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Gendered Discourse: Latina Immigrant Identity Representation in American News Reports
Hansen, Emmalynn ; Kotvalová, Anna (advisor) ; Plechanovová, Běla (referee)
Název práce Genderovaný diskurz: Reprezentace latinské imigrantské identity v americkém zpravodajství Klíčová slova Neoliberalismus, feminismus, Spojené státy, Latinská Amerika, imigrace, diskurz, hegemonie Autor: Emmalynn Hansen Abstrakt Zvýšená všudypřítomnost kapitalismu v globalizovaném světě zahrnuje rostoucí nadnárodní vztahy, zvýšené globální nerovnosti a polarizovanou politiku, což jsou faktory, které ovlivňují migrační toky a vedou k rozdílným podmínkám pro přistěhovalce. Práce se pokouší porozumět reprezentaci identity imigrantek z Latinské Ameriky do Spojených států a zjistit, jak může diskurz podporovat podřízenost na základě migračního statusu, rasy a pohlaví, a nakonec sledovat, jak ji posiluje stále mocnější a všudypřítomnější systém neoliberálního kapitalismu a globalizace. Prostřednictvím kritické diskurzní analýzy identity žen z Latinské Ameriky, které imigrují do Spojených států, práce zkoumá, jak rostoucí fenomén globalizace a neoliberálního kapitalistického řádu ovlivňuje identitu latinskoamerických imigrantek, a to na základě zpravodajských článků z populárního amerického zpravodajského deníku The New York Times. Práce vychází z kritických teorií hegemonie, moci a ženství a odklání se od klasického neoliberálního přístupu, který považuje globální hegemonii za přirozenou díky nestranným...
The period of the Third Czechoslovak Republic in the context of international agreements and international politics
Czapek, Alexandr ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Blažek, Lukáš (referee)
The Third Czechoslovak Republic Period in the Context of International Contracts and International Politics This thesis titled "The Third Czechoslovak Republic Period in the Context of International Contracts and International Politics" is divided into a total of five chapters. In the first chapter, or rather in its theoretical part, the author first defines the observed period of 1938-1948 and then defines the legal institutes with which he works in the thesis. In the second chapter of the thesis, the author describes the period of the so-called Second Republic and its political development. In the third chapter of the diploma thesis, the author describes the activities of the Czechoslovak authorities in foreign exile. In this chapter, he discusses the steps of the foreign resistance directing the Czechoslovak government in exile and the process leading to the denunciation of the Munich Agreement. In the last part of this chapter, the author discusses the influence of communist members of parliament on foreign resistance, the improvement of relations with the Soviet Union, President Beneš's visit in Moscow and the negotiation of an alliance agreement between Czechoslovakia and the USSR. In the fourth chapter of the diploma thesis, the author deals in detail with the so-called Potsdam Conference....
The distribution of the capital companies profits - Comprarasion of the Czech Republic, the USA and the Russian Federation legal systems
Řezníčková, Denisa ; Bažantová, Ilona (advisor) ; Dupáková, Lenka (referee)
Profit Distribution in Capital Companies - A Comparison of Legal Systems in the Czech Republic, the United States of America, and the Russian Federation Abstract In the modern business world, the distribution of a company's profits is a complex decision- making process that considers not only legal, tax, and economic aspects but also political and cultural contexts. Therefore, this thesis is divided into five chapters, the first of which is a theoretical section discussing the nature and implications of corporate economic behavior, including the motivations for profit distribution. The core of the thesis consists of three analytical chapters on the distribution of profits in capital companies in the Czech Republic, the State of Delaware in the United States of America, and the Russian Federation. This selection allows for a cross-sectional examination of the different approaches to this topic against diverse legal cultures and political climates. The fifth and concluding chapter offers a comparative analysis of the commonalities and differences in profit distribution in capital companies within these jurisdictions. Among the sub-areas that the thesis compares are selected institutions related to the distribution of profit shares, such as the non-cash form of payment, the option of not distributing profits,...
The Causes of Higher Mortality Rate of African Americans in Case of Overdose During the Third Wave of Opioid Epidemic
Konečná, Kateřina ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
Diploma thesis addresses the topic of the opioid epidemic in the United States and focuses on the causes of the higher rate of overdose deaths among African Americans during the third wave of the epidemic. The opioid epidemic has claimed nearly one million victims since its onset in the late 1990s. In the public sphere, it is often associated with the white part of the population, which was hit the hardest in the early years of the epidemic due to the over- prescription of opioid painkillers. As the epidemic evolved from prescription drugs to illicit drugs such as heroin and fentanyl, its negative impact has spread to the rest of the US population, disproportionately affecting minority African American communities. During the third wave, opioid overdose death rates among African Americans increased disproportionately. This thesis examines the reasons for the higher rate of overdose deaths among African Americans. The thesis argues that African Americans are dying of overdose more because of the criminalization of drug addiction and the unavailability of drug addiction treatment. Based on available studies and academic articles, there is evidence that African Americans are criminalized for drug offenses and crimes more than the rest of the population, and drug addiction treatment is less accessible...
The Impact of the New Silk Road on the Geopolitical Influence of the United States in the Middle Wastern Region
Šimek, Jan ; Raška, Francis (advisor) ; Sehnálková, Jana (referee)
The thesis focuses on influence of Chinese Belt and Road initiative on geopolitical stability of United States in Middle East through tightening relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Through interdependence theory the thesis points out effort of the People's Republic of China to straighten its geopolitical influence at the expense of United States through various profitable economical connections and potential of long-term multi-level cooperation. This cooperation helps China to gain higher confidence from Israel and Saudi Arabia and trough their trust willingness to further cooperation. Rising trade between China and states of Middle East also gives China potential to cooperate with various states on different sides of conflict and through economical cooperation with them China has potential to become a moderator of mutual diplomatic relations between hostile states. This has huge impact on geopolitical position of United States and their negotiation position in dialogues with local states. The Belt and Road Initiative has apart from geopolitical influence also economical influence which drains trade from United States to China. It also has goal to bring energetic resources to China, which as well takes trade with oil from United States and helps China to became biggest trade partner for local...
Perception of the "culture wars" concept in American media
Šimek, Jan ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Charvát, Jakub (referee)
American society is going through an era of deep social and political divisions. At the forefront of this deepening divide are the so-called culture wars, an umbrella term for a set of narratives around cultural and social issues that both sides of the conflict use to advance their political goals. This thesis aims to determine how much space culture wars themes occupy in the production of selected American media outlets, how these themes are projected onto their audiences and how this influences the audience's trust in the mainstream media. The first part of the thesis presents the methodology used in collecting and evaluating the data used in the research for this thesis. The theoretical section also defines concepts and terms related to the topic of the thesis. The practical part of the thesis will then focus on the evaluation of the data from the questionnaire survey conducted among American media consumers between May and June 2023.
A model of two-level politics: the case of I.R. Iran's nuclear program
Habibpour Moghaddam, Ehsan ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
This research undertakes an exploration of the intricate dynamics in foreign policy strategies between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.), primarily focusing on the I.R.'s nuclear program. A game theory framework forms the basis of this study, helping to elucidate the complex interplay between international diplomacy, domestic political forces, and strategic decision-making mechanisms. After conducting a chronological examination of the nuclear issue, from its origins through to the ongoing negotiations, this study introduces several models. These are built upon the theoretical pillars established by De Mesquita's (2010) work on modeling I.R.-U.S. nuclear controversy and Putnam's (1988) analysis of the interplay between domestic and international politics. These models capture two significant elements: 1) the substantial influence of domestic politics within both countries on foreign policy outcomes, and 2) how shifts in each influential parameter within the model affect the outcome of the game. The study underscores how the dynamics of factors such as potential for military action, perceived power status of the involved players, and domestic political pressures critically influence each country's negotiation strategies and potential outcomes within the game's structure. Additionally,...
Going West: Czech Immigration to California (1960-1970)
West, Anna ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Krátká, Lenka (referee)
The construction of human identity involves various aspects of self-definition, often involving an interplay between ethnic, national, and personal identities. In the case of emigrants, their self-concepts about their identities can undergo a profound transformation when they leave their home country. This oral history research project studies the experiences of emigration, arrival, integration, and identity among Czech immigrants in California who emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. While contemporary research has centered primarily on Czechs in New York, Illinois, Nebraska, and Texas, where large Czech communities have historically existed, this study intends to fill a gap in our knowledge about Czechs who settled in California, of which less is known. Through oral history interviews with five narrators, this study examines their decisions to emigrate; their experiences of arrival and integration in California; their participation in the Czech community in California; and their perspectives on their identities before and after the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989. The presence of transnational identities and behaviors was found among the narrators, whereby they existed in social worlds that spanned their home country, Czechoslovakia (and the Czech Republic after 1993), and...

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