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Air Rescue in South Bohemia
KURŠ, Ondřej
This dissertation aims at the analysis of the current situation in the Air Rescue Service. The text includes the analysis and comparison of two different entities in the Air rescue service in the time period of 2018 - 2022. The current and previous provider are compared and evaluated with regard to the state of readiness and provided services with personal visit, structured interviews and survey.
Availability of health and social services in the context of demographic ageing - South Bohemian Region
MÁTLOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the evaluation of health and social care availability according to the demographic ageing in the South Bohemia region. Theoretical part of this work defines basic information such as how services are divided, what is their purpose, for whom they are intended, what are their forms, or what impact demographic ageing has on services but also on seniors themselves. The first thing that was examined in the practical part was the opinion of involved parties. They evaluated the current and the future state of services. The work also deals with the situation in the South Bohemia specifically in individual administrative areas of municipalities with extended powers. Two perspectives were carried out, namely in 2025 and 2035. They analyzed how the number and age composition of the population in the South Bohemia will change as well as the need for services. The data are based on the base year 2015. It also describes the capacity and space availability of services. In capacity availability is examined the number of beds or the number of doctors converted to seniors. In spatial analysis is examined the distance between client/patient and the service/doctor. The conclusion is dedicated to summary of findings and proposals for changes especially in terms of service capacity.
Stabilizace venkovských základních škol s malým počtem žáků (okresy Prachatice a Český Krumlov)
KOUTOVÁ, Kateřina
Rural primary schools often struggle with a small number of pupils, especially those located in peripheral areas. These schools often face the threat of reducing the number of classes and grades, or even with the threat of complete extinction. Another problem is that these schools are not considered by parents to be of sufficient quality, and that is the reason why they send their children to distant city schools. This bachelor's thesis aims to create a portfolio of topics for preservation, stabilization, and development of rural primary schools with a small number of pupils (including small schools with composite classes), based on an analysis of the literature and interviews with representatives of these schools. The survey finds information about pupils and teachers of primary schools, about the relationship between the primary school and municipality, in which is the primary school located, as well as about the relationship between the primary school and the community of the municipality, and many other problems. A key part of the bachelor's thesis is a set of topics for preservation, stabilization and development of the monitored type of primary schools.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (Czech Canada Tourist Area)
The main goal of the thesis is an identification of factors influencing satisfaction of South Bohemian visitors, particularly in Czech Canada Region, based on a quantitative research. It solves the issue of quality and quantity of a primary and a secondary supply of tourism in the chosen region in terms of demand. The outcome of the thesis is a proposal of measures leading to increasing in the satisfaction of tourism participants in the destination.
Rozšíření a ekologie vatičkovitých hub v jižních Čechách
Tomentelloid fungi, which include the genera Tomentella, Odontia, Polyozellus, Pseudotomentella, Tomentellopsis, and Amaurodon, represent a mainly ectomycorrhizal group from the order Thelephorales (Basidiomycota). They are common in forest ecosystems, however, they form inconspicuous fruitbodies that are mostly hidden under a layer of organic material. For this reason, the distribution and ecological traits of each species are poorly known. This thesis contains a list of tomentelloid species which have been recorded in South Bohemia and a description of their morphological features. Based on data from field sampling and herbarium collections, the distribution of each taxon has been described in the studied area and potential preferences for ectomycorrhizal host trees and habitat have been evaluated. This thesis brings forward the first data on the abundance or rarity of tomentelloid species and their ecology in South Bohemia and will be used for the preparation of a fungal checklist.
Migration and Regional Identity: The Case of Ukrainian Students in the Region of South Bohemia
GIBON, Gaëlle Reine Ingke
This master thesis on migration and regional identity focuses on the case of Ukrainian student migration in the region of South Bohemia in Czech Republic. It is an exploratory qualitative research. The research question of this study is: How do Ukrainian students perceive the regional identity of South Bohemia and how do they integrate in that region? The objectives behind that question were to see if these migrants perceive a regional identity in that region, if they identify with it and the main challenges they face to integrate.
Dragonflies (Odonata) of selected localities around České Budějovice, South Bohemia
SVYSTUNOVA, Valérie. Dragonflies (Odonata) of selected localities around České Budějovice, South Bohemia. Bachelor thesis. Faculty of education, University od South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Department od Biology, 42 pages. The bachelor's thesis deals with field research of selected localities around České Budějovice. This is a survey of dragonfly communities in six localities. The aim of the work is to obtain basic faunistic information about the order Odonata and about the natural conditions of the studied areas, to obtain an orientation overview of the character of odonatofauna in selected localities and their mutual comparison, but also with published results of other authors and a proposal for the possible didactic use of the rules in primary school teaching.
Offer of winter sports activities for preschool children in South Bohemia
KURZ, Klára
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out whether it influences parents in the choice of ski resorts in the winter. In the theoretical parts of the authoritative thematic developments of the child and the established concepts of motor ability and skill. Another enjoys the history of downhill skiing, suitable terms ski equipment and ski equipment. In Other theoretical parts relate to copyright. Recently, the chapters deal with theoretical parts concerning the authoritative characteristics of the South Bohemian region and the list of selected ski resorts. The practical part of this bachelor's interpretation of the results of a research survey. The research found a mixed method of questionnaire survey and interviews, knows the respondents and the participants were parents of preschool children. Based on the results of questionnaires and interviews, the author answers the set research questions.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (PodKletí Tourist Area)
This work probes the satisfaction of the visitors in touristic area PodKletí. The main goal is to identify factors which influences the satisfaction of the visitors in touristic area PodKletí. It investigates the quality and quantity of primary and secondary supply of tourism which is perceived in terms of demand. The work is based on a survey through questionnaires. The survey is done for the South Bohemian touristic centre which prepared the questionnaires. All of the 300 questionnaires were gathered through August 2019 in five most visited sights in PodKletí. Two hundred forty nine of them were from Czech tourists and fifty two from foreigners. The questionnaires also compare the situation in PodKletí and South Bohemia as a whole. Based on the outcome of this work were introduced certain measures leading to satisfaction improvement for the tourists.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (Toulava Tourist Area)
The basis of the work is to find out how satisfied visitors are in tourist destinations and how they evaluate it. Finding out the calls on the basis of a questionnaire survey, where there was a personal survey of satisfaction. How visitors perceive the quantitative and qualitative and secondary offers of tourism in the tourist region of Toulava from the point of view of demand and the proposal of measures leading to an increase in the satisfaction of tourism participants in southern Bohemia were ascertained. Part of this work is the theoretical part, which provides general information about the satisfaction of visitors and tourism. The obtained data were analyzed and the results were evaluated. Based on the results, a product design was proposed that would improve visitor satisfaction in the future or raise it more.

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