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Comparison of the Covalent Laccase Immobilization at Amino- and Carboxylfunctionalized Mesoporous Silica, Glassy Carbon, and Graphite Powders using Different Coupling Agents for Optimal Biosensor Preparation
Tvorynska, Sofiia ; Barek, J. ; Josypčuk, Bohdan
In order to find the most suitable immobilization protocol, a comparison of three strategies\nbased on the application of –NH2 and –COOH functionalized supports with the different\nactivation agents (glutaraldehyde and carbodiimide) have been conducted for the covalent\nenzyme (laccase) attachment. Two kinds of the supports, namely mesoporous silica (SBA−15,\nMCM−41) and carbonaceous (glassy carbon, graphite) powders, have been used. It was found\nthat a biosensor consisted of tubular detector of silver solid amalgam as a working electrode\nand the enzymatic mini-reactor with laccase covalently attached to glutaraldehyde activated\n–NH2 functionalized MCM−41 shows the best results regarding sensitivity and stability for\ndopamine detection.

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