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Crowdfunding impact on traditional distribution structures
Böhm, Jan ; Zaoral, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to discover, how crowdfunding influences traditional distributional structures. There are many possibilities, how to approach the problem. I have decided to compare the role of the intermediary in different forms of financing. This means, that by "distributional structures", I understand forms of financing. I compare five forms of financing, that altogether define all important kinds of financial transactions between two subjects: The bilateral model, Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Market and Banks. As a tool for comparing all the forms, I created "Intermediate chain", that describes the way from one demanding subject, who realises his needs, through finding offering subject, to making and fulfiling a contract. I use the intermediate chain, that analyses this way, to describe all the forms of financing. The outcome of this process is a very detailed description. I describe all the models to verify, how crowdfunding takes over the function of other models. The theoretical frame of the analysis is disintermediation. Only by putting the analysis into this theoretical frame, the whole thesis becomes reasonable: The point is not to describe all the models, how people trade with each other. By the question about the influence of crowdfunding on traditional distributional structures, I...
Venture Capital Financing
Zapletal, Václav ; ACCA, Petr Vykydal, (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce je zaměřena na financování podnikových činností pomocí rizikového kapitálu v České republice. Práce identifikuje způsoby a prostředky, díky kterým prospívají společnosti, do nichž byl rizikový kapitál investován. Způsoby zvyšování hodnoty podniku, prospěch rizikového kapitálu a další determinanty spolupráce managementu podniku s rizikovými kapitalisty jsou analyzovány pomocí čtyř případových studií z České republiky a Velké Británie. Diplomová práce se také zaměřuje na možnosti zlepšení daňového a právního prostředí České republiky z pohledu institucionálních investorů, jakožto významného zdroje rizikového kapitálu. Výstupem této práce je doporučení na zavedení speciální daňové sazby pro malé a střední společnosti, umožnění penzijním fondům a pojišťovnám investování do fondů rizikového kapitálu a dále zvýšení možnosti daňového odečtu nákladů na výzkum a vývoj. Co se týče výkonnosti managementu po investici rizikového kapitálu, zdůrazněna je důležitost funkce dozorčí rady, neustálé přehodnocování motivačního balíčku pro management a další možnosti, které umožní dosáhnutí zvýšené výkonnosti managementu podniku.
Private Equity funds and their performance in the post-crisis period
Koníř, Štěpán ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kučera, Adam (referee)
The work covers the topic of private equity funds performance and attempt to identify the impact of macroeconomic conditions on the entire industry. The recent central banks' actions put a question about the impact of changes in interest rates on the private equity funds performance. With the sample of 100 observations provided by Cambridge Associates, we identified the significant negative effect of prevailing low interest rates on the growth of private equity funds performance. We further attempt to answer the question, whether private equity funds operating in post-crisis years has on average higher growth rate, however, we could not provide the answer as we failed to reject the null, neutral effect hypothesis. Additionally, with a sample of 3092 observations provided by Bloomberg, we found that the effect of cheap debt has increased on average in the postcrisis period, predicting that the private equity performance can suffer once the interest rates rises enough.
Startups in the field of education and media in German-speaking countries
SAMCOVÁ, Gabriela
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to characterize and give an overview of the support for startups in the area of education and media in German-speaking countries - especially in Germany and in Austria. The thesis introduces the startup environment, financing options including support programs that the countries offer to the start-up entrepreneurs. The thesis is supplemented by interesting examples of already existing startups in the area of media and education, which are beneficial for pupils, students and teachers, as well as ordinary citizens.
Strategy of newly formed IT company
Rejman, Jiří ; Klčová, Hana (referee) ; Sodomka, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation aims on strategic tools of new inovative IT company for creating strategic plan. In theoretical part the thesis research strategic tools, developing a product and financing of innovative IT companies and tries to identificate proper right tools for creating strategy. Tools examined in theoretical part are used in practical part to create concrete strategic plan of new company.
Financing innovative companies in USA through venture capital
Stropkaiová, Aneta ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
Silicon Valley and companies grouped around MIT are known as world centres for investor activity for venture capital. These areas with many start-ups and companies participating on R&D are today ranked as regions with highest concentration of innovations in the world and companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Google who are based in Silicon Valley, belong among the most innovative and most important companies of our generation. From Windows to FedEx, technologies created within the companies financed by venture capital, changed our world. The purpose of my diploma thesis is identify relationship between venture capital, innovations and economic productivity on example of USA. In first chapter I define the term venture capital, explain how the process of investing venture capital is happening, and which subjects are involved in the process. In second chapter I evaluate the role of venture capital in American economy. I´m also researching in what way venture capital is contributing with creation and development of innovatory companies. In third chapter I apply conclusions of my findings on an example of specific American company, which fulfills two conditions; it is financed by venture capital and has high innovation potential. On practical example I verify the relationship between venture capital, innovations and economic productivity of country.
Analysis of support and financing of start-up projects in Israel in the period of years 2003 - 2015
Zedková, Daniela ; Ševčíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Munzi, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis analyzes the support and financing of start-up projects in Israel, especially in the period of years 2003 - 2015. Main goalof the thesis is to analyze the developmnet of of the Israeli startup environment, facts and the institutions that influence it. The thesis furthermore compares the development of the startup ecosystem in Israel and the USA during the period mentioned above. To achieve these goals the method of analysis has been chosen, especially causal, cestoral and system analysis. The thesis shows that the mains causes of the dynamic development of the startup ecosystem in Israel is in particular the government initiative together with the creation of the Office of the Chief Scientist, constantly rising spending on R&D and the associated support for venture capital funds. In comparison with the US, in Israel, the government sector plays a significant role in all types of support, whether financial or institutional, thus motivating foreign investors to enter the Israeli financial market. The success of the Israeli state lies also in its historical events, cultural habits and the features of the population. The main benefit of the thesis, except the analysis of the Israeli startup environment and its comparison with the US is a comprehensive analysis of the insignificant facts that influenced its current development.
Private Equity Fund Performance The Comparison of Venture Capital Funds and Buyout Funds in Europe and the Determinants of their Returns
Ballek, Richard ; Mejstřík, Michal (advisor) ; Lelovská, Adriána (referee)
Using dataset of 198 buyout funds and 90 venture captial funds available to institutional investors in Europe in 2013 we make several comparisons. Firstly we compare our sample to the overall performance of private equity, secondly we ask which investments are more likely to be profitable for investors focused in funds operated exclusively in Euro currency. Finally we look for determinants of private equity fund returns in Europe. Moreover we compiled survey of fundamental principles and actual knowledges in the problem of private equity performance. Powered by TCPDF (
The effect of introduction of Cloud Computing: The case of Venture Capital
Šomvársky, Jan ; Mejstřík, Michal (advisor) ; Čech, František (referee)
The thesis aims to examine the impact of introduction of Cloud Computing on Venture Capital (VC) financing in the United States. In the first part we review features of Cloud Computing and their impact on startup costs in context of VC. In this thesis we consider Amazon Web Services (AWS), introduced in 2006, a pioneer of widely accessible Cloud Computing. In the second part we quantify the cost reduction associated with utilization of AWS against owning IT infrastructure. Results show 529 fold decrease in startup costs in 3- month time frame. In the third part we analyze the impact of introduction of AWS on seed and later-stage investments in context of selected macroeconomic and technological factors. We perform analysis on a comprehensive dataset from National Venture Capital Association using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model to account for a change in lagged values of dependent and independent variables. Main finding of our analysis suggests that seed investments are significantly influenced by the introduction of AWS and subsequent drop in startup costs. Specifically, the decline in cost of startup induced 29.67% increase in seed investments. Further findings indicate insignificant relationship between seed investments and macroeconomic factors. Moreover, according to our results,...

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