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Attitudes and motivation of students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice to study
The aim of this thesis was to find out the motivations and attitudes of the students to study. Particularly of the students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia. Thesis is focused on finding answers on questions such as why did students choose this faculty for their studies, what factors were important in choosing a school, who contributed to this decision, for instance family or peers, with their opinion or advice. As well as how do students evaluate the course of study, whether there are any problems that should be solved at the faculty etc. Part of the work is qualitative and quantitative research. Data from quantitative research are were provided by the faculty. Qualitative research was done in the form of semi-structured interviews. In conclusion, interesting outcome from the evaluation of both surveys were summarized, whether the outcome of both surveys coincide or contradict what benefits each research has brought. Part of the outcome are also some recommendations for the faculty based on the results of the questionnaire survey and the interviews. Highlighted were also the most positive and negative opinions and perceptions of the students during their studies, so the outcome is useful with its qualitative data.
Academic development of students with learning disability at the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
My diploma work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In theoretical part I engage with particular defect of studying, their types and demonstration. I also deal with their diagnostic and amendment. In the connection to particular defects of studying I also describe the trouble of defect of behaviour, mostly ADHD, including the defect of studying of adults. I also focus on education of individual with the particular defect of studying at university. I describe the system of studying at university with the possibility of advantage for students with particular defect of stuyding. The end of my theoretical part I aim on University of South Bohemia itself, its history and operating of each faculty. In my practical part I deal with analyze of students´branch/programmes of daily studying in two faculties of University of South Bohemia - Faculty of Economy and the Faculty of Fishing. Each subjects which are taught in particular studying branch I analyze and I show the requirements which are needed to pass that subject. After this I try to deduce the charge on students which has been defined on the base of analyze of each students branch in different faculties. It will be confronted with the theoretical piece of knowledge, which relates to needs and rarity of the students with the particular defect of studying while being a student at university.
Academic development of students with learning disability at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
The topic of this thesis is the academic development of students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, specifically at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. The thesis is mainly concerned with the analysis of individual study programmes and fields in the context of the study specification demands, the results of which will be used in the research of the GA JU project implemented by the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Faculty of Education. The introduction of the theoretical part describes the current state of knowledge about the problems of specific learning disorders. First, the basic concepts and the divisions of learning disorders according to the affected area are defined. Then, the etiology of specific learning disabilities is presented, followed by a chapter focused on symptoms of learning disabilities, diagnosis and reeducation. The next chapter is focused on the adult, his / her development in biological and psychological terms. Diagnostics and re-education in adulthood are also presented in this chapter. In the theoretical part, attention is also paid to the education of individuals with specific learning disabilities in secondary school and university. The conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to universities in general, then to the University of South Bohemia and the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences itself. The aim of the practical part is to analyze all study programmes that can currently be studied at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences in full-time study. Individual subjects taught in the given study programme will be the core of the analysis. The criteria will be pre-defined in order to determine the level of study demands.
Promoting branch Radiology Assistant at University of South Bohemia
First aim of my bachelor´s thesis was to carry out the analysis of number of universities offering the opportunity to study the specialization Radiological Assistant. In this respect, I carried out a process of data collection on websites of individual universities. In my bachelor´s thesis, I established the research question whether there was a sufficient promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant. On the basis of results of the questionnaire survey and after consideration of responses of all students, in particular on issues related to the specialization Radiological Assistant and future application of the graduate, I could state that the promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant was not sufficient. The second objective of this bachelor´s thesis was promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant for the general public and high school graduates. As a form of promotion I chose a leaflet, and I created a draft of this leaflet. The promotional leaflet was designed to serve the promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.
Business plan creation and proposal of its practical usage in entrepreneurship
This thesis deals with creating a business plan and proposal of its practical usage in entrepreneurship. With the help of theoretical knowledge, the concrete business plan Miss University of South Bohemia was created.
Mobile information bank
HŮNA, Jaroslav
Mobile information bank is a project of unifying news generated by the University of South Bohemia, and at the same time proposing solutions of navigation between university classrooms. All information are transmitted via server to client mobile applications build upon Android platform. Designed and implemented solution can be modified and applied to other schools as well.
Attitudes of Students towards Lecturers of the South Bohemia University.
This diploma thesis provides information how students of chosen faculties of the University of South Bohemia evaluate their teachers, what attitudes they have developed to them, what is particularly important for them and which requirements they impose on the teachers. The theoretical part deals with attitudes, teaching, personalities of a teacher and a student, a current tertiary education in the Czech Republic and mutual relations of students and educators. The empirical part presents a quantitative research that I realized through a semantic differential. Here I describe characteristics of the population and the research sample. Furthermore, I bring results of obtained data and information about students´ attitudes to their teachers. The data collection took place in March 2012 in a form of questionnaires. The research was conducted at the University of South Bohemia, Pedagogical, Health Social and Theological Faculties. Fields of study of similar focus were chosen within each of given faculties. In total 240 questionnaires were distributed. The return was 75%, thus altogether 180 questionnaires. Three hypotheses were defined for the research. The first hypothesis assumed that the preferred field of study positively influenced students´ attitudes to their teachers and the conducted research confirmed this hypothesis. The second hypothesis stated the students studying a prestigious field of study evaluated their teachers more positively than students studying a not prestigious field of study. This hypothesis was not confirmed. The third hypothesis was that women-students were less critical in the evaluation of teachers than men-students. The carried out research did not confirm nor this hypothesis. The thesis can be used to compare attitudes of women-students and men-students from individual faculties of the University of South Bohemia and for publishing activities.
Information security metrics
JÍNA, Karel
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide an overview about how the level of information security is solved and evaluated in practice. The readers will learn what metrics are, what are they used for and what role do they play in the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The system itself is being explained as well. The practical part presents execution of a research concerning the status of information security in several organizations and a proposal of several candidate metrics that could be used in the environment of Jihočeská univerzita.
Security risk analysis IS STAG
Risk management is a tool, which helps to reveal the security risks to a system and proposal of its security action. And just a risk management will be a main part of work. In the first, theoretical part common definitions of IT security will be described, theory of risk analysis and a method usable for its measuring. In the second part question forms and tables of Risk analysis will be created, which will be filed with network managers of Pedagogical faculty of University of South Bohemia. From these tables final evaluation will be created and will be proposed useful action.

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