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The importance of long-term physical activity for the level of fitness of children of younger school age (on the example of Olympic all-around)
Foltysová, Sabina ; Perič, Tomáš (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: The importance of prolonged physical activity for the fitness level of younger school- age children (on the example of Olympic all-around). Objectives: The aim of this paper is to investigate, using the Olympic Diploma competition as an example, whether regular participation in the competition has an effect on higher fitness levels in younger school-age children. Methods: Descriptive statistics (arithmetic mean and standard deviation) and data analysis (ANOVA method) were used to determine the difference of long-term physical activity on fitness level and to compare these results between children. Results: The theoretical part defines human development, especially younger school age, and also the development of physical abilities. It also describes motor tests, the history of testing and research on motor fitness testing in the Czech Republic and worldwide. The results compiled in this thesis were provided by the organisers of the Sazka Olympic multi-sport event and only lower primary school children aged 6 - 11 years were assessed. The arithmetic mean and standard deviation were calculated and the difference of long-term physical activity for the fitness level of the children was also calculated using data analysis (ANOVA method). The study population comprised a total of 95,430 children...
Determination of the motor performance level using the Unifittest test battery at the Grammar School Česká in České Budějovice
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate motor activity levels of secondary level students of the Gymnasium Česká, České Budějovice. The theoretical part of the thesis concentrates on research of relevant literature. Its content is focused on motor skill activities in relation to patterns of development. In addition, it examines the evaluation of motor activity and motor activity tests. Special attention is payed to three test batteries, i. e. Unifittest Battery (6-60), Eurofit Fitness Test Battery and Fitnessgram Test Battery. The practical part comprises of the application of the chosen test battery on the secondary level students of the Gymnasium Česká, the results of which were then compared to the Unifittest norms. As the conclusions of the research show, the students of the Gymnasium Česká perform better, on average, than the average assessed by the Unifittest norms. The results of the research are presented in tables and charts.
Design and verification of an intervention program aimed at developing flexibility of lower limb muscles in athletes with mental disabilities.
MAŤHOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a suitable intervention program to develop flexibility of the lower limbs in people with mental disabilities. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The first part is focused on explaining the concepts of mental disability, flexibility and anatomy of the lower limbs, sports and the importance of sports in people with mental disabilities. The practical part is focused on the design of the intervention program to develop flexibility in the lower limbs in people with mental disabilities. Testing was performed at the beginning and end of the program and the results were subsequently processed. Protractors were used for testing and measuring the flexibility of the mm. adductores femoris and mm. flexores genus. Also a deep forward bend was examined, which measures the muscles of the back of the thighs. Thanks to the measured values, which are presented in the work, it was found that the chosen intervention program was successful and regular exercise and movement in people with mental disabilities has a good effect. The flexibility in the mm. adducteres improved by 11.54 ° on average after 14 days and in mm. flexores genus the client improved flexibility on the right leg by 17 ° on average after 14 days and on the left leg by 15.4 °. Testing of the deep forward bend in a sitting position show that the client improved by 7.69 cm on average after 14 days.
Design and verification of an exercise program for swimmers according to the method of Spiral Stabilization of the Spine
The graduation thesis deals with the design and verification of an exercise program to improve the posture of competitive swimmers in the category of younger adolescents. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the anatomical overview of the skeletal and muscular system, it also deals with the effects of competitive swimming on the musculoskeletal system, the characteristics of compensatory exercises and Spiral stabilization of the spine. Content analysis, synthesis, and standardized test for posture according to Jaroš and Lomíček were used in this graduation thesis. The group of test subjects consisted of 2 boys and 4 younger girls from the Příbram Swimming Club. Based on the results of the initial testing, an exercise program was designed according to the Spiral Stabilization of the Spine method. Subsequently, the 10 minute exercise was applied 6 times per week for 3 months. Afterwards, output testing which was identical to the input testing was performed and changes were compared. Posture was improved in all swimmers examined. The verification of the exercise program can be considered successful. This thesis can serve as a base for swimming coaches in determining compensatory exercises.
Testování optických a elektronických geodetických přístrojů podle norem řady ČSN ISO 17123
UHLÍŘ, Matěj
This diploma thesis deals with testing the accuracy of the Sokkia C320 leveling device according to the standard ČSN ISO 17123-2: Optics and optical devices - Field procedures for testing geodetic and measuring devices - Part 2: Leveling devices. It also deals with testing the accuracy of the total station Trimble M3 DR5 according to the standard ČSN ISO 17123-5: Optics and optical instruments - Field procedures for testing geodetic and measuring instruments - part 5: Electronic tachometers. In the theoretical part I try to describe the methods of testing devices according to standards. I also describe the basic equipment for measurement and methods of their use. In the practical part I deal with the description, calculations and explanation of the actual testing of the above devices. In the end, I present a general summary and outputs of individual measurement measurements.
The Analysis of the Effect of Targeted Compensation Exercise on Volleyball Player's Movement System
The graduation thesis deals with the influence of compensatory exercise on the movement system of volleyball players. The literature review summarizes the issue of sports game of volleyball and the most common health problems resulting from unilateral body overload in volleyball players. The graduation thesis was written in the form of individual case studies. Probands aged 20-25 years participated in the study. A sport history of probands was created. We used content analysis and synthesis, semi-structured interview, testing and messurement. Compensatory exercises were designed focusing on the most problematic areas of the musculoskeletal system based on the results of the initial examination of players. Examination of the muscoskeletal system was performed using standardized functional muscle tests. Subsequently, the exercise was applied twice a week for 8 weeks. Then the final examination was performed in the same way the initial examination and the changes were compared. All three players slightly improved their posture. The abdominal muscles, lower scapular fixators and back muscles were strengthened. Player number 3 had a relatively large loss of fat and muscle growth. Verification of the compensation program can be considered successful.
Creation and verification of methodical material using overball exercise aid for children of younger school age
MARKOVÁ, Kateřina
The diploma thesis verifies the influence of compensatory exercise using a mini exercise ball (overball). It is focused on the muscular system of middle childhood (8-11). The diploma thesis consists of a theoretical and practical part. A collection of compensational exercises consisting of 30 parts was build based on results from the initial examination of tested participants. The examination of the muscular system was accomplished by several standardized tests (evaluation of body composition by Lomíček, Mathias test, Adams test, an examination of the muscular stereotypes. A compensatory exercise was done after the examination once a week for eight weeks as a group exercise under a professional supervisor. When the examination was over a final evaluation was done, which was identical to the initial testing. As a conclusion, the effect of compensatory exercise was completed. Based on the application of provided and verified methodological material a certain change was achieved. The best improvement was achieved during the examination of the muscular stereotypes. Three of the tested participants noticed an improvement, none of them noticed a worsening. The least improvement was recorded by Adams test, only one tested participant improved, others without any change. In some cases, there were individual changes. In particular areas, there were changes of individual character, nevertheless, an evaluation of the group was identical to the initial testing. A benefit of this thesis is to make use of a mini exercise ball (overball) to make the exercise and positive influence of the exercise more effective on the muscular system not only for middle childhood.
Determination of the most frequent muscular imbalance and create compensatory programme for footballers TJ Slavoj Třešť
ROD, Štěpán
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to examine the most frequent muscular imbalances in football players of TJ Slavoj Třešť team. Subsequently, we have developed a compensatory program to eliminate muscle imbalances. Before the introduction of the compensatory program into practice, we conducted initial testing of muscle imbalances. This testing was recorded in the tables. We have put the compensatory program into practice in training units. After three months of training according to the training program, we conducted final testing, which was put into charts as well. The measured input and output test data were analysed and compared. The obtained data was recorded in individual graphs. The initial testing found that most muscles and muscle groups are significantly, or slightly weakened, or shortened according to selected standards. However, this has changed significantly after the three-month compensatory program. Indeed, the output testing has shown the apparent efficacy of this program, where no muscle or muscle group was rated as significantly shortened or weakened. However, slight shortening or weakening was still noticeable in several muscles and muscle groups. This case was the most obvious at the abdominal muscles and the right and left side of the lower scapula fixators. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about total efficiency of the compensatory program. However, this does not reduce the very good results achieved.
Návrh, implementace a integrace nástroje pro vytváření automatických integračních testů
KUCHTA, Michal
This diploma thesis deals with the development of a tool for automatic integration tests creation. In the theoretical part, the already available tools for automatic testing are described. The main part of the thesis is focused on design, implementation and integration of the tool for creation of integration tests. Part of the work is also design and configuration of virtual environment for running created integration tests. The application is then tested on an example.
Proposal methodists recordings in volleyball\\
BLAŽEK, Zdeněk
This thesis proposes methodology of settig technique in volleyball. It concerns specification and systematics of volleyball, divides setting according to technical and tactical perspectives. The main aim was to design a model setting exercise and to test it on a control group. For control group I chose girl players from Tj Jiskra team in Zruč nad Sázavou. They were divided into A and B group. Both groups went through a movement skills test and a test determinig the setting skill level. For 4 mounths A group practiced the setting technique exercises. After this period both groups were tested again and the results were compared and statistically evaluated. The thesis also includes a series of game and drill exercises within each stage. \\

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