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Evolution of the interpretation and application of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution in the context of security policy of Japan
Kraus, Lukáš ; Kysela, Jan (advisor) ; Syllová, Jindřiška (referee) ; Zbíral, Robert (referee)
Evolution of the interpretation and application of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution in the context of security policy of Japan Abstract The main objective of this dissertation is to analyze an important constitutional and legal issue, which is the interpretation of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution in light of the changing security policy of Japan, with particular emphasis on the passage of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's controversial legislation in 2015. In addition to historical models of governance, the thesis describes the debate over the constitutional text and shows that while Article 9 was intended to be a safeguard against the re-militarization of Japan and the recurrence of wartime horrors, with new challenges, the United States sought to rebuild Japan's armed forces. Japan's LDP-dominated governments, however, citing the Cabinet Legislation Bureau's strict interpretation of Article 9, largely resisted these pressures, leaving security to its American ally and focusing on economic development. Radical constitutional reinterpretation and constitutional revision was hindered not only by the rigidity of the constitution but also by the structure of the political system, in which the proponents of the norm of antimilitarism had a significant role to play. The end of the Cold War, however,...
Security of a Debt in the Civil Law of the Czech Republic
Galinskaya, Yuliya ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Selucká, Markéta (referee) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
Security of a Debt in the Civil Law of the Czech Republic Abstract The dissertation work is devoted to the study of the legal regulation of the security of a debt in the civil law of the Czech Republic. The purpose of the dissertation work is to study topical issues in the field of the security of a debt. This study was conducted primarily based on the provisions of Czech law in the field of the security of a debt. Within the framework of this study, we will focus on the issues of a debt security regulation in the framework of Book Four, Title I, Chapter 8, Division 2 of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. Therefore, the study will focus on the security institutions such as suretyship, financial guaranty, transfer of a right as security, and agreement on deduction from wages or other income. In addition, the legislation of foreign countries in the field of security of a debt. Much attention is paid to the differences in the legal regulation of the security of a debt in countries with a continental legal system and countries with a common law system. The history is considered in detail personal guaranty and property guaranty in Roman law, as well as in medieval law and in such a monument of medieval Czech law as statute Iura Zupanorum (Statuta ducis Ottonis). The dissertation work also considers the...
Securing the position of the lessor
Mack, Michael ; Elischer, David (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the institutes of securing the position of the lessor of an apartment and the related protection of the lessee as a weaker contractual party. Its focus is on a detailed comparison with the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany, which served as a source of inspiration for the legislator. The thesis is structured into an introduction, four parts analysing the issues presented above and a conclusion. The first part is devoted to the description of the genesis of the institution of lease and a more detailed description of its regulation in selected historical stages. The second part of the thesis deals with the current regulation of the lease of an apartment. Firstly, it provides its definition within the systematics of the law of obligations, including a description of the conceptual features of the lease. This is followed by a description of the object and the subjects of lease of an apartment. Particular attention is then paid to the analysis of the rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee, with an emphasis on the protection of the lessee as the weaker contractual party. The issue of securing debts is discussed in the third part of the thesis. After a general overview, a legal consideration of the subject of security follows. In order to...
Establishment of pledge in the context of loan financing
Šteco, Ondřej ; Elischer, David (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
Establishment of pledge in the context of loan financing ABSTRACT The subject of this diploma thesis is the establishment of pledge in the context of loan financing, i.e. the most common way of securing debts of borrowers being business companies arising under the facility agreement in the Czech banking market. In addition to the author's aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the issues in connection with the establishment of pledge in the context of loan financing, the author aims to further provide analysis of relating issues, being, inter alia, the role of the pledgee as the security agent, the establishment of disposal limitations with the collateral, the purpose of pledge as a condition precedent to the utilisation of a loan, and the comparison with certain other chosen security instruments used in loan financing. Moreover, the author aims to identify and define problematic issues relating to the establishment of pledge that are relevant for loan financing and to provide possible solutions thereto. The thesis is not limited to a mere description of the selected subject but it also presents the author's own view on the troublesome issues and propositions relating to possible future amendments of law. The author achieves the aforestated purpose of the thesis by analysing applicable Czech...
The Origins and Recent Development of Civil Protection in the Czech Republic and Abroad
The diploma thesis " The Origins and Recent Development of Civil Protection in the Czech Republic and Abroad " is based on the theoretical part, which will be devoted to population protection. This concept represents the fulfillment of tasks in planning, organizing and carrying out prevention activities, ensuring emergency preparedness and crisis management, crisis situations and their solutions. These activities are closely related to the performing tasks related to the protection of life, health, property and the environment in events of emergencies and crisis situations of non-military and military character. The introduction will introduce the basic concepts that will be linked throught the text. The main essence of the theoretical part is the history and the recent of civil protection and the protection of the population in the world, the European Union, selected countries: Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland and in the Czech Republic. A large part of the theoretical work according to significant time periods in this area of civil protection in the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis contains a practical part. It is developed on the basis of a system of questionnaires. They are ivided by age categories. Here is analyzed the evaluation of the population in terms of protection of the population, their own security comparison with the past in the field of civil protection in the Czech Republic, in the European Union and in the world. The aim of the work is to divide into selected stages of civil defense from beginning in the Czech Republic and in the other countries. What were the reasons for the emergence of civil defense and protection and in legal norms or international conventions were historically stated. General awareness of the issue of protection of population according to a questionnaire survey. This work can be used for study purposes in the field of population protection or to compare the modern concept of security of population protection and comparison with history. The protection of the population has been and will continue to be at the forefront of the state's interest in the distant future. In this situation, this diploma thesis would be used for further study of the author in the field of doctoral studies in this area.
Risks of international business transactions
The aim of the thesis is to focus on the risks associated with business activities with a focus on the electronic activities of the company under study. The thesis addresses the risks from a broader perspective in an attempt to show a comprehensive view of the risks of international business transactions, even from an often overlooked perspective. The theoretical part points out that the number of risks that can affect a company is innumerable. Moreover, in reality, they often operate in different combinations. A firm that is examined in terms of risks also feels the risk from its examination and is therefore anonymized.
The Influence of migration on internal security of selected European countries and the Czech Republic
The aim of the thesis is to analyze security in relation to the current migration crisis in selected countries of the European Union. Concurrently, the migration routes are analyzed. The aim is a deeper grasp and reflection of the problem. The theoretical part provides basic information on the current impact of open borders policy in Europe on individual countries. An integral part is the reflection of the positive and negative impacts of incoming migrants on the majority citizens of the countries. Furthermore, the thesis provides basic information from the field of Islam culture. This theoretical introduction is considered necessary for a better introduction of the reader. The methods used to evaluate the results are a qualitative research based on a search of relevant technical documentation. A number of information provided to the public for inspection, both by ministries, the Foreign Police and the European Union Statistical Office, helped to achieve this goal. The most important factors are already existing research, which was also included in this work. The theoretical framework of the thesis presents the theory of migration, foreign policy and integration as a common framework of the newly forming form of Europe. For a successful solution of the problém is most appropriate to at least marginally capture the cultural specificities of the migrant minority.
Bezpečnost technických prostředků pro práci s osobními údaji ve sportovním klubu
This thesis deals with the protection and the security of personal data processing in sports organizations. It explains under which conditions it is legitimate to process those data and how to achieve their security. It the end, it proposes transparent and correct rules for the personal data processing.
Aspekty bezpečnosti Robot Operating System
This Bc. thesis focuses on the problematics of security of Robot Operating System (ROS). Except short introduction and description of basic ROS principles the main goal of this thesis is to show possible security problems, their analysis and misuse for some possible attacks on system. Some of the attacks will be shown in practical part. Another goal of this thesis is evaluation of overall security of ROS, recommendations how to use ROS safely and how how to effectively protect the system against some of the described attacks.
Aplikace pro konsolidaci cloudových úložišť
MIKA, Tomáš
The topic of this thesis is to create an application for consolidation of cloud storage. The work describes the tools and technologies necessary to create such a system, while also providing a direct comparison with existing and available solutions. The thesis provides with data storage problematic in cloud storage of various providers and their security against loss, damage, manipulation, or machine analysis.

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