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Rozvoj společenské odpovědnosti na vybraných soukromých vysokých školách ekonomického zaměření v České republice
Bittner, Jan
The Master's thesis deals with the issue of social responsibility (SR) in selected private colleges and universities of economics in the Czech Republic. Based on classification and rating of SR activities in selected institutions that was reached through qualitative research (the analysis of the current state) in accordance with ISO 26000, there was suggested an official integration of SR principles to the organisations of tertiary education and CSR reporting. Furthermore, CSR should be integrated to study plans of private HEIs in form of a special course. The recommendations also aim to areas of communication with stakeholders, sustainable development, and community engagement.
Vnímání společenské odpovědnosti vysoké školy z pohledu zainteresované strany
Vránová, Lucie
Vránová, L. Perception of University’s Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Stakeholders. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2020. The bachelor thesis explores a topic of perception of social responsibility of Mendel University in Brno from the perspective of a local community, which consists of residents living in a city district Černá Pole. The thesis aims to assess the level of awareness of the local community about the activities of University’s third role. The data was collected from primary research which was based on ISO 26 000. The thesis determines which of the communication channels are considered the most effective for Mendel University in Brno. On the basis of analysis, there are recommendations made for Mendel University in Brno, suggesting a way of communication with the local community.
Potenciál rozvoje Fair trade v České republice
Tlolková, Michaela
Tlolková, M., Development potential of Fair Trade in Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. The diploma thesis is focused on fair trade in the Czech Republic. The first part deals with the main ideas and the principle of the functioning of fair trade and its organizations, the way of certification and the conditions for their granting. It exam-ines in more detail the functioning in the Czech environment and describes the prin-ciples and way of incorporating fair trade into social responsibility, communication tools, areas of activity and consumer habits. The survey consists of sources such as annual reports and public surveys and in-depth interviews with employees of fair trade organizations in the Czech Republic. In addition, a comparison is made with foreign entities and the possibilities of further development of fair trade, namely the education of future responsible consumers (Fairtrade Campaign), are proposed and by means of marketing and management methods (SWOT, EFE and IFE matrix, An-soff's matrix, Triple Bottom Line) further recommendations are given, such as set-ting SMART goals and processing more detailed annual reports.
Společenská odpovědnost ve vybraných nemocnicích Olomouckého kraje
Šauerová, Martina
Diploma thesis deals with the issue of social responsibility in selected medical facilities in Olomouc Region. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the basic concepts which are related to the social responsibility. In particular, they are interested groups, business ethics and corporate philantrophy. The actual part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the current state of social responsibility of three healthcare facilities. After evaluating their existing social responsibility, at the and of the work, specific recommendations and measures in the area of CSR are proposed, which in the case of their implementation, could help the investigated entities to assist in their further activities.
Corporate social responsibility of microbreweries
Podškubková, Liliana
Podškubková L. Corporate Social Responsibility of Microbreweries. Bachelor the-sis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. The bachelor thesis is focused on corporate social responsibility regarding mi-crobreweries. The main goal of the bachelor thesis was to propose recommenda-tions to a chosen Czech microbrewery based on a desk and qualitative research, and comparison with a chosen Irish microbrewery. Concerned literature of corpo-rate social responsibility and microbreweries was studied and used as a base for the practical part. Original CSR analysis structured by the ISO 26000 norm was used for the internal environment of a chosen Czech microbrewery and a chosen Irish microbrewery. The two microbreweries were later compared for a better un-derstanding of the problematic. It was discovered that the chosen microbreweries have similar CSR activities but the Czech microbrewery practices them in a better way. For the external environment PESTE analysis was used for the Czech brewery industry and it’s opportunities and threats were found. Alongside, similar compa-nies with a great CSR review and actions were examined. Based on all these factors it was discovered that the Czech brewery doesn’t provide information of irrespon-sible consummation of beer, doesn’t provide nutritional values and prices of their beers on their website, doesn’t use LED fluorescent lamps and therefore saving energy and also that their employees have only a few benefits. Recommendations for these problems were suggested and economically interpreted.
Společenská odpovědnost firmy ISNO IT, s.r.o.
Nevídalová, Renata
Nevídalová, R. Corporate social responsibility in ISNO IT, s.r.o. company. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. The thesis examines in detail the issue of corporate social responsibility and the aim of the work is to recommend the development of socially responsible activities. The aim of the literary research is to define the term CSR and other related concepts. In my own work is the analysis of collected data. Recommended activities for the company are achieved by using qualitative interviews for the management as well as questionnaire surveys in order to develop social responsibility. Recommended suggestions include volunteering, creating an ecological e-shop or remaking websites. Following proposals were submitted to the company's management and proper feedback was obtained.
Spoločenská zodpovednosť zákazníkov obchodov na Slovensku po spoplatnení plastových tašiek
Tóthová, Karin
Tóthová, K. Social responsibility of customers regarding charging for plastic bags in Slovakia. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2019. This thesis deals with the social responsibility of customers in Slovakia with regards to the charging for plastic bags in terms of plastic waste minimization. Based on evaluation of consumers behavior, the aim of this thesis is to propose recommendations for retailers in the area of communication, aiming to improve general knowledge on social responsibility and environmental behavior. The first part of thesis concentrates on theoretical explanation of CSR concept from the business and consumer perspective and introduces relevant terms related to stakeholders, CSR communication strategies and standards. The second part of the thesis, the outcome part, contains the orientational analysis, secondary data analysis, quantitative and qualitative research analysis in order to understand consumers behavior. Based on the evaluation, we propose solutions to retailers which lead to increased awareness of social responsibility within environmental behavior. Eventually, these evaluation activities can also be applied economically.
Společenská odpovědnost v cestovním ruchu
Šulová, Veronika
Šulová, V. Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The main goal of the diploma thesis "Social Responsibility in Tourism" is to propose a CSR strategy for tourism companies specifically for accommodation facilities. The first part consists of the discussion of alternative approaches and perspectives, the analysis of professional literature and research in this field and the comparison of the results and opinions of individual parties. This section will mainly help to better focus on this issue, compare different views, and portray key CSR and sustainable development challenges faced by businesses in the sector. Qualitative and quantitative research shows that in the area of accommodation facilities it is necessary to distinguish between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises when assessing social responsibility activities. Large businesses have an active approach to these activities and are committed to them, and in the further development it is important to focus on reporting their results. Small and medium-sized enterprises are passive in social responsibility activities, and if they do business as part of their normal operations, the main reason is the lack of information about the whole issue and the possibilities of developing this area.
Společenská odpovědnost v cestovním ruchu
Bravený, Vít
Social responsibility in tourism. Thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2019. Concepts and development of social responsibility concept. Communal Responsibility vs. corporate philanthropy. The pillars of the CSR concept. Measurement and Reporting of CSR. The KORP method. Ethical aspects of research. Stakeholders. Quantitative research. Economic, environmental and social pillar of social respon-sibility. Future development of CSR. Corporate engagement. Tourism subjects. V., Bravený.
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Recruitment
Jouklová, Veronika ; Elster, Fabian (referee) ; Škapa, Stanislav (advisor)
Cílem této diplomové práce je zjistit, do jaké míry ovlivňuje společenská odpovědnost podniků a související činnosti organizací rozhodování žadatelů o zaměstnání. Zaměřuje se konkrétně na expatrioty. Teoretická část vysvětluje koncept společenské odpovědnosti firem, uvádí definici tohoto konceptu a také vysvětluje pojetí tří pilířů. Dále jsou představeny výzkumy, které byly v této oblasti provedeny spoječně s teoriemi diskutujícími o dopadech CSR na přilákání nových zaměstnanců. Práce dále uvádí primární empirický výzkum, který je zaměřen na to, jak uchazeči o zaměstnání vnímají sociální identitu společnosti a jaký význam hraje v jejich rozhodovacím procesu. Na základě zjištěných poznatků předkládá autor doporučení na použití CSR jako nástroj k přilákání nových zaměstnanců coby alternativu ke zvýšení platu.

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