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The Process of Deinstitutionalization and Development of Community Social Services
The master thesis deals with the theme deinstitutionalization of residential social services and its transformation into community social services provided in natural community. The aim of this thesis is to describe basic principles of community social work, evaluation and importance of deinstitutionalization process nowadays and ascertain how social workers from residential social services in South Bohemian Region perceive deinstitutionalization of social work and how much they are aware of this matter. Theoretical part is focused on delimitation of basic terms related to the theme. It briefly describes residential social services in Czech Republic, transformation of social services, its causes and development in Czech Republic and foreign countries. This part of the thesis characterizes deinstitutionalization of social work services, advantages, disadvantages, risks and restraint of deinstitutionalization process and last but not least community social work and development of community social services. The practical part contains description of quantitative research realized by questioning method using online questionnaire, analysis and evaluation of dates and findings from questionnaire research. The research shows that social workers from residential social services consider deinstitutionalization of social services as positive process and important part of social services reform and that social workers have great awareness of this matter. However, they still want to know more about deinstitutionalization of social services. This thesis should not just serve as source of theoretical information about deinstitutionalization of social services, but it should represent a mean to raise awareness of importance and opportunities of deinstitutionalization of social services and utilization of community social services in social services transformation.
Providing Care Services in the Districts of Municipalities with Extended Competence of the City of Benešov
BÍLKOVÁ, Veronika
The diploma thesis deals with the provision of care services in the Districts of Municipalities with Extended Competence (DMEC) of the City of Benešov. Its aim is to describe the care service in DMEC Benešov, ways of its provision and changes related to the ongoing transformation, from the perspective of providers and from the perspective of clients. Another goal is to evaluate the expansion of the field care service onto weekends and into rural areas in DMEC Benešov. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the issue of care services. The practical part examines the area of the issue and is aimed to find answers to two main research questions: How is the care service provided in DMEC Benešov? How is the transformation of the Care Service of the Benešov District? A qualitative research strategy, a method of questioning and a semi-structured interview technique were chosen. The research group consisted of 12 informants, who were selected through deliberate selection, purposeful selection technique and their availability. The results were processed by data analysis using grounded theory. From the research, it can be concluded that the care service in DMEC Benešov has a stable team that supports clients to stay at home. The care service is mostly provided to seniors, who most often receive services such as lunch delivery, taking care of the household and assistance with personal hygiene. The care service provides a service on weekends even in rural areas, where it covers the so-called white spaces. Thanks to the project Care Service - Opportunity for a Life at Home II. The Care Service of the Benešov District managed to focus on professional work, expand the target group with families with a child/children and extend the operational hours until 19:00 and on weekends. However, the research revealed that in the DMEC Benešov there is not much interest in providing care services during weekends. The results can be used as feedback for care service providers in DMEC Benešov and as examples of good practice for other care service providers.
The transformation of institutional facilities for people with disabilities
My diploma thesis is focused on the transformation process of institutional facilities for people with disabilities in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part is divided into six main chapters, which are further expanded by subchapters. The first chapter deals with transformation, which includes both the history and the present of transformation in the Czech Republic. The second chapter is devoted to social services for people with disabilities, where they focus on residential and field services related to the transformation process. The third chapter describes the projects and challenges that were used in the process. The fourth chapter is about good practice, where communities such as Camphill and Archa are also mentioned. The fifth chapter presents transformational inspiration from abroad, for example from the USA, Italy or Jordan. The last sixth chapter then takes place on the independent life of people with disabilities. The aim of the work is to find out the factors influencing the course and completion of the transformation in residential facilities for people with disabilities in the Czech Republic and how the overall change was evaluated by service representatives, their staff or the clients they. To this end, one research question and three partial research questions were identified. The practical part showed that the factors that affect the transformation and its successful completion can include a team of staff who identify with the philosophy of transformation and deinstitutionalization, then properly support the transformation plan, or by guardians, family members or the community, where new households are emerging.
Transformation of a selected DDM after 1989
The subject of this thesis is the examination of the evolution of Youth Centre (Dům dětí a mládeže) in Strakonice since 1989. First, the changes that affected leisure education facilities after the Velvet revolution are described. The description focused on the alternations to the buildings and the management in the last decade of the 20th century, as well as its assertion as one of the main places for children and youths to spend their free time in the city of Strakonice. Next, the activities carried out as well as the forms of leisure education, HR and finance issues and the range of the offered leisure clubs are presented to demonstrate the evolution of the DDM Strakonice in the 21st century.
The Progress of Nursing in the 21st Century from a Patient's Perspective
ČERNÁ, Barbora
Intoduction: Nursing is a human-oriented scientific discipline. Due to various world events, pivotal changes have occurred in this field. These changes have led to improvement in nursing care that is being provided in health facilities today. The Aim of the Thesis: The aim of the thesis was to determine changes to the field of nursing through the eyes of care recipients (i.e. patients) that happened during the 21st century. Furthermore, the goal was also to identify factors that influenced these changes and evaluate nursing care through the eyes of patients. Methodology: The thesis was carried out by means of a qualitative research survey in the form of semi-structured interviews with patients. The selection criteria for choosing an informant were residence in the South Bohemian Region and 18 years of age (or older). These informants were chosen by snowball sampling. The research survey included 20 informants. The interviews were recorded on an answering machine, literally transcribed and consequently analysed. Results: The thesis identified a total of 8 categories and 23 subcategories. The category of Scientific and Technological Progress was recognized as the central category. It is the driving force for most changes, including changes in education. The patients thought that the biggest change was modern equipment, new aids and devices in health facilities. They also mentioned innovations in the education of nurses and they agreed with the changes. The patients rated nursing care as a highly professional, expert and demanding field. They understood that more and more demands were being placed on the nurses. Moreover, the patients described the profession as prestigious, but also said that the public should be more informed about it. Conclusion: It is certain that nursing care will be influenced by further advances and innovations because science and technology cannot be stopped. In this context, the demands on nursing personnel will increase and the patients will be more demanding as well. Therefore, it is necessary to continue working on nursing care. However, it has to be taken into account how these changes and developments are perceived by the patients.
Textile in free art of 20. - 21. century
KOSTKOVÁ, Gabriela
Bachelor thesis Textil ve volném výtvarném umění 20 a 21. století is in the theoretical-practical form. The theoretical part presents a brief overview and history of fibre and textile. There are outlined the functions and effects of textile materials. It deals deeper with manual and machine textile techniques. The main part is dealing with the technique of non-woven tapestry Art protis and Aradecor in this country. Here are selected any artists from the Czech environment, who have participated in the development of free textile art since the 1930s. In this context is presented the life and work of the most important Czech textile author Antonín Kybal. In the end of the theoretical part is summarized work of the Inez Tuschnerová and Světlana Kulíšková Ruggiero. The project of the practical part of the bachelor thesis is to create sketches, swatches, and textile artifacts in the technique Nunofelting. The topic of the whole practical part is The Transformation.
Inflation Trends in the Czech Economy 1990-2006 (Documentational Survey)
The aim of this bachelor work is to describe the summary documentation of inflation trends from the early 1990s up to present. The first part si presents the inflation primary information, its determination by the Czech National Bank, its stages and forms. There are the rate of inflation characterization and its konds at not least.The secon section is focused into the chronological developnemt of inflation in the Czech Republic divided itno five parts: the transtormation beginning (1990-1993), the trend of prices in 1994-1998, the perion 1999-2001, the inflation progress in 2002-2005 and the first three months of 2006.
Project of transformation
Vančura, Marek ; Čech, Petr (advisor) ; Hurychová, Klára (referee)
1 Project of transformation Abstract The diploma thesis discusses the project of transformation of trading companies and cooperatives. With the adoption of the Act on Transformations, existing institutes, on the basis of which a transformation occurred, were replaced by a single institute, namely the project of transformation. The project of transformation has become the only legal title for all types of transformations of business corporations. The aim of the thesis is to provide a more comprehensive perspective of the issue of the project of transformation, which is not provided sufficient space in the literature or decision- making activities of courts. So as to achieve a more comprehensive view of the project of transformation itself, the work is divided into eight sections and each section is devoted to a different area. The legal nature is a project of transformation by legal action, which before the amendment to the Act on Transformations imported a part of theory and case law. Now it is directly determined by the law. However, the peculiarities of a project of transformation justify an approach different from the usual legal negotiations in each area this work deals with. This is a different approach to the rules of interpretation, similar to the legal proceedings of a founder. When preparing a...
Economic Valuation of Housing Estate Transformation
Chudý, Ondřej
Housing estate areas usually have around a 70% share of public space. A considerable amount of money is spent on the maintenance of these non-building areas. When maintenance efforts decrease, technical and visual aspects of the living environment also decrease. This paper presents a survey conducted in the Modřany housing estate in Prague evaluating current non-building areas and proposing three examples of model transformations. The costs used in the survey were taken from the Catalogue of Interventions in Housing Estates. Benefits presented in the survey are taken from a questionnaire determining residents’ preferences. The goal is to find the correct valuation of the money spent on development and management of public areas of housing estates and show it can bring great benefits for residents.
Transformation as part of colonial identity
Vidím, Václav ; Fulka, Josef (advisor) ; Bierhanzl, Jan (referee)
(english): From a logical point of view, the colonial system is based on the difference between races, where one controls the other. This aspect significantly impacts the subjects from the perspective of their identity because their skin colour brings them significant disadvantages in how they live. The consequence of this discomfort can be the disintegration or assumption of a foreign identity, a pathological relationship to one's physicality. In the 20th century, many theorists of colonialism and post-colonialism analyzed these consequences. They are mainly Frantz Fanon, Albert Memmi and the American author Nella Larsen. All three of these provide a perspective that involves an active change in appearance as a way of integration that is not otherwise possible because, as David Macey writes in Frantz Fanon's biography, there are only two ways out, putting on a white mask, or rebellion. Therefore, if we turn to the first option, it is necessary to monitor the consequences for the subject undergoing this change and the one who observes it. That is also how the colonizer is doing. Thus, this work will not work with identity as something homogeneous, unchanging and motionless but as something that undergoes constant change.

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