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How do women experience the time of their maternity leave?
The diploma thesis, based on qualitative research conducted through unstructured individual interviews, describes the way mothers experience their time on maternity leave. The theoretical part contains a discussion of time and free time. The practical part is dedicated to important topics arising from the interviews, such as the father's position in the family, comparing the care of younger and older children, the mother's free time, household duties and child support.
How do the teachers of the ZŠ Grünwaldova and the coaches of HC MOTOR České Budějovice describe the relationship between the sports career and the education of the pupils?
KRCHO, Josef
Combining a hockey career and education is very challenging. Following this fact, the author tries to describe the phenomenon, which is the relationship between the sports career and the education of pupils, both from the point of view of teachers and from the point of view of coaches, using a grounded theory. The results of the first part indicate that parents, authorities and the rules set by them, the personality of the individual, the current age category, individual interviews within the club and the environment are important factors that interact with each other and influence this relationship. In part of the research investigation, the author of the second communication between the school and the club, and how this communication establishes rules. The results refer to the club's mediator, to closer contact between the coach and class teacher, to a modified school schedule and non-compliance with the rules. How a student perceives the relationship between education and a hockey career is primarily conditioned by the environment in which the relationship is formed. Parents, teachers and coaches are the most influential in this environment. Communication between the school and the club and compliance with their set rules has a significant influence on the education and hockey practice of pupils/hockey players.
Pedagogical assistant in a school club and children with behavioral disorders
The main research objective of this thesis is to find out how pedagogical assistants and educators in after-school clubs think about educating children with behavioural disorders and behavioural problems. The first chapter attempts to distinguish between behavioural disorders and behavioural problems, defines ethopedics and behavioural disorders, their etiology, and diagnostics. The second chapter deals with inclusive education for students with special needs and defines the position of teaching assistants in terms of Czech legislation. The third chapter presents qualitative research consisting of four phenomenological interviews. The research aim is to explore and understand the experience of pedagogical assistants and educators in after-school clubs educating children with behavioural disorders and behavioural problems. The findings of the research are compared with the theory presented in the professional literature, and, in conclusion, recommendations for educational practice are suggested.
Students' sport activities and their family background
JIROUT, Vladimír
The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to investigate similar trends in the families of informants regarding sports. We compared individual responses and found matches in some cases. In the theoretical part, basic concepts were explained, and we focused on children of older school-age. We were also interested in the family background in relation to child upbringing and parenting styles within the family. In the third chapter, we paid attention to motivation and attitudes towards sports activities. In the practical part, we conducted interviews with children from two selected schools, totalling eight informants. To maintain anonymity, codes were assigned to all participants. We use the codes to refer to the participants in our discussions. We processed and compared the individual responses and identified common trends, which are summarized in the final discussion. One of the interviews can be found in the attachment listing.
Autorita učitelů na střední škole
Houserová, Jana
Abstract The bachelor´s thesis is focused on the perception of the authority of teachers in secondary schools. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. The aim of the theoretical part is to define the concept of authority, the division of types of authorities, the comparison of authority at various levels of schools. It tries to describe the personality of the teacher and focuses on the relationship between students and secondary school teachers. In the theoretical part, I compared and analysed theoretical knowledge from various professional sources. The aim of the practical part is to find out how students at secondary vocational schools perceive the concept of authority in the secondary school environment, what they imagine behind it. What personalities of educators as bearers of authority they prefer and how they approach to them. I also focused on the view of students, how they look at the characteristics of teachers and the differences of opinions with respect to gender. Based on the collection of data from the questionnaire survey, evaluation, and analysis of data, I tried to propose recommendations for pedagogical practice. The research was carried out by a questionnaire, whose respondents were students at secondary vocational schools.
Education as a Way to Freedom in Philosophy of Jan Patočka
Kalina, Lukáš
TITLE: Education as a Way to Freedom in Philosophy of Jan Patočka AUTHOR: Bc. Lukáš Kalina DEPARTMENT: Social Sciences and Philosophy Department SUPERVISOR: doc. PhDr. Naděžda Pelcová, CSc. ABSTRACT: This master's thesis will show the concept of education as the way to freedom in the philosophy of Jan Patočka. It will deal with common phenomenological basis of philosopher to education for freedom and the concept of freedom, and also philosopher's viewpoint to the instrumental education and general link between instrumentality and free human beings. What means ''to raise/educate'' or ''to be raised/educated'' and how Jan Patočka thinks in the meaning of educational/raising methods. KEYWORDS: Upbringing, Freedom, Phenomenology, Three Movements of Human Life, Shake, Truth, Patočka
The conditions of kindergartens for education of children between the second and third year of age.
The topic of this bachelor's thesis approaches the issue of the conditions of kindergartens for the education of children aged 2-3 years old. The thesis is divided into two basic parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the conditions of education in kindergartens (especially the conditions for children under the age of three years old) and also describes the development and abilities of a child between two to three years of age using developmental psychology. The practical part is devoted to qualitative research, which was conducted on the basis of personal visits, consultations and interviews with teachers in three selected kindergartens in Humpolec area. The aim of the thesis is to explain the individual conditions (material, personnel, psychosocial, etc.) and to find out how kindergartens provide conditions for the upbringing and education of children under three years of age.
Health education in family education
The aim of the bachelor thesis is mapping of health education in family education at primary school in the Czech Republic and abroad. Family education is an important part of health education within the education system and general life. In history, there have been attempts to introduce family education as a subject, which has been canceled due to a lack of accredited teachers. Instead of family upbringing, health education began. Teaching is carried out using the curriculum of the School Educational Program and the Framework Educational Program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The high level of health education teaching is influenced by the low number of professionals and the maturity of the states. According to most authors, the biggest problem of health education is the lack of public information and the lack of interest of citizens in leading a healthy lifestyle. Programs under the auspices of the World Health Organization are set to change this.
Probe into the soul of a lifetime scout
The thesis gives a perspective on life seen through the Scout's eyes. It deals with the life and the thinking of the people who were or have been active members of this movement. The practical part of the thesis focuses, through eight narrative interviews, on the experience of the Scout movement members and the subjective purpose of their own experience throughout their life. It describes as well what these individuals have found within the movement, what they have identified or conversely disagreed with and what values and approaches they prefer in their lives. The practical part seeks the essence of something that a Scout's soul is comprised of, it means, what makes a Scout a Scout. The analysis of individual interviews exposed several topics and subtopics, where the correlation between them was examined. These topics turned into a syllabus or basis for the theoretical part, where it was described and clarified to the reader with the help of the reference literature.
Qualification of an assistant of a pedagogue and their role at educating Roma pupils.
The thesis deals with educational assistant requirements, which are necessary for the performance of this profession. The theoretical part presents basic concepts associated with the researched issues. Initially, it characterizes upbringing and education. Subsequently, it presents the most common disorders that occur in Roma children, such as mental retardation or ADHD. An important chapter is the Roma pupil. This part presents the history of Roma education, their specific attitudes to gain knowledge and also the Roma language itself. There is also a chapter about educational assistants. The practical part is based on interviews with educational assistants and case studies of Roma pupils, which closely specify the need of the assistant and his activities in the educational process. From evaluating the interviews, it is clear that apart from the qualification requirements, personality prerequisites also play an important role.

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