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Motivation and Satisfaction of Managers in the Selected Company
Dlabajová, Eva ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the satisfaction of managers and the correct grasp of the motivational style by management and society. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part, basic concepts are defined: manager, management, leader, leadership. Next, the types of leadership styles of managers are defined and compared. Subsequently, the concept of need, motive, motivation is explained here and the most basic tools for motivation are presented. The empirical part contains a qualitative research study carried out through semi-structured interviews, the aim of which was to answer the main research questions. At the same time, it was investigated what influences this phenomenon and what type of cooperation or help the respondents would welcome to improve their work performance. The goal of this work is to make a concrete proposal that will lead to an increase in work performance.
Prevention of Burnout Syndrome in a Selected Company
Kašpaříková, Michaela ; Tylšar, Petr (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the prevention of burnout syndrome with regard to reducing employee turnover in a selected organization. The theoretical part includes individual concepts explaining this topic. The analytical part will include an analysis of the current state of the selected organization and through research, any gaps will be identified. Based on the identified gaps, suggestions will be recommended to the selected company to reduce employee turnover and avoid burnout syndrome.
Stress management
Objectives: The main aim of the dissertation was to evaluate the current theoretical and newly acquired knowledge about the issue of stress management in the workplace and to propose desirable recommendations for enterprises that want to incorporate stress management into their internal processes. Methods: The theoretical definition of the issue focused on work-related stress, the most important work-related stress models, the sources and causes of stress in the workplace, and especially its influence on the business environment. It also addressed the impact of Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic as new significant stressors. Emphasis was also placed on defining the stress management issue and implementing appropriate measures and recent trends. Primary data was obtained through quantitative research. The research was carried out at the enterprise level. The enterprises in the primary set were located in the South Bohemian Region and were part of the CZ-NACE category C (10-33): Manufacturing. The research was conducted in 194 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in 2022 by an electronic structured questionnaire. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of primary data, the current state of stress management in small and medium-sized enterprises was determined. The recommendation was made for enterprises that want to integrate it into their internal processes. Based on multivariate statistics, company profiles were created according to similarities in the field of stress management.
Subjective perception of nurses fatigue in the ward with Covid-19 positive patients
Vosátková, Laura ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the workload of nurses caring for COVID-19 positive patients. The aim of the questionnaire survey was to determine the workload of these nurses and to determine whether the workload of the Covid-type ward exceeds the workload of the standard non-Covid ward. Data collection took place in the inpatient, ICU and ARO wards of the Rudolf and Stefanie Hospital in Benešov, which cared for COVID-19 positive patients. The questionnaire survey took place from November 2021 to January 2022. The target group of respondents consisted of practical and general nurses. A data sheet created by Microsoft Excel was used for data processing, and STATISTICA CZ 12 was used for basic statistical analyzes and frequency tables. From the results of the survey it was found that the share, resp. 73.44 % of respondents reported a rate of subjective experiences that matched congestion in Covid's department. 90.63 % of respondents reported a share of subjective experiences in the Covid department that corresponded to monotony. The share of the combination of subjective experiences of overload and monotony was stated by 67.19 % of respondents. 20.31% of respondents and 1.56% of respondents experienced an unfavorable workload in the ward with COVID-19 positive patients. It can be concluded that the...
Occupational Stress
Löblová, Klára ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with load, stress and related questions of the working life. Work-related stress brings numerous difficulties not only to affected individuals, but as a result also to organizations. The thesis follows symptoms, impacts, somatic and mental aspects of stress, its types and also types of stressors, which cause this problem. It is concentrated on workload as a specific area of work-related stress, individual resistance to the load, factors of workload and work-related stress and also on coping with problematic situations. The specific topic related to the stress is burnout syndrome. The thesis describes its formation and development, its causes, symptoms in three main levels - mental, physical and level of social relations and then influence of important factors such as personality and work conditions. It is also focused on professions endangered by burnout syndrome and its prevention. Key words: Stress, work-related stress, load, workload, stressors, work conditions, coping, stress management, burnout syndrome.
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