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Comparing negative political advertising on social media in the USA and the UK with regard to voter protection
LaGrange, Vanessa ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
This thesis examines the issue of negative political advertising on social media in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it focuses on describing the current legislative situation in both countries regarding the regulation of online political advertising and voter protection. Through two case studies of campaigns on the social network Facebook, the author examined negative messages of the Conservative Party in the UK parliamentary elections of 2019 and negative messages of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections of 2020. In the practical part, the author compared the use of negative political advertising in both countries and presented the shortcomings of the legislation governing political advertising, which manifested themselves in the selected election campaigns.
Russia and the EU: Oil and Gas as a Source of Power
Medvedeva, Diana ; Baštář Leichtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
This thesis is focused on the analysis of the Russian strategic narratives through the prism of two Russian energy projects - Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream. News from two Russian mass media (Channel One and RIA Novosti) is the object of analysis. With the help of this work, it can be answered what strategic narratives Russia was using from 2015 to 2021 and how Russia perceive itself internally. Moreover, this work can demonstrate how Russia sees its relationship with the EU as the end customer of Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream.
The Tea Party Movement and Its Impact on Amecican Politics
Kucer, Maxim ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee) ; Calda, Miloš (referee)
The end of the year 2007, during the presidential campaign of Republican congressman Ron Paul, was the first time when the modern Tea Party movement appeared on American political scene. In a short period of time the Tea Party became a significant political force that endorsed many successful candidates in 2010 midterm elections and put pressure on established political parties to follow the will of the people. This thesis, written primarily as a political affairs analysis, examines origins of this grassroots movement and its impact on American politics. Put in a broader historical and socio- economic context, this work tries to create a notion of movement's probable future. The thesis is divided into three major parts. First chapter provides an insight into the historical origins of the modern Tea Party movement and also the birth of populism in the United States. The following part looks into the formation of Tea Party and describes the most important organizations connected with the movement and how they influenced its activities. The third part is focused on the most relevant Tea Party protests and in form of a case study assesses its influence on 2010 midterm elections.
Czech Immigrants in Minnesota; History and Critical Bibliography
Škopek, Jakub ; Robbins, David Lee (advisor) ; Veselá, Pavla (referee)
This thesis takes a look at the reasons for the emigration of Czechs from Bohemia to the United States and how this emigration began in earnest after the European revolutionary year of 1848. It also takes a look at the related steps and procedures emigrants took to make this journey possible. A primary focus of this report will be the Czech immigrants that settled in Minnesota; however, the initial part of this work applies generally to Czech immigration to America. The first part of the thesis examines some of the political and social circumstances in Bohemia (as well as in much of Europe generally) that were responsible for the waves of immigration that took place in the second half of the 19th century. The thesis takes a look at how the people learned about America and about the possibilities of traveling there. The thesis also examines how the journey was made from Bohemia to one of the German ports of embarkation, as well as the difficulties and risks awaiting emigrants in such cities. Finally, this section explains the tremendous impact the new changes in sea travel - from sail to steam - had on the rapid rise in the numbers of immigrants coming into the United States. In the following section, the thesis considers some of the general difficulties faced by all new immigrants once they had...
The Comparison of the U.S. Security Policy Measures in Relation to the DPRK's Nuclear Program Adopted by the Administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama
Vítková, Kateřina ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Anděl, Petr (referee)
The Comparison of the U.S. Security Policy Measures in Relation to the DPRK's Nuclear Program Adopted by the Administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama monitors the responses of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and their Administrations to the North Korean nuclear tests carried out in 2006, 2009 and 2013. It seeks to identify similarities and differences between these Administrations and prove the thesis that the steps taken by the United States under Barack Obama were in effect just as inefficient as those taken by his predecessor. The paper concentrates on the time period beginning with the situation before the first North Korea's nuclear test until the autumn 2014. The methodology includes a qualitative approach and comparison. The reactions are divided into several groups: rhetoric, strategic documents, legislation, economic aspects etc. In conclusion it notes that while the attitude of both Presidents and their Administrations was in certain aspects similar, number of factors that distinguish them might be indentified as well. Barack Obama focused more on the region of Asia. His attitude towards the DPRK appeared to be more balanced but it still did not lead to the coveted breakthrough in the negotiations.
Typology of North Korea's Behavior: Analysis of the relations between the US and DPRK
Štroblová, Radka ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Sehnálková, Jana (referee)
Since the accession of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, there have been many significant events that have affected the United States' relations with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - from testing North Korean nuclear weapons, to verbal insults to both officials, to a historical meeting of the leaders of both Korean states in the demilitarized zone, a joint performance by South Korean and North Korean athletes at the Pyongyang Winter Olympics, to the historic Singapore Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. However, the second meeting of both representatives in Hanoi ended prematurely - without signing the planned joint statement. Relations between the United States of America and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are constantly developing. The main theme of the talks in the past was the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula to ensure lasting peace and stability for the region. The North Korean nuclear program and efforts to reduce it have thus become a major issue in multilateral negotiations, with the Republic of Korea, China, Russia and Japan participating in addition to the United States and North Korea. North Korea, however, often sabotaged the talks and the period of cooperation was interrupted by provocations and hostile...
The Anglo-American "Special Relationship" in the Period of Gordon Brown's Government: the Case Study of Finding Solutions to Financial Crisis
Bábiková, Jana ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
The central theme of the bachelor thesis is the phenomenon of the "special relationship" between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America. The "special relationship" that is most often associated with cooperation in military and security, is applied on the field of economic diplomacy during the time of financial crisis and finding a solution to it. At first, the thesis argued whether it was possible to claim the "special relationship" in economic cooperation. Then it continued to argue, to what extend could the "special relationship" influence crisis-solution finding. Thesis used the examples of economic diplomacy before and during G20 leaders' summits as the most obvious manifestation of the role of the "special relationship". Another focus of the thesis is the period of Gordon Brown's government. Besides summarizing the events leading to finding crisis solution, thesis also describes the main events that happened and shaped the evolution of the "special relationship" during the period of Gordon Brown's government. Most of the thesis is, however, centered on the role of Brown and Anglo-American diplomacy in finding solution to financial crisis.
The Place of the Library within the Organisational Framework of Universities in the Czech Republic and USA: A Comparison Study
Plzáková, Aneta ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
The aim of this master thesis was to describe and asses the place of the library within the organizational framework of universities in the Czech Republic and USA. Aim of this thesis is to describe and evaluate the current position of library in organizational structure of colleges and universities in the Czech Republic and USA. First chapter sums up the current situation. For Czech universities in public school sector the corresponding elementary data, relevant legislative scope and position in organizational structure of public universities are emphasized and presented. For US universities the current status is presented with a particular example of five public universities. Second chapter is about current trends in evolution of university libraries in Czech Republic and USA with an emphasis on position in university or college structure. Third chapter is the essential part of the thesis. It contains report about survey performed with representatives of Czech public universities and representatives of given libraries. Last chapter presents parallel research done in USA.
The first people in space according to Czechoslovak media
Panák, Břetislav ; Štaif, Jiří (advisor) ; Lomíček, Jan (referee)
This thesis focused on how propaganda was used in the Czechoslovak media and how that directly relatedd to the first people in space. The aim is an analysis of celebrities of Soviet state system including Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and also John Glenn for comparison. The thesis discusses how these people were promoted and constructed into cult heroes in Eastern, Western and Third World countries. The secondary literature of this subject was not yet analysed and the author wants to use it for further study. The contemporary sources are used in the press - Rude pravo, Mlady svet, Dikobraz, ABC mladych prirodovedcu a techniku and the Ceskoslovensky vojak.

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