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States' Compliance with Human Rights Provisions and Recommendations Stemming from UN Human Rights Mechanisms
Nevřivý, Zdeněk ; Karlas, Jan (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
The master's thesis examines states' compliance with the UPR and UN treaty bodies by exploring pre-selected factors influencing states' compliance with human rights provisions and recommendations stemming from UN human rights mechanisms over ten years (2011-2021). The first two parts describe UN human rights mechanisms and include a literature review that provides an overview of sources focusing on the UN treaty body system and the UPR. Findings from the literature review are used to define the two opposing theories: rationalist theory and theory emphasizing states' administrative capacities and two complementing theories. Based on these theories, four hypotheses are formulated and operationalized to perform four case studies focused on the Netherlands, South Africa, Bahrain, and Honduras. Recommendations given to states are assessed from the perspective of human rights provision or recommendation per se by two sets of criteria for the UPR and UN treaty bodies. To indicate the level of compliance, assessments are assigned with five values. Afterward, findings are interpreted to answer the research question, verify, or refute hypotheses, and compare states' compliance with human rights provisions and recommendations stemming from UN human rights mechanisms.
Recomendation algorithms
The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to analyse common known recommendation algorithms and their applications in E-Commerce. This research provides an overview of the current state of the field as for the usage of recommendation systems by electronic commerce, in other words, online shopping facilities and streaming services. The study investigates three widely used recommendation systems such as Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Filtering, and Hybrid recommendation system. The theoretical basis of the aforementioned systems, as well as their problematics, unique features, real-life applications and their differences are presented. The result of the empirical part is a conclusion of utilising the chosen database using a recommendation algorithm written in Python by the author of this thesis with a focus on accuracy and efficiency.
Authentic experiences and recommendations from Olympic champions to build mental resilience and manage the psychological consequences of health problems.
Svoboda, David ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Harbichová, Ivana (referee)
Author: Bc. David Svoboda Title: Authentic experiences and recommendations from Olympic champions to build mental resilience and manage the psychological consequences of health problems Objectives: As there are not many surveys and publications dealing with psychological consequences caused by health problems in top- athletes' career, the main purpose of the research was to analyse authentic experience and recommendations, how the selected Olympic winners lived through these periods, what experience they have and what they would recommend to other athletes in this context from the viewpoint of their mental resistance. Furthermore, we will attempt to reveal possible consequences between the athletes' health and mental health. The following aim is to summarise this information into valid recommendations for other sportsmen. Methods: To obtain detailed information, a qualitative method through a structured interview with open questions (Hendl, 2005) was selected. The structured interview was conducted with nine Olympic winners and it contained 12 basic questions that were divided into three main sectors for clarity - a sector of athlete's mental resistance, a sector of athletes' health problems and their consequent reaction and the respondents' ideas and recommendations. The results were subjected to...
Risks and Benefits of Shared Economy
NOVÁ, Vlasta
This work deals with issues of shared economy, particulary with its risks and benefits, which are involved in. This paper is focused mainly on the use od shared economy in transport. The transport is an important component of the national economy. A typical example of a shared economy in transport is carsharing or bikesharing. The shared economy in transport brings both positives and negatives. Especially carsharing is associated with positive impacts on the environment. In some cases, the shared economy in transport can create legislative problems. It is necessary to lay down certain legislative measures. This paper deals with the analysis of the selected subject in order to find out how it is doing in the field of shared economy. After processing the provided data of a particular subject, the established hypotheses are evaluated. Based on the hypotheses, some recommendations that can lead to improvement are introduced. There are also summarizes the impacts of the economy on a shared subject. The results of the analysis show that the selected subject has great potential for development in the area of shared economy.
Working Ability of People with Multiple Sclerosis. ( Options of Occupational Therapy Counseling)
Vodová, Magdalena ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Kuželková, Anna (referee)
DIPLOMA THESIS ABSTRACT Name: Bc. Magdalena Vodová Supervisor: Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Working Ability of People with Multiple Sclerosis (Options of Occupational Therapy Counseling) Abstract: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system affecting young people. Reduced ability to work is a serious consequence of MS. Academic literature addresses the negative factors leading to loss of employment. Occupational therapists can provide information and recommendations focusing on the work environment of people with MS through counseling. The aim of this thesis is to propose recommended strategies for people with MS in relation to work integration. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with factors impairing work ability, specific recommendations to influence them and important information stemming from legislation. The practical part verifies the findings based on the analysis of qualitative research among employed persons with MS, which is then further compared with information from the employer. The findings show that fatigue, mobility problems, cognitive impairment, urinary dysfunction and impaired thermoregulation in confrontation with barriers in the working environment affect the ability to work. Support and assistance from the employer, colleagues and...
Security and Usability Analysis of Cryptocurrency Wallets
Brna, Filip ; Homoliak, Ivan (referee) ; Tamaškovič, Marek (advisor)
This thesis aims to analyze the security and usability of cryptocurrency wallets of different categories. The work is focused on familiarizing with the most used cryptocurrency wallets, threats related to their use, subsequent testing of the selected wallets with the proposed test scenarios, and evaluation of the testing supplemented with the definition of several recommendations for their proper use. In the systematic testing, the method of designing test scenarios was used, followed by systematic testing, and finally, the results were evaluated. The research conducted found that the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets achieve a high level of security against the described threats and offer a wide range of possibilities for their use. The results of this work allow users to understand the issues associated with storing and handling cryptocurrencies more efficiently. Based on the results of the testing, the user has the possibility to choose a cryptocurrency wallet precisely according to his user's needs and security requirements.
The practice of bachelor students of the librarianship
Lodrová, Iveta ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Landová, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis provides information about general high school library and information practice recommendation, that is based on document "European Curriculum Reflections on Library and Information Science Education". The thesis brings information on the text of The Institute Curricula and gives the analysis of students internships that run over at three high schools in the Czech Republic (universities in Praha, Brno and Opava). The introduction describes a genesis of the Bologna Process initiatives and their development. In the next part, there is a brief introduction to the European Curriculum Reflections. The text itself is a conclusion of the EU project inspired by discussions around the Bologna Process. Subsequently, the chapter 11 titled "Practice and Theory: Placement as a part of the Curriculum" is introduced. The third chapter of the thesis focuses on students' internships that run over at the abovementioned high schools. The relevant information obtained from the Library and Information Science university teachers are presented, followed by results compilation and comparison. The final part presents the analysis of students' attitudes towards internship, that were gathered from questionnaires made through the web service Final comparison and utilization rate of...
Přístup Bushovy administrativy k otázce iránského jaderného programu: od teorie k praxi
Štěpánková, Jitka ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
Iranian nuclear program has presented a problem for many years. Even though the regime in Tehran has not formally announced its quest to develop nuclear weapons and has actually denied such accusations, the international community concluded from the actions of the regime that the development of nuclear weapons is the ultimate goal of Tehran. The United States reacted to the course of events and tried to limit the program or stop it altogether. The Bush Administration was not an exception in this regard. Even though the attitude towards Iran changed during 2001 - 2009, the nuclear program progressed further and still presents a great danger. Not only politicians but also academics, experts and analytics were trying to answer the question how to curb the program most effectively. This thesis analyzes and compares concepts of scholars with the actual policy practiced by the Bush Administration and finds out that both approaches vary quite significantly. While the majority of scholars recommended the administration to limit the economic sanctions and refrain from aggressive rhetoric concerning the possibility of military action, the American government tightened the sanctions and sustained the option of intervention. Since Iran still continues with its nuclear program, it can be asserted that the...
Applying of personality traits of headteacher in area of leadership
Hassmanová, Lucie ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Miroslava (referee)
Final thesis describes to what extent the current school practice puts attention to personality qualities of headteacher in area of leadership. The topic is based on the experience, knowledge and abilities that use the present headmasters of elementary schools in practice. The aim of the work and selected combined investigation using methods of "shadowing" of structured and unstructured interviews and a questionnaire survey was to describe the extent to which personal qualities headteacher of elementary schools appear in contemporary educational practice in area of leadership. In the theoretical part, the author focused on gathering information from a wide resource that can provide a wider range of these areas (psychology, leadership, self-management, self-esteem, etc.). These were mainly the vocational literature on leadership, human personality and competencies. An important contribution was a personal meeting and interview with Mr. Prof. PhDr. Z. Helusem, DrSc. (interview captured in the theoretical part), which anchored the personal qualities mentioned as one of the prerequisites for a successful life and being a human in personal and professional life. Combined investigation could confirm or refute the tendency to influence personality qualities for managers on performance in education, for...

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