (accommodation, school facilities, health care), but also pointed to socio-cultural differences. They identified shortcomings in the services provided, which currently vary in quality and are different for each institution. This is the first and very unique feedback with examples that should lead to further research in this area and the incorporation of evidence-based practice within integration strategies. The result of the dissertation not only identified selected aspects of integration, but also resulted in a recommendation for the implementation of complex integration services for foreign professionals disadvantaged by a foreign environment, which will help in removing obstacles and support the creation of measures and rules for solving dilemmas arising from the diversity of cultures, social values, and religions. The practical impact of the proposed concept should result in satisfied foreign employees with good mental and physical health and be a prerequisite for problem-free integration into our society. A high level of quality of life in a scientific and academic environment will thus be able to guarantee the improvement of the Czech Republic's excellence in the field of education, science, and research. The findings should be an impetus for further intercultural education and the deepening of internationalization efforts at home.
Aspekty ovlivňující nezaměstnanost a uplatnění absolventů VŠ ve Zlínském kraji
Staníková, Barbora
The aim of the thesis, which focuses on aspects affecting unemployment and finding employment of university graduates in the Zlín Region, is to assess the ability of university graduates to succeed in the labour market. The data analysis, based on responses of randomly selected university graduates working or seeking employment in the Zlin Region, has become an important point in order to accomplish the objective. The diploma thesis consists of two parts. The first part is theoretical, dealing with the problems of the labour market and unemployment, while the second part is practical. The practical part is based on the analysis of the survey results, afterwards recommendations for students / graduates and universities were implemented.
Analýza významu studentů vysokých škol pro rozvoj města Brna
Štěbra, Václav
This dissertation thesis is concerned with city of Brno in connection with high concentration of local universities' students in proportion to city inhabitants and optional propositions of city development solutions. There is brief description and characteristics of the main objectives in introductory part and methods to accomplish it. Ensuing the description of key words based on specialized literature of Czech and international authors, which is connected with the issue and chapter where is described the development of universities in Brno. The main part of thesis is the research targeted on transportation and accommodation of students in Brno and financial demands of study at university in the city. Except that there were studied services which university student usually use and amount of money which they are spending here.
Multi-source financing of universities
Šmelková, Jana ; Marková, Hana (referee)
ŠMELKOVÁ, Jana: Multi-source financing of universities. Dissertation work. Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Law, Department of Commercial Law and Economic Law. Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Katarína Válková, PhD. Bratislava 2017. 127 p. The Dissertation work is focused on the legal analysis of the current model of financing higher education with a significant emphasis on public universities, which is devoted a substantial part of the work. The first chapter is approximated legal status of individual types of high schools as subjects of law. The second chapter, devoted to the legislation of income of public universities, is followed by a characteristic means of providing state subsidies to the graphical representation of the distribution of subsidies for specific parts. Subsequently, one part is devoted to work and legislation funding of public universities in the Czech Republic. The fifth chapter is devoted to the review bodies performing inspection, assigned from the state budget. The sixth chapter brings the possibility of funding other types of universities. The seventh part of our thesis is devoted to a specific issue - the possibility of business public universities in terms of legislation and internal regulations of the universities. The practical part of the work and its results are...
Motivation of nurses for academic education
In the presented diploma thesis we focus on three basic goals. The first goal is to map the interest of students in the field of Practical Nurse and in the study of nursing at universities and colleges. The second goal is to find out how students of Practical Nurse are interested in entering nursing practice. The third goal is focused on the interest of these students in entering the professions outside the medical fields. The theoretical part of the thesis describes some theories of motivation, education of nurses, the nursing profession, the personality of the nurse, the role of the nurse and the importance of higher education for nurses. The empirical part of the diploma thesis is created through quantitative and qualitative research. Research is focused on the future of Practical nurse students and factors that affect them in choosing universities or colleges. The quantitative research was conducted using a non-standardized anonymous questionnaire. Questionnaires were distributed to students at all secondary medical schools in the South Bohemian Region. A qualitative research survey was mediated through a semi-structured interview. Interviews were conducted with ten students who want to study nursing at a university or college. In the diploma thesis we came to several conclusions. We learned that more than half of our respondents want to continue their studies in nursing at a university or college. On the contrary, less than a quarter of respondents wants to start working. If students want to start working, in most cases they choose a profession as a practical nurse. The remaining part of respondents wants to study other fields at university or college. The main reason that leads respondents to study nursing at university is to increase qualifications and competencies. The work provides an overview and issues of the direction of students in the field of Practical Nurse. The results of the research survey can help universities and colleges to map the future direction of students in the field of Practical Nurse. Also factors that may occur at universities and colleges that influence students in choosing to study nursing at a university or college.
Influence of the pedagogical comunication on the educational process within the university
The thesis deals with pedagogical communication from the point of view of university students and the experience gained from their studies. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters. Each chapter introduces the most important concepts of this thesis - communication, pedagogical communication, educational process, and the teacher as an important person in the student's life. The theoretical part prepares the reader for the research part and provides initial insight into the issues of pedagogical communication and their functions and rules. The practical part includes an introduction to the chosen method for the research - Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). For the research, I used key excerpts and interview responses from three full-time students at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The main indicators were the students' acquired experiences and insights into communication and relationships with teachers on the University grounds. The respondents are aware of the influence that teachers have on them and this is reflected mainly in non-verbal communication.
Student with a Specific Learning Disorder - Undertaking Studies at a University
Master's thesis on the topic Student with a Specific Learning Disorder-Undertaking Studies at a University is of a theoretical-empirical nature. The aim of the theoretical part of the thesis is to introduce the problematics of specific learning disorders in the context of adolescence and early adulthood. There is also a focus on tertiary education. The empirical part of the thesis the evolves around finding factors which determine the success in finalizing the studies of individuals with specific learning disorders at universities. This work is part of a research project GA JU.
Grammar school students criteria for university selection
The bachelor thesis investigates the issue of university selection made by Czech secondary grammar school students as well as the area of career counseling as such. The objective is to answer the question: What are the decision-making criteria of secondary grammar school students when choosing a university? The theoretical part explores professional literature focused on career counseling which deals with the choice of future profession and thus also with the university selection. The information related to various tertiary study motives is in compliance with the point of view of experts on individual criteria for university selection provided in the works mentioned in the theoretical part. The final part presents the results of the research aimed on finding the criteria for university selection of the Czech secondary grammar school students in the third year of their studies.

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